More Media Bias from Those Laughable “Hyenas of Inkville”

by lewwaters

Photo by Masai Mara, Kenya

The liberal bias of the media is well known and in spite of our local newspaper of record’s continual denial, it is well displayed once again by the Columbian, also known to me now as those Laughable “Hyena’s of Inkville,” out of respect for bombastic political page editor John Laird labeling those who oppose the liberal agenda of mass transit and high density housing in Clark County as the “Hounds of Whinerville.”

But he isn’t at the center of this blatant bias and favoritism down there this time, at least not openly. If he plays a major role in the background is unknown. No, this one goes an apparent under study of his in striving to be the most biased of all writers downtown, Stephanie Rice in regards to her willingness to throw all journalistic objectivity out the window in the single largest display of liberal bias since I slapped her down over the “Hyena’s of Inkville” inconsistent coverage of the abrupt quitting on constituents’ mid-session of Democrat Jim Jacks compared to the resignation of Republican Richard Curtis a couple years earlier.

Her bias this past week might even be a record, even for her and the “Hyena’s of Inkville.”

That she despises Republican County Commissioner Tom Mielke is no secret. She wears her dislike of him on her chest as if a Military Medal to be proud of. I even once asked her in the comments of one post “Stephanie, does Tim Mielke ever do anything right in your eyes?” My question was not answered of course.

She has out done herself with her not only penning an article blowing out of proportion Mielke’s being 3 whole days late in paying his property tax yesterday in the papers Thursday online edition, but by re-running the same story headline today, linking back to her original hit piece to make sure more people saw it.

What makes this story such a biased hit piece is that just Monday of this week, in hopes of embarrassing both me and fellow blogger Kelly Hinton, she ran a sympathetic and supportive blog post on our questioning how US Navy Electronics Technician Joe Tanner, a Democrat challenging Mielke for the County Commission could have earned the “numerous combat medals” he had claimed on his campaign website, since he was aboard a ship off of the coast of Vietnam during the war, since corrected to accurately reflect “Meritorious Achievement Medals and Awards.”

Questioned as to why she did not bother to contact either one of us before assigning motive to us elicited the comment from her facebook page, “Had Joe been lying about anything, I would have written an actual story. As with most newspaper blogs, our blog is for news that some people might find interesting or amusing, but does not rise to the level of a story.”

Whether Joe intentionally made such a false claim to portray his service during Vietnam equal to that of Mielke’s, who served with the 82nd Airborne and was awarded a Bronze Star with ‘V’ device is known only to Joe. But, we called him on it and he corrected the misleading statement.

After commenting on her hit supportive piece, that was beginning to draw the negative comments desired and setting the record straight on motives and what really went down, even the “Hyena’s of Inkville” editor Lou Brancaccio commented, admitting that we were right to questioned what we suspected were false or misleading claims.

But still, Stephanie Rice says, “Had Joe been lying about anything, I would have written an actual story” and “[it] does not rise to the level of a story.”

But, Mielke being 3 days late is written as if a major crime wave.

Her dislike of conservative Republicans does not end there as that was only one biased piece she ran with. Her embracing embattled RINO County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who has been sanctioned by the Clark County GOP for his frequent abandoning of conservative constituents who elected him to side with Liberal Democrat Steve Stuart against Republican Tom Mielke on the 3-man commission dates back to the announcement of another Conservative Republican she despises, successful Vancouver businessman, David Madore.

Stephanie waited almost 4 months to become outraged over Boldt’s being sanctioned and only did so AFTER Mr. Madore announced running against Boldt, covered here, here and here.

Never mind that it is an internal matter between party members and that voters who elected him are outraged over his turncoat votes, it’s an opportunity to support the Democrats as well as another attempt to give Mielke a black eye.

Thursday saw her pen Boldt names American (political) idols on the All Politics is Local blog, praising Boldt for admiring Democrat Brian Baird, former 3rd Congressional District Representative and for his view of, “If someone didn’t cross over, nothing would get accomplished,” style of governance.

