Obama Succeeds in Court Ruling AGAINST Veterans

by lewwaters

I’m sure all of you reading this can recall the cries of Democrats during the 2004 presidential campaign, encapsulated by failed presidential candidate & self proclaimed war hero John F’in Kerry as he stated in a February 14, 2004 debate, “He’s cut the VA (Veterans Administration) budget and not kept faith with veterans across this country. And one of the first definitions of patriotism is keeping faith with those who wore the uniform of our country.”

Constantly during his two terms, President George W. Bush was accused of ignoring our returning Veterans, not providing them with the adequate care they needed through the Veterans Administration, even accused of only giving “grossly substandard and unsanitary medical care” to our Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Hospital in 2007.

That none of it was true mattered little, the Democrats were in constant full campaign mode, seeking to seize full control over the country, using our Veterans and returning Heroes as props. They succeeded in seizing full control in the 2008 election that installed Barack Obama, hailed as the best thing since sliced bread and the messiah to many.

Our Troops and Veterans did not fare any better and the willing accomplices in the media ceased their exposes’ of dismal treatment of Veterans as they claimed was all that Bush and Republicans were doing.

The Troops were used as props and photo-ops to get control of the country, as is often the case when Democrats are in power. Nothing is sacred to them and no lie is too small or too big to tell to keep that power.

But the truth has a habit of leaking out and bypassing the lamestream national media as they continue in their efforts to suppress it.

Such is the case as we read from the San Francisco Chronicle, Court dismisses vets’ suit on mental health care.

Some Veterans Groups, tired of long waits to receive mental healthcare through the VA Hospitals for PTSD and more filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against the VA, winning a 2 to 1 ruling against the VA, that cited, “Department of Veterans Affairs documents showed that the system took an average of 4.4 years to review veterans’ health care claims, that more than 1,400 veterans who had been denied coverage died in one six-month period while their appeals were pending, and that 18 veterans per day were committing suicide, much higher than the rate among the general population”

Ruling that that vets groups could ask a federal judge to order changes in the system, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals declared, “the VA’s unchecked incompetence has gone on long enough.”

Not content with the ruling, the Obama Administration interceded, asking that ruling to be vacated and heard before the full appeals court who has now ruled, “As much as we may wish for expeditious improvement in the way the VA handles mental health care and service-related disability compensation, such responsibilities are left to Congress and the executive,” as stated by Judge Jay Bybee in the 10-1 decision.

In her lone dissent, Judge Mary Schroeder said, “the court’s refusal to consider claims of system-wide delays leaves millions of veterans – past, present and future – without any available redress.”

How much, if any pressure was placed on the panel by the Obama Administration is unknown, but it is apparent that a ruling to benefit Veterans receiving care did not set well with him.

Where is the cry of “keeping faith with those who wore the uniform of our country” that we heard back when Kerry was campaigning for the highest office in the land?

Where is the outrage from other Democrats who lambasted President Bush so frequently?

Where are the calls from former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and many others who demanded congressional investigations in 2007 of the “deplorable” conditions at Walter Reed Hospital? Why are they all so silent today?

Where is Washington State Senator Patty Murray, who was boasting in 2005 of blocking the VA’s efforts to review PTSD claims that sought to weed out phony claims to the undeserving and that would have freed up resources to the deserving?

Ms. Murray stated then, “Veterans with PTSD deserve the VA’s compassion and support…,” and “Veterans should not be punished for mistakes the VA has made…,” and “It’s already hard enough for veterans to seek care for mental health problems. I can’t stand by and let the VA throw down another barrier in front of veterans with PTSD.”

But her silence in allowing the Obama Administration to “throw down another barrier” in front of Veterans is deafening.

In 2009, after her party seized total control of the government, Murray was quoted, “Before, and for a long time, I’ve been fighting many times over for VA not to discourage people from saying they have PTSD. We’ve have many cases where veterans were told it’s all in your head” in response to Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki claim, “We will change the culture. I will assure you of that” in regards to the long backlogs for healthcare.

As we now can see, the “assurance” from the Obama Administration is to fight Veterans in court, kicking the can down the road and back to those who have long given Veterans little more than lip service.

In the meantime, our Heroes will continue suffering and dying, waiting for a little help from the country that praised their service, then forgot about them.

In an email to me concerning this, my friend Rees Lloyd said,

“Gordon P. Erspamer of Morrison & Foerster, LLP, attorneys for plaintiff veterans organizations, said review would be sought in the Supreme Court,” and “While that litigative effort is made, I respectively suggest that if any veteran or other patriot needed evidence that more veterans are needed in Congress and the Executive Branch — or that the Combat Veterans For Congress and its endorsed veterans for Congress deserve strong support — this decision should be it: Congress and the White House must act. (www.CombatVeteransForCongress.org).–Rees Lloyd (Facebook/Rees Lloyd Law)”

Then too, maybe if the Obama’s curtailed some of their extravagant vacations, those Millions of Dollars of funds could be directed towards our veterans so they receive the much needed and long overdue care they need and deserve.

It’s up to us this election year and we can make a difference by electing real change and install people who will act on the sacred pact we have with our defenders.

They protected us, we need to care for them now.

8 Comments to “Obama Succeeds in Court Ruling AGAINST Veterans”

  1. Sounds like they are taking a page from the Canadian medical care system – wait for paitents to die as a cost-containment approach. Outrageous and unacceptable treatment of veterans – and what we can all look forward to as Obamacare marches ahead.


