Proof Reading, It’s Not Just for Spelling

by lewwaters

We all love media bloopers and the media is not slacking when it comes to providing them. We thank the Seattle Times for the following.

It didn’t take long for the headline to be updated, but not before several grabbed screen shots of the faux pas to spread the joy of their error.

Then again, maybe without realizing, it was admission of why the strong push of late for homosexual marriage while ignoring a struggling economy.

8 Comments to “Proof Reading, It’s Not Just for Spelling”

  1. Leno would like this 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t be surprised he has it, or soon will.

    It’s spreading as fast as anything I’ve seen so far.

    It will die off soon enough, but not before we have our fun with it 😉


  3. Yessiree. “Gay marriage” has the Democrats all running around, waving their “Dicks” in everyone’s faces. And Dicks himself doesn’t seem to mind doing the same thing…


  4. You have to admit, Jack, this one one is funny.

    So funny it almost appears deliberate 😉


  5. Well Lew, it’s not “unheard of” for newspapers to create their own “controversy”. The Columbian does it all the time.


  6. Well not if the funny part of this wasn’t about the retiring Norm Dicks… 🙂 The Democrat from Bremerton who is known as Mr. Defense and Pork Barrel….


  7. A Freudian slip.


  8. Did someone slip on the wet newspaper and into the headlines on the presses as this slip was being printed up? ;-P


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