Will the Sanctioning of Marc Boldt Next be Called “Racist?”

by lewwaters

Maybe a little farfetched, I grant you, but the way the “Hyena’s of Inkville” have been carrying on and how Commissioner Boldt continues to go around the county crying that he was sanctioned, playing the victim when he clearly deserved to be sanctioned, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Clearly Commissioner Boldt has grown very comfortable sitting in his well paid cushioned seat of authority on the Clark County Board of Commissioners supporting Liberal Democrat agendas while claiming to be a Republican and expecting conservative Republicans to support and vote for him.

It’s difficult for me to imagine why he would even worry about the sanctions, given his words recently quoted in a Reflector editorial, Boldt confident voters will ignore GOP demands.

Since the sanction amount to little more than withdrawing party support of him and not allowing access to party mailing lists, Boldt told the Reflector, “he has never used party mailing lists and that the most the party has donated to his campaign in the past is $100.”

I guess use of the party headquarters and being endorsed and promoted by the party to encourage party members to elect him aren’t worth very much to Commissioner Boldt. Personally, I would consider 89,033 votes worth quite a lot, even if all of them did not see the Clark County GOP Endorsement of Boldt.

A few sock puppets at the “Hyena’s of Inkville” online site have been throwing around allegations of a the GOP Board “demanding” Boldt take a position on the controversial Multi-Million Dollar Baseball Stadium for a minor league team that he ended up not supporting, after months of indicating he sided with Liberal Democrat Commissioner, Steve Stuart, prompting Stuart to stomp out of the Board Meeting after the admissions tax to fund the stadium failed.

While some Board members individually contacted Boldt, as citizens to oppose the tax, just as hundreds of the rest of us did, there was no official board action taken. But that doesn’t stop those sock puppets that seem to feel they must keep a Democrat in Republican clothing on the commission.

But we must ask, if the party has not been of any help to him in the past, as he claim, why the push to remove the sanctions by Boldt, the Hyena’s of Inkville, the Reflector and some late comers to the Board who resigned after maybe one or two meetings?

If the party was of no help to him, as he told the Reflector, did he not already sanction himself away from party resources?

Clearly, Boldt is playing the victim card, like Democrats often love to do. Liberals especially are the eternal victim, even when they hold full powers.

Boldt has shown he does not need and apparently want access to party resources by twice endorsing Democrat Steve Stuart for his seat on the Commission over two Republicans, former two-term Vancouver Mayor Bruce Hagensen in 2006 and Alan Svehaug in 2010.

City positions are non-partisan, but the County Commission is a partisan seat and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

In 2008 we supported Boldt and elected him on his campaign support of conservative issues, most of which he has not followed through on.

He claims to be against dragging Portland’s financially troubled light rail over to Clark County, but supported a sales tax increase for C-Tran that kept millions socked away to help pay for light rail.

Of late and for reasons we can only guess, either he or someone on his behalf went back to his 2008 website and removed the endorsement page showing endorsements by some prominent Democrats, including Commissioner Stuart.

Boldt now tells the Reflector that he will not seek Stuart’s endorsement this year.

Much has been said that he was only representing his constituents by ignoring his campaign calls and was acting on behalf of “the People.” When did conservative Republicans who voted him into office lose our right to representation and lose our place amongst “the People?”

Must everything be for Liberals, the hell with the rest of us today?

Most comical was seeing the quote from former Clark County Democrat Chair, Dan Ogden as he said, “Democrats don’t try to discipline based on people’s views.” While he claims Democrats “frown upon” those who side with Republicans, they “tolerate” it.

Tell that to Joe Lieberman, Brian Baird when he supported the surge in Iraq, State Senator Tim Sheldon, one of 3 Democrats who sided with Republicans just this past session and has crossed the aisle before, eliciting the comment of “Tim Sheldon votes with the Republican Party a tremendous amount. He is welcomed into the Republican caucus. When Republicans are counting on his vote … this is wrong. If he wants to vote for Republicans, then be a Republican,” from the former chairwoman of the 35th District Democrats and Jim Kastama, another Democrat who sided with the Republicans on the budget and was told by party members he would only be able to pump gas from now on.

That doesn’t sound very tolerant to me.

For a real eye opener on how Kastama was dealt with by the party member, see Crossing the Rubicon — Kastama Tells His Story at the Washington State Wire.

Boldt claims he intends to remain a Republican, but I have to ask, why? He has not read or followed the party platform and if we are to believe him, never has received much support and would prefer to side with Democrat Steve Stuart, who rarely adopts a view favorable to conservatives instead of standing with fellow Republican Tom Mielke.

Instead, he has spent the last few weeks, after conservative successful businessman David Madore announced he would offer the community a choice by running for the Board of Commissioners, running to newspapers and whoever else listens to him crying and playing victim, doing what he can to alienate party members from the party and keep him drawing his nice fat salary.

Since the victim card doesn’t seem to be working as well as they hope, I don’t have any idea of how they maneuver to it, but it wouldn’t surprise me a bit that they come up with some reason to cry the sanctions were racist, since that too is a favorite from the liberal Democrats bag of campaign tricks.