Not asked in her interview is why it is only Republicans expected to “cross over” to side with Democrats, as Marc Boldt has often done, instead of expecting the Democrats to “cross over” and work with Republicans.

Apparently Boldt sees supporting the conservative point of view as “nothing being accomplished.”

Herrera Beutler

And just today, she pens Herrera Beutler supports Boldt, Mielke once again praising Boldt and even though including his name in the headline, makes not one mention of Mielke in her post.

Borrowing from a post by Stevie Mathieu, Stephanie is intent on telling us that current 3rd Congressional District Representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, another who is of questionable conservative bona fides, was questioned on her view of the Clark GOP sanctions against Boldt and making sure to tell us her reply of, “constituents, not political parties, should come first.”

This from the same girl who during her meteoric rise back to Washington D.C. said of herself, “My husband and I rent. We both drive used cars. We’re not your typical Republican conservative,” showing just how clueless she is about not only conservative Republicans, but the district she was elected to represent.

She went on to say, “We were elected to govern, and that doesn’t mean you agree with everybody. I’m going to support both county commissioners who are up for election this year. Because I think that overall their goal is to govern. I’m going to catch flak for telling you that, but that’s OK.”

Perhaps she ought to sit down and speak with Democrat State Senator Jim Kastama, one of three who did the right thing and helped give Republicans a voice in the budget negotiations in Olympia. To govern does not mean cave to the Liberal Democrats or do as the party leaders tell you to do.

But her saying she will be supporting Boldt is enough to get Stephanie Rice drooling.

We often look upon Hyena’s as comical animal, referring to them as “Laughing Hyena’s” due to their distinctive sound similar to our laughing. They are anything but. They can be very vicious and dangerous.

Much like a journalist and media that has cast objectivity out their window to promote a political agenda can be equally vicious and dangerous to a free society.

7 Comments to “More Media Bias from Those Laughable “Hyenas of Inkville””

  1. Great pic, Lew. Looks more like “The Humping Hyenas Of Inkville”, and that is exactly what they are.


  2. >>”[C]onstituents, not political parties, should come first.”

    Putting constituents first is nothing more than pork barrel cronyism. Putting party first reduces complex issues to the puerile simplicity of an R or a D on a yard sign.

    Fortunately, there’s a third and better alternative, and you only have to read the first four words of the Declaration to find it. The old countries of Europe were built on common blood. We’ve never had that. We did something new. We were held together by a few common ideas–about the nature of life, human beings and government.

    Putting a few self-evident truths first would serve both the congresswoman’s constituents and her party better.


  3. “And The Columbian burst open full of rotteness and decay…”…


  4. Also, supporting Marc because “[his] goal is to govern” is a really bad idea. Stalin’s goal was to govern, too. She needs to dig a little deeper than that. She needs to tell us whether she’s supporting him simply because he’s the incumbent, or because she agrees with the positions he has taken and the principles he espouses.


  5. I was going to post on this very subject but you know what? Nothing I wrote could have come close to this exceptional piece… and the problem for the public is that nothing Stephanie Rice has ever written has also ever come close, either.

    Rice is a piece of slime. Doing her campaign pieces for those she supports (Meaning anyone opposed to conservatives… like Boldt and Herrera) doesn’t justify her total lack of so-called “journalistic integrity,” a concept as foreign to the Columbian staff as Sanskrit.

    I defer to Lew and this brilliant effort.


  6. Don’t ever shy away from a post because I have already written about it.

    The more perspectives, the better.

    But, thanks your for the compliment.


  7. hmm… Is it time to bring back the big scary ghost that hails in Washington DC for the 3rd congressional theater that our local paper is coming to make for us? I do believe she has a new “robot factory event” (aka jobs event?) coming within the next week but what is she REALLY doing for us and what is the local newspaper going to take her to task or right some decent coverage of the ills of Clark County that she is not solving??


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