Ever Hear of Glass Houses, Mayor Guard?

by lewwaters

Like others, I pay little attention to Washougal, Washington. Oh, I’ve taken stabs at city council member Jon Russell at times over his intense desire to climb the political ladder, but let’s face it, not much happens in Washougal to draw much interest from those of us who live outside of it.

Washougal’s mayor Sean Guard is another I rarely mention or pay much attention to as he is, well, quite boring in his term as mayor. But sometimes, I have to step out of my comfort zone to write about something so blatantly hypocritical, I can’t let it pass.

Such is the case now seeing Mayor Guard’s hypocritical public stand towards Republican County Commissioner Tom Mielke being 3 whole days late on paying property taxes.

Mayor Guard, a Democrat is quick to condemn Republican Tom Mielke with his comment and promote Mielke’s challenger, fellow Democrat Joe Tanner. But what room does Guard have to speak of any other political person in office or call for someone “serious” to replace them?

How soon Guard seems to have forgotten his own troubles, legal troubles. Washougal mayor may face traffic charge.

We read that “Guard was traveling with an adult female and two children” in a “retired police car still in the city’s fleet” and was observed by the Washington State Patrol officer who cited him, “using emergency lights to usher vehicles out of its way” because they were only going 68 mph in a 70 mph zone.

After a little over a year of delays, changing stories and excuses from Guard, he pled guilty to impersonating police officer in what is known as a “Newton / Alvord plea.”

Basically, as he explained in his written statement, such a plea means “pleading guilty without agreeing to the facts entered, but acknowledging that there is a simple possibility that a jury could possibly find me guilty.”

How much did he cost taxpayers over his own misdeeds and first pleading not guilty, when he knew good and well he did what he was accused of?

Mielke will pay a late fee of $37.90 in interest for his forgetting his tax payment.

You can bet Guard’s year-long delaying of his case cost taxpayers much more. Did he repay any portion back to taxpayers at all? He claims he paid a “$500 fine and $118 in court costs and 25 hours of community service.”

And now Sean Guard, Mayor of sleepy little Washougal, Washington comes forwards accusing someone else of not being a serious representative of the people?

Mayor Guard, people who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones as you do.

Especially when the county see that the Law Firm that defended him is hired to represent indigent defendants in Washougal.

Conflict of Interest is denied, of course.

But it sure looks not very “serious.”

5 Comments to “Ever Hear of Glass Houses, Mayor Guard?”

  1. Talk about memory problems..!

  2. Looks like Russell isn’t the only one with slime problems.

  3. This is only the beginning – with two commissioner seats up for re-election, the democrats will pull out all stops to discredit conservative Republicans. Mielke has caught several things that would have slipped through. With David Madore running against Marc Boldt in the primary, they finally pulled out a democrat sensing the Republican vote may be divided. Tom Mielke is the one they really want to get rid of…he’s the thorn in their side.

  4. Mielke and Benton both are their prime targets this year.

    Together, they have held many things in check in the Dems putsch to radically over haul our free society.

    So, Dems think the time is ripe to take them both out.

    I believe it will be much harder than they think.

    The Columbian, aka “Hyena’s of Inkville” will trash both every chance they get still, while give the Dem challengers a pass, as they have already done.

  5. The Columbian is so obvious that it isn’t funny. Lefties always start out slowly sneaking around and then end up in wild hysteria and theatrics. The Columbian is currently in the “wild hysteria” phase, headed for total breakdown and the final Bankruptcy. The sooner the better with that bunch.

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