19 Comments to “Will the Sanctioning of Marc Boldt Next be Called “Racist?””

  1. I’m Marc Boldt’s brother-in-law and I approve this message.

  2. Of 89,033, 89,000 disapprove of the Clark County GOP’s behaviour concerning Marc Boldt. It is this behaviour that is pulling in mainstream Republicans, Moderates, and Conservative-leaning democrats to support Marc Boldt. Compared to the very small minority of the extemists, this puts Marc Boldt way ahead of anyone the Clark County GOP leadership is going to support. It is the moderates and independents that sway elections, Lew, not the extremists on either end of the spectrum. It must be a very dark place, where the sun doesn’t shine that you pulled this racist BS from, Lew, which shows the desperation of you and your ilk. Good luck in your exclusive little club, Lew, because that is exactly what it is…an exclusive, LITTLE club.

  3. Thank you Greg, for doing just what I figured one of you would, find a way to cry racist.

    LOL, ya’ll is so predictable.

    Marc doesn’t need any support and never has had any from the GOP, if you actually read.

    Oh, just remember how your butt was kicked all over the county on the Baseball scam.

    You had that pegged as sure thing too.

    Even you must wonder why, if he never received anything from the GOP, that he now whines like a titty baby over being denied what he says he never received.

  4. Greggy, you have a rather sad history of making it up as you go along… but you saying 89,000 were opposed to the GOP action is like me saying that one of those 89,000, you, are opposed to concluding you’re a dumb ass. I’ve got no evidence to prove it, you understand, but to me, based on your OCD against Mielke and those opposed (Is this where I add the word “successfully?”) to your ballpark ripoff/scam/Playground BS, it SOUNDS about right as a conclusion.

    Just sayin’

  5. I’ve been against Mielke since he first ran, and never voted for him. He has never paid attention to his electorate and has to constantly be reminded of the facts. You should also know that extreme ends of the spectrum don’t win elections, Kelly.

    Oh, and about you having any input of any value that was paid attention to about the ballpark? Those that know, say your “input” didn’t have squat to do with it. If fact, most people go out of their way to avoid your “input”; in fact, eye-rolling and head-shaking are the most common reactions received when your name is mentioned, Kelly.

    So, again, Kelly, enjoy living in your make-believe world, where it’s good to be king, and delusions of grandeur help you to feel better about the tremendous influence you DON”T have….

  6. I don’t think that a lot of Clarke County residents pay too much attention to what the “Humping Hyenas of inkville” want, Lew. They could probably make more money selling “The Columbian” toilet paper.

  7. I don’t think anybody in Clark County really cares who you are for or against, Greg.

    Your assessment of Mielke is your view only and that of the Hyena’s of Inkville who have never printed a decent word about him.

    And, whether Kelly had influence or not in the baseball scam is irrelevant, you still lost!

  8. Mielke is hardly “extreme”, Greg. Your hatred for him is “extreme”, however.

  9. It just gripes his shorts. But he’ll never know what happened… just that it DID happen.

  10. Greg – Before you go posting, please consider your words more carefully? I don’t believe any one here is believing a word you are coming up with…

  11. Jeremy, it doesn’t matter what you believe. Truth doesn’t depend upon belief. It either is or it isn’t. You see, Kelly thinks he has power in the political spectrum in Clark County, when in reality, he is just a small little man that talks big in a blog that he owns. It has become a game now to see how many blog posts I can get him to post about me. It’s what I do for giggles. It’s getting a little too easy, though. It’s like calling Marty McFly a chicken. I might have to find a greater challenge. So, I will leave the windmills for Kelly to tilt at, and remember, Hinton…the universe is laughing behind your back…..

  12. You’re a legend in your own mind, Greg.

    Time to give it a rest.

  13. Are you ready for “Gay marriage” to get shot down in Washington, Greg? Didja ever find that “gay gene”?

  14. Hey, Jack…did you ever find the gene that makes you left-handed, or makes your hair brown? Should we discriminate against left-handed or blond people because a specific gene doesn’t exist? Hitler tried that, you know. Look where that went….

  15. You’re getting farfetched and grasping at straws, Greg, As well as grossly wandering.

    I’m pretty lenient in comments, but how about both of you getting back a little closer to the topic, Marc Boldt being sanctioned?

    Or hold onto your gay thoughts as I will be posting more on homosexual marriage in the future, especially seeing North Carolina became the 31st state to ban homosexual marriage by constitutional amendment last evening.

  16. And yet, you remain as fixated on me as you are Mielke. Odd, that. But those so inept that their position gets rejected frequently do.

  17. Greg obviously fancies himself as some sort of “master debater” but he has only succeeded in making himself look like some little red-faced kid who has been caught out behind the barn.

    Grow up, Greg.

  18. Greg after reading months of your postings here, at the newspaper and over at Kelly, I hate to say it but Jack is telling the truth in his last line…

  19. I’m just wondering privately and now publicly, is Greg and others who are coming out of the woodwork just simply sock puppets to divert the focus away from the failures of our elected politicians at the local, region and state levels to what we really to change?

    I wish there was more to discuss about what is going on. But our local newspaper is doing such a GREAT job of letting these people come out front and center in the discussion areas to divert commentary away from the real subjects that need discussions in our community.

    What do I think about the sanctions of Boldt? Well, let us see if the clark county gop section actually folllows through with its threats and stops him from using its resources….

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