Test of Fire

by lewwaters

9 Comments to “Test of Fire”

  1. Powerful visual portrayal of truth. I hope the country awakens.

  2. Probably not. Just another nice graphical piece by a nicely paid video graphic firm.

  3. Thank God we don’t live in a theocracy.

  4. Yeah, we sure wouldn’t want anybody acting like they are better and there way is the only way, would we?

    Oh wait, that describes you liberals,


  5. And not one mention of pedophile priests.

  6. The question is why are you running this anit-Mormon video now?

  7. LOL nathan & schuyler, you think I’m going to fall for that?

    Don’t you have anything of relevance or intelligent to add?

    ROFLMAO, have either of you stopped beating your wives?

    Grow up

  8. To nathan, greg & schuyler — I think the post was to make a point that we are facing our version of what our grandparents and parents faced with their own wars, their own fights and issues. Now I might not agree with all that was said in the video but I think Lew was trying to make a point and start a discussion about the contents of the video.

    NOT a bunch of tit-for-tat comments that are irrelevant to the points raised in the video.

  9. I am not Catholic but I defend their religious freedom. Government mandating they must provide medical coverage that is against their core beliefs is wrong. If government can force Catholics to pay for contraception, they can force protestants to provide abortion coverage, and there will be no area where government cannot dictate. Once churches have lost their sovereignty, none of our freedoms will be safe.

    Nor can the government separate a ministry from the church. The entire purpose of the ministries of any church is to fulfill the mandates of their faith to feed the poor, care for the sick, visit the prisoner, etc. For the government to say the church is exempt but its ministries are not is to separate the arms and legs from the body’s trunk. You cannot attack one part without affecting the entire body.

    There was a basic core understanding by our forefathers that freedom of religion and freedom of speech are absolutely essential to preserving a free society. Both are being attacked. Churches are are being told to stay out of the public square (to go into the closet of their church building) and free speech is under attack by political correctness. Even colleges which used to pride themselves on being the center for the free exchange of ideas now stifles conservative and religious thought. Speak against homosexual marriage and you are accused of hate speech and some colleges will expel you. Conservative speakers like Laura Ingram are shouted down. School officials respond with a yawn.

    It may not be immediate, but this attack on the Catholic church is an attack on all freedom-loving people. We need to take a lesson from World War II Germany. I am paraphrasing: They came for the mentally challenged and no one I knew was affected so I didn’t protest; they came for the unions, and I wasn’t union so I didn’t protest; they came for the Jews and I wasn’t Jewish so I didn’t protest; they came for the conservative pastors and I didn’t attend their church so I didn’t protest; and finally they came for me and there was no one left to protest.

    We need to defend religious freedom wherever it is under attack.

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