Hadian and Pidgeon Draw Near Capacity Crowd in Vancouver

by lewwaters

Candidate for Washington State Governor, Shahram Hadian and candidate for State Attorney General Stephen Pidgeon drew a near capacity crowd this evening in the Vancouver Old Spaghetti Factory out Mill Plain. Estimates place the crowd at over 70 people who each paid $25 to dine to an excellent Italian Dinner and hear both conservative candidates speak.

As is usual, the evening began with a call for blessing led by Mr. Pidgeon, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. I was honored to be requested to lead the room in the pledge, but let’s face it, leading a conservative group in the pledge is really easy, everyone knows it by heart. 😉

After enjoying dinners of either Chicken Parmesan, Chicken Fettuccini or Lasagna, Hadian Campaign manager Judah Rancourt introduced Stephen Pidgeon to the tune Eye of the Tiger. Mr. Pidgeon gave a short 15 minute speech focusing on his message of “Defend Protect Restore.” He is also the author of Initiative 1192 that he calls the “Marriage is Between One Man and One Woman Act.”

Petitions are currently being circulated for signatures to allow Washington State citizens to vote whether or not we want homosexual marriage legal in our state and not just left up to agenda driven legislators in Olympia.

Pidgeon was also a strong defender of citizens against Republican Attorney General Rob McKenna’s near obsession in releasing the names and addresses of signers of the R-71 petitions to Homosexual Activist groups, who publicly promised “uncomfortable conversations” with those they feel may sign another petition opposing the Homosexual Agenda.

By and large though, the evening belonged to Shahram Hadian as he continues attracting people to his message of “Courageous Leadership.” Unlike McKenna, who distances himself from the courageous and successful stands taken by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Hadian embraces such courageous leadership and would follow suit, making out state a “Right to Work State” like others were even Unions are doing better since union leaders would have to prove to members why they should pay dues to a union in order to work, instead of being required to join a union and pay them dues to have a job.

Hadian, born in Iran and who along with his family, escaped just weeks before the brutal takeover of the country in 1978 by the Ayatollah Khomeini, recognized how the Islamic Faith is actually counter to the freedoms and liberties we enjoy in America and converted to Christianity several years ago.

His inside knowledge of Islam and Sharia inspired him to found the TIL Project, spreading the message of how Islam is slowly bringing in Sharia Compliance, even in our state.

A staunch opponent of illegal immigration, considering he spent 14 years of his life to become an American citizen “Legally,” he also spoke of how ignoring illegal immigration today is undermining our state and country.

As he states, “Our state and nation are in moral, economic, and national security crisis and now is the time for Courageous Leadership. That is why I am compelled to run to become the next Governor of the State of Washington in 2012.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The Washington State GOP continues to ignore Republican Hadian, focusing their full support on Rob McKenna in what appears to be the party making the choice of who we will vote for.

In spite of being ignored and fighting what amounts to a David vs. Goliath campaign, Hadian is garnering attention, speaking at county GOP conventions to several standing ovations at each.

Unlike McKenna, who only wishes to overturn the Individual Mandate in what we call Obamacare, Hadian would prefer to see the whole thing scrapped, to include the hidden mandates within it and if need be, start over and create something not only affordable, but that will actually benefit citizens while not turning their lives over to more government control.

Hadian is a long-shot running a completely grassroots campaign. He doesn’t have a long political career and doesn’t like being called a politician, seeing how politicians have made a mess out of our country.

It won’t be easy for him to make it passed the primary, what with both major parties lining up behind their individual anointed ones. But he believes like I do, that we citizens should be who makes the choices of who to represent us, not either political party.

If you are tired of “business as usual,” and seeing only Democrats or Democrat Lights sitting in office, dictating how our lives will go, Shahram Hadian deserves for you to give him a serious look.

This August primary, let’s show the party that we are fully capable of making our own choices and do not appreciate their making decisions on who we get to vote for.

I’m voting Shahram Hadian in the August Primary.

I hope you will too.

13 Comments to “Hadian and Pidgeon Draw Near Capacity Crowd in Vancouver”

  1. You are right on all counts , Lew. Hadian’s courage and confidence as he spoke tonight was inspirational. It was an event that everyone could leave feeling better about our choices than we did before. I have been following Hadian’s campaign for several months now and I have no doubt he is the best man for the job he is seeking. Both he and Mr. Pidgeon have my support.


  2. Lew. We need to go have lunch soon to discuss this campaign. There are some people I think you need to hear from.


  3. I was so privileged to be a part of this. Thank you all so much for coming and making it what it was. I look forward to working with you all on these campaigns to turn this country back in to the great nation it once was. Thanks for the write up Lew


  4. Nice coverage Lew. As Eastern Washington Coordinator for the Hadian 2012 campaign, I can tell you we are working very hard and gaining ground among voters! While McKenna skirts around the issues our citizens are most concerned about, Hadian is addressing them head on! While McKenna proclaims “I am no Scott Walker”, Hadian admires Wisconsin Governor Walker as well as Jan Brewer, Chris Christie and Indiana’s conservative fiscal genius Mitch Daniels. With a talented, smart team assembled around him next January–not one governor “does it alone”–he would be the stunningly courageous and innovative leader that our state so desperately needs!


  5. Interesting comment, Pete.

    I’m always willing to meet with “some people,” but I have a habit of being pretty stubborn in my thinking too.

    Feel free to schedule a meet and let me know.


  6. Outstanding evening. I had heard both men before regarding the marriage issue and was again impressed. They are both bold and willing to enter the lion’s den for what they believe. And since their beliefs line up with mine, they have my full support.


  7. Thanks for the coverage, Lew. Hated to miss it, but I was in Longview at my kids’ high school track meet so I’m very glad to get a summary of the evening. Two fine candidates.


  8. I don’t get it. Why would they introduce Pidgeon with a cliché? Does that mean they think his candidacy is the same-old, same-old? Obviously “Eye of the Tiger” is a reference to the movie “Rocky”. There were a lot of pidgeons in that movie – was the song a play on his name to mean “here’s another pidgeon the Democrats can crush”?


  9. Please credit me when you use my photo of Stephen Pidgeon, which I took at the March, 2009 rally in Olympia organized by Larry Stickney. I believe the first time I used the photo online was in this May, 2009 post: http://pamshouseblend.firedoglake.com/2009/05/16/the-crumbling-coalition-of-fanatical-fringes-stephen-pidgeon/


  10. My apologies. The photo was uncredited when I found it.

    It has been corrected.


  11. For what it’s worth, he did say, jokingly of course, he would have preferred the Star Wars Theme From the Empire


  12. I give him some credit for stepping forward and if gets any decent amount of votes, he’s going to go through a trial-by-hell after the primary election. I don’t think the WSRP is going to allow him to get much a vote base. Wish him well and hope he does well.

    I also concur with the other thoughts about the well written and insightful post, Lew. Thank you for posting it.


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