Time to Titillate

by lewwaters

Time magazine, long suffering from decreased sales, seems to be following the lead of magazines like Cosmopolitan, Playboy and Penthouse, but stopping short of Hustler.

As you can see, the cover of the May 21, 2012 magazine features quite a provocative photo to promote the latest fad of continuing breast feeding children will into adolescence.

I have no problem with Mothers breast feeding, even in public. I believe if she can, breast feeding babies if preferable and beneficial for the baby. I also think Mothers can breast feed in public and be discreet, not just flopping the boob out, but gracefully cover themselves with a baby blanket as they have done for so long before.

Of course, different people have different views on just when a baby should stop breast feeding and move towards more solid food.

A controversial bill & debate came up in Tennessee about government setting an arbitrary age limit on public breast feeding, an obvious over reach in my estimation. Such decisions should be left with Mothers, not politicians.

But this cover Time chooses to promote the issue is, in my estimation, tasteless. Not because a child is breast feeding, but because they choose a young attractive Mother, with her 3 or 4 year old standing on a chair sucking on her boob.

There is no discernment, no discretion, no legitimate reason to feature such a photo, other than to titillate to sell magazines.

I personally feel the child shown is a little too old to still be sucking on Mommies boob, but if a Mother wishes to breast feed until adulthood, that’s her business, if done at home.

I’m sure 12 year old boys all over will be flocking to magazine stands to stare endlessly at the very attractive Mom letting her son suck on her boob, being too young to buy Playboys that are hidden from public view in most areas.

I’m also pretty sure older boys will go home with the vision in their heads and wonder why they were cut off as youngsters.

The Atlantic Wire’s Adam Clark Estes labels the cover trolling.

I label it soft porn to sell magazines, not to promote better caring for a child.

20 Comments to “Time to Titillate”

  1. That kid’s gonna need counselling.


  2. This is gross. As a woman and a mother it is just gross. By this point my own body becomes important to keep up the pace a young boy races at. My quiet time and my space with my husband without the interuptions of this task for a child way beyond capable of drinking from a glass is mentally and emotionally more healthy for the mother, the woman, and the couple in the family dynamics here. It also leads one to wonder at what age is this young boy supposed to quit being a “mommies boy” and learn to fend for himself in order to be a stronger more capable and successful adult that contributes to society instead of waiting for it to feed his needs.


  3. It gets worse, Lew. Rush Limbaugh used to joke about some Leftie chick saying that any sexual interaction between a man and a woman was “Rape”.

    Time has an article on how doctors “Rape” women when administering to them while they’re giving birth. Read it at:


    So Time definitely has had a warped “view” of things for years.


  4. All of the leftist media has had a “warped view” fora very long time now.

    But this cover is extreme, even for them.


  5. I’m speechless. I am all for breastfeeding in public, as long as it is done with modesty. Your breasts are your breasts….even if at the moment they are being commandeered by a needy young one. Breastfeeding, to me, was the hardest job of all. Because I was the only one who could feed my babies…and sometimes they got hungry at inconvenient times! 🙂 But, never, in my wildest dreams, would I imagine a picture such as this. Not only can I not imagine wanting to do this (i.e. worrying about alcohol intake, and prescription drug intake, et.c)….but this is so utterly and totally disgusting in so many psychological senses that there are truly no words for it.

    Besides, doesn’t Time maagazine have more things to discuss (i.e. the world is on fire – we have big problems!) than this B.S.?!


  6. Breast feeding a kid that big isn’t about FEEDING, it’s about someone getting a perverse THRILL from the effort..


  7. Lefties go in for “perverse thrills”, Fred. It’s one of their “hallmarks”.


  8. I appreciate your careful distinction, Lew, between Time’s decision to publish this photo and a woman’s right to breastfeed a three-year-old if she so chooses. (Man oh man, that’s one huge three-year-old! But I digress.) Yes, the photo is a shameless attempt by Time to take Dr. Sears’s “attachment parenting” philosophy to the extreme and then use the titillating result to sell magazines.

    But Craig, Carolyn, Tiffany and TexasFred, there’s nothing perverse about breastfeeding a three-year-old! It’s not the social norm in *this* time and place, but it has been and still is in many others. Our culture has made the female breast all about sexual stimulation for pubescent and adult males. If you look at it from that mindset, then, yes, letting a young boy nurse is perverted and disgusting. But pretty clearly the *primary* purpose of female breasts is physical and emotional nourishment for young humans of both sexes. They’re primarily about mothering, and only secondarily about sex. (Sorry, gents.)

    Carolyn, when you wean a child has nothing to do with when s/he is able to drink from a glass. Nursing a small child is primarily about emotional security. I’ve seen three-year-olds and older sucking pacifiers, their thumbs, their blankies, etc. (We won’t even mention adults chewing gum, fingernails, and tobacco–or smoking.) Why? Because they’re getting a lot of emotional reassurance from that oral activity. Why would you want to deprive a young child of that emotional reassurance–or require him to get it from a piece of rubber, or scuzzy blanket, rather than from his mother who loves him?