  2. This is a systemic problem, not limited to Obama, or Democrats, or this court case. Our stunning short-term success in Desert Storm in ’91, followed by our zero-casualty air war over Serbia in ’99, have given our presidents, both D and R, and our Congresses, both D and R, a great fondness for throwing our troops here and there, with great splashy effect, around the world.

    Problem is–it always seems to come back to this with our politicians, doesn’t it?–they just want to *have* the best; they don’t want to *pay* for the best.

    Why have we transitioned in the last twenty years from relying on Active Duty, with Guard and Reserve being primarily a ticket for young adults to get help with college, to the Total Force Concept, with Guard and Reserve being a huge and integral part of our basic combat readiness? Simple: Guard and Reserve and their families don’t get Tricare except when deployed, and their retirement doesn’t kick in until age 60 (unlike AD, which begins drawing retirement immediately upon retirement–often after just 20 years’ service).

    Guard and Reserve face the same risks, separations, revolving door deployments, hardships and dangers as AD. They bleed, are maimed and die just like AD. But Congress gets them at a bargain basement price–which is all that matters to those gutless wonders. It means they don’t have to level with the country about how much the best of everything costs. . . . And *that* means they can probably get re-elected. . . . And what could possibly be more important than that?


  3. Poor care for our Vets is a long ongoing problem, but in this case the main problem is that once the court ruled against the VA on behalf of the Vets, it was the Obama administration that interceded to vacate the ruling and get it heard before the full court in order to gain a favorable ruling.

    The ruling is based on jurisdiction, which firmly plants this right in Obama’s and Congresses lap to do something about it besides more lip service to gain political points.

    Also of importance that must be seen, VA Healthcare is a microcosm of what Obamacare is for the entire country. With Veterans comprising a very small percentage of the population, roughly about 7%, if the government cannot adequately care for that 7%, how will they ever care for the 312 Million forced into Obamacare?

    To me, it is paramount that we begin replacing those who have gotten comfortable in government and support Obamacare and replace them with people who will actually make the needed changes to get our Vets the best care and repeal Obamacare and come up with a healthcare plan that will actually work.

    The 9th Circuit punted this right back squarely in Obama and Congresses lap. Given their inability to actually improve the system to date, how will they make it work when everybody is forced into something similar?

    I don’t have confidence that the current batch will do more than sweep this under the rug, again.


  4. Why did they bother to answer the call of our country if in the process of doing so it meant that they lose all rights to “equal and fair” treatment of addressing their concerns in a court of law? Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell are both disgusting in their play of partisan politics on this issue. Neither of them acts in a measurable sense of ethics with regards to our citizens and our veterans sovereign rights. I say write your letters by hand delivered mail and your newspapers and post on facebook as well as every other medium you can find in defense of the vets.


  5. Lew, I am a veteran of WW2. I just got in on the tailend. I was headed back to San Diego at the end of my boot leave on VJ day. Just so there is not a misunderstanding of my comments let me say first that veterans who are mentally or physically disabled should have all the medical coverage available to them as is their right.

    I am somewhat questionable of many claims made now by returning veterans claiming all types of disability in order to get financial benefits and full lifetime medical care even when they may or may not have served in battle zones. It is my belief that many have learned how to game the system and claim benefits that they are not entitled too. I am classed as priortiy 7 at the VA as I have no service related disability. My benefits are next to nothing. I get my prescriptions from Ccostco for less than I can get from the VA. I stay enrolled as it gives me cover from the Part D penalty for not enrolling.


  6. Continued from above. I get my medical care from my Medicare plan. My Medicare plan is cheaper than going to the VA for priority 7 veterans. For veterans like me the VA plan offers little to nothing. I am continually irritated by the claims of Patty Murray as being a big veteran supporter and advocate.


  7. Willard, I cannot disagree with your comment.

    I served 18 months in Vietnam and a little over 8 years active duty. I too question some of the claims being made, but acknowledge that PTSD is very real in some.

    I’m under VA Healthcare myself and was diagnosed diabetic a couple years ago, the only one in my family is who is not obese to contract it. It is considered presumptive for exposure to herbicides. So far, I have no complaints with VA Healthcare, other than extremely long waits for appointments.

    As I noted in the article, an effort was being made to weed out those who receive disability that they should not and that effort was blocked almost single handily by Patty Murray (at least she claims it).

    I join you in being irritated with Murray so often


  8. My x-husband served in Viet Nam going in by helicopter to jump and get guys out of the jungles. He had nightmares and sometimes “hit the deck” when he would be in a long hallway and heavy metal doors would close loudly echoing like gunfire down the corridor. He now suffers from agent orange side effects, serious hearing loss, heart disease resulting in heart attacks that seem difficult to control and intestinal issues as yet undiagnosed as well as diabetes. He served two enlistments which resulted in just under four years over there. The VA has offered him a hearing aid. Appointments are hard to get with months of waiting and at sixty five weighing about 110 lbs and 5’8″ tall I think he deserves better than a 20% disability determination. He is an American Hero and the VA services he has received are not up to the standards I would call mediocre medical care.He will probably die before his parents who are in their upper eighties without all these health issues. We need to demand better for our servicemen and for their families. I say that to include their families are caused so much grief as they watch their sons and fathers degrade under this system before their very eyes. Our President has seen fit to circumvent the laws, the constitution and congress whenever he wants his way on something. Why not now?


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