Obama Readied To Blame Military in Case OBL Mission Failed

by lewwaters

By way of Gateway Pundit, former Attorney General Michael Mukasey speaks to Sean Hannity about the “heavily lawyered” memo the Obama Administration had prepared in case the mission to kill Osama bin Laden failed, absolving Obama of any blame.

See also the Wall Street Journal.

A real leader accepts responsibility, he doesn’t shove it off on others.

12 Comments to “Obama Readied To Blame Military in Case OBL Mission Failed”

  1. It is quite obvious that Barack Hussein Obama is, as a leader, in over his head. Attempting to horn in on the brave actions and flawless performance of the of the Seals, while simultaneously working on a CYA plan clearly demonstrates he does not have a clue about what it takes to be a REAL Leader. A real leader places the actions and needs of his troops ahead of his own wants and needs and makes sure they received the lions share of whatever praise their actions brings to the leader. A Real Leader also takes the heat and protects his troops if anything goes wrong. As President Truman so eloquently said, “The Buck Stops Here”.

    And so it goes


  2. I agree that he is over his head when it comes to PR. To satisfy his opponents he should have landed on an aircraft carrier within view of shore wearing a codpiece. They would accept that. I am afraid he will show the same naïveté when he finds the WMDs. No Mission Accomplised here.


  3. LOL Schuyler, still stuck on those tired DNC talking points? Do you ever crack a book?

    BHO is always welcome to fly out to a carrier, but I doubt you could drag him off of the golf course long enough to suit up. If they could, he would never agree to not having a full staff cater to his whims or wipe his sorry ass during the flight.

    Oh, as for those WMD’s that the entire world says was there? Where did they go? They were there all during Clinton’s terms.

    Sometimes, I almost feel sorry for you partisan hack Liberal Democrats and your extreme inability to foster an independent thought, other than what the DNC tells you to say.


  4. Okay, I watched that Hannity piece… It was crap. It was misrepresentation. It was the worst kind of demagoguery.Talk about smear tactics! I agreed with NOTHING that was said.

    Lew, I’m embarassed for you and anyone else who is swayed by that kind of garbage. No wonder Conservatives HATE Democrats – they’re fed shit.


  5. Why Martin, bashing a former Attorney General with the the knowledge of what went on?

    Hate to tell you, Martin, but the hate isn’t on our side, it is on yours. It’s the liberal Democrats who for 8 years incessantly bashed Bush, hung him in effigy, denigrated him and every Republican and label any who disagree with BHO as a “racist.”

    It is the Liberal Democrats who are defending Marc Boldt and praising his “crossing the aisle” to further the leftwing agenda, claiming we need more people elected who cross the aisle, but who heavily condemned all 3 Democrats who crossed the aisle to work with Republicans on the budget.

    Sorry, but you have given nothing to refute Mukasey.


  6. Uhhh.. He’s a Republican… From the Bush administration… On the Hannity show. Mukasey made up his own interpretation of what that memo meant – totally fabricated.

    I’m not defending dickhead Democrats either – just pointing out destructive partisanship when I see it.


  7. Given BHO’s propensity to never accept responsibility for anything, always deflecting blame elsewhere while grabbing all credit to himself when something works, I find it completely believable.

    Just because Mukasey was from the Bush administration does not make his assessment less.

    You’re entitled to your personal opinion, Martin, but there isn’t enough lipstick in the world to make this pig look anything other than a pig.


  8. I’ve been thinking about this partisanship situation (as expressed here). Here’s my pov:

    An exceptional guy, Obama, comes out of nowhere to be president. He’s the very epitome of the American ideal that “anyone can be president.” I think history will remember him as a top thinker and doer. We were lucky to get him in difficult times but he’ll do his 8 and be gone. Unfortunately, because of the makeup of the Democratic Party, a lot of populist/Progressives/Marxists have infiltrated the power structure during his tenure.

    However, in 4 years, Christy will be at full power. The Democrats will through up Hillary again, the Republicans will triumph and clean Marxist house. If Christy lives up to expectations, I’ll root for him too – even though I’m a Democrat – because I think the qualities that it takes to be a good president are rare and valuable, regardless of Party.


  9. Martin, I agree about Obama “coming out of nowhere to be president” and representing the view that “anybody can be president,” but I cannot agree with the rest.

    He is far from “exceptional,” he is a disaster. He hasn’t clue on how to run the country as we see all of the indicators of a very poor economy and many people unemployed.

    If he is to be considered “exceptional,” it could only be in destroying America as we know it and rebuilding a shadow of the failed Soviet Union.

    I fail to understand how you can label him “exceptional” when none of his records will be made available. We know nothing of him in the past, not his college scores, not his supposed writings, nothing! They’re all locked away.

    His main qualification is he is Black.

    God help us if he gets another 4 as I fear it will be the last election anywhere approaching free.

    Open your eyes, Martin. He and the Marxists in the Democrat Party are very slowly putting us under a dictatorship.

    As much aas you always say you dislike Marxists, I am amazed that you cannot see it being slowly imposed before your very eyes.


  10. You’re coming from a tough place, Lew. I really don’t see Romney winning. (And he’s a dork.) But, you’re right, Rs are the only thing holding back the Marxist tide.


  11. As you know, I’m not a Romney fan, but I cannot see me voting for Obama or someone else this year.

    But I also remember that Reagan wasn’t all that popular in 1980 either and he turned out better than imagined.

    Whether or not Romney would is debatable.

    That also why I will support Republicans taking back the Senate and holding the House. If Obama is reelected, our only prayer will be to hold him in check by Congress, unless he continues to bypass Congress as he establishes his dictatorial rule.

    I honestly fear for our country, Martin. Citizens are restless and fed up with what is happening to us.

    I fear it is going to get very, very ugly before long.


  12. You might want to reassess your thoughts, Martin.

    Buried deep in a pro-Obama article on his launching his campaign today, we read, “But the event fell short of the 20,000 supporters the campaign had forecast as organizers moved people from seats to the arena floor in front of the dais to project fullness to television audiences. Obama volunteers had worked feverishly over the last week to gin up a crowd, making multiple calls to residents believed to be supportive of the president.”

    He launched his campaign to a half empty stadium 🙂

    The glitz seems to have worn off 🙂



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