  9. You wake up at all hours of the night to mamma I’m thirsty, mamma I’m hungry. You put up with teeth and raw nipples. You lose sleep and quiet adult time to appease a more than capable toddler. I simply do not believe that it is necessary or even healthy. That child should be able to feel love and security without feeling completely insecure about his or her own ability to achieve self gratification of their desire or need in life. There are so many other bonding forms available to interact with your child. The question becomes; is this another lifetime entitlement form to indoctrinate our minds and those of our children? Maybe you are suggesting that anything less than fully covering the needs of our offspring for their entire lives is the only way we can measure up as good parents? I suggest that raising them to be able to handle it for themselves is much more loving in that there is most certainly going to be a day when I will die and be gone. I’d rather know they can stand on their own two feet, achieve success, and simply miss me not need me to survive. That is my measure of real parental love.


  10. Not necessarily taking sides on when is the best time to wean, but I have to inject that we Dads bond with children too (more should I feel) and we do not have the capability to nurse.

    But we still bond and build a strong attachment with our children, or at least should.

    Still, when is something I feel should be left with the Mother and child to decide.

    Being male, I feel I have no right to make such a decision for you females, but do have an opinion as ya’ll know.

    As a side note, I do recall when my oldest daughter was still nursing and realizing I was not exempted from the 2 am and 6 am feedings, since I had to get up to keep both Mom & baby awake so she wouldn’t fall back asleep and not switch breasts. Oh well, the joys of parenting 🙂


  11. Carolyn, are you speaking from personal experience here? Being wakened at all hours of the night, putting up with teeth and raw nipples, losing sleep and quiet adult time? Wow, that’s really hard for me to imagine. I never nursed a child to three, but I nursed a couple of two-year-olds. They generally nursed once or twice a day, during waking hours, for five minutes or so. No big deal.

    And of course I’m not suggesting that “anything less than fully covering the needs of our offspring for their entire lives is the only way we can measure up as good parents.” What’s the point of taking what I actually said and running with it into fantasyland like that? What I’m suggesting is simply that your personal belief, stated in your fourth sentence, that nursing a toddler is unhealthy, is simply that: a personal belief, grounded in your own unexamined prejudices, for which you’ve given no evidence.


  12. I nursed and I had a child who developed teeth very early. I simply suggest that there are many other wonderful ways to bond and show love and create a self assured child besides nursing. I do believe that in our society the extremes examples are paraded around and causes are proliferated as a result which are not necessarily healthy. Not all people nurse. Not all people can and I’m not just talking about Dad’s here Lew. No mother should be left feeling like she is less of a mother for her status on this. I still think it is much healthier emotionally to interact in a way that encourages self sustaining development on the part of the child. Furthermore it is great to be that child’s biggest fan at every improved step in their growth. I enjoyed watching my son graduate and feel like he can go out a do life. It’s a truly beautiful thing to know that he didn’t need blankies until he was 6 or 7 because he was secure and happy unto his own self. I still love listening to him share his latest dreams and plans for what he wants to do for his life or even his weekend. It’s a great thing to be a parent of an independant adult. If you don’t get that then I need not say more.


  13. Rush Limbaugh has photoshopped the Time Cover so that the huge kid is sucking on the breast of the Statue of Liberty instead of the thin blonde chick.


  14. There is a couple different photoshop version of it out now.

    One has Obama’s head on top and the head of the Sandra Fluke on the child, nurturing on Obama’s breast


  15. Carolyn, I agree, there are indeed “many other wonderful ways to bond and show love and create a self-assured child beside nursing.” What I was disagreeing with was your characterization of a mother nursing a toddler as “gross.”

    And yes, I agree, it certainly is a great thing to be the parent of an independent adult–or, in my case, several independent adults. That was never the bone of contention. Where we differed was in your suggestion that nursing a toddler was necessarily detrimental to that goal.

    But now that you’re including nursing as one of the many wonderful ways to bond and show love and create a self-assured child, it sounds like we agree!


  16. Great discussion, Guys & Gals. I shall sit here and learn some thing, just like everyone else.


  17. Often the customs in ancient cultures, or other cultures can offer insight as to what might be considered natural.


  18. My husband also was a bit uncomfortable with me breast feeding in public at first. He would say “you’re going to nurse here”? I would reply “sure am”. But what really got him to stop making comments was when I said “I can stop nursing and you are more than welcome to pay the over $100/month formula will cost”. Not another comment about it!


  19. There’s nothing at all wrong about nursing a child, the problem here is some sleazy Media rag trying to exploit nursing a child to get people to buy their stupid magazine.


  20. I do think there is an age limit that should be adhered to but not rule should be enforced as per se. I personally believe a two or older year old child, should either be on a bottle or something else. But alas, there will always be exceptions to the rule…

    And honestly, there was some great points and discussion placed above. 🙂


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