$10 Schmillion: A Conversation Between Mayor Leavitt & Larry Patella

by lewwaters

By Professor Robert Dean

Ring, Ring!

Leavitt: Government Contracts R Us; Junior Civil Engineer, Tim Leavitt, speaking.

Larry P: Well, well! If it isn’t Hiz Honor himself!

Leavitt: Larry? I told you not to call me about city business while I’m at work.

Larry P: Come off it, Tim! You wouldnt evn be Mayor of Vancouver if it wasn’t for me and my listserv. And, bsides, your firm donated $6,000.00 to your campaign. Dunt tell methey didn’t expect to have to share your time and attention with the rest of the city.

Leavitt: Well sure, but you’re not a big developer who can shovel work our way. You’re even against light rail.

Larry P: U mean “Loot Rail, The Gravy Train, The Crime Train?”

Leavitt: Disparage it all you want, Larry. I’m in favor of it. I’d even break all my promises about tolls and having the local community pay 1/3 of the cost if it means we get light rail.

Larry P: Yeah, yeah! So you said many times. Doesnt make any sense to me, though. Why would you risk being a one-term mayor and being known as a lier?

Leavitt: Are you calling me a one-term mayor?

Larry P: Sorry. That might have bin a bit harsh.

Leavitt: This may come as a shock to you, Larry, but Government Contracts R Us is not the only engineering firm in town that will benefit from light rail construction. Sure, none of us expect to get a piece of the CRC action, but once it’s here it will be extended throughout Clark County. Gravy train? You can’t imagine!

Larry P: ORRight for you and the other engineering firms but the rest of uz cant afford it. You saud so yourself.

Leavitt: What I said was, let the feds and states kick in their billions and we’ll pick up what’s left.

Larry P: Great! We’ll pick up what’s left? What’s left is $8 billion! Where do we have $8 billion stashed away? Hell, the feds don’t evn have their $1 billion without borrowing it fromChina! And the states? Washington State is already $2 billion in the whole and Oregon doesn’t wont any part of it!

Leavitt: Larry, Larry, Larry! We can pick up the $8 million. And it doesn’t have to come from tolls. There’s sales taxes, car tabs, fines for hiring someone. The only reason you think we don’t have the money is because we at the City have been nice all these years and not tapped those other potential revenue streams. Well, I say it’s time everyone stepped up to the plate and made a “local contribution.”

Larry P: That’s $8 billion with a B.

Leavitt: Larry, look, $8 billion, $8 schmillion. It’s worth it if it gives us light rail. And besides, $8 million is only, let’s get out my calculator – let’s see. The federal deficit is $1.3 trillion. How many zeros in $1.3 trillion? Let’s see, $1.3 trillion divided by $8 million? Let’s use $10 billion. What? My calculator gives me an error message.

Larry P: $10 billion is 0.7% of the federal deficit.

Leavitt: Right! Do you see what I’m saying?

Larry P: No.

Leavitt: Ok, put it this way. The world’s going to Hell in a hand basket with borrowing and overspending, right?

Larry P: Exactly!

Leavitt: OK, the feds are going to keep spending, unless jerks like Herrera get in the way, right?

Larry P: I would’t be so unkind to our congresswoman.

Leavitt: So why not take what we can get now? When everyone is broke, at least we’ll have light rail.

Larry P: One problem, Tim. That $1 billion we get from the feds is costing us $8 billion in “local contribution.”

Leavitt: For a mere $8 million in local contribution we get a new bridge, light rail, and Hell, I might even get elected to Congress.

Larry P: Go fir it, Tim! You’ll be looking for a job when your term is up.

And so it goes.

32 Responses to “$10 Schmillion: A Conversation Between Mayor Leavitt & Larry Patella”

  1. He’ll undergo a sex change before that slime ball get’s to Congress as anything but a tourist.


  2. Larry nailed the Mayor of Vancouver, WA in an email exchange yesterday. This is my spoof of what went down:


  3. Subject:An Open Letter Hiz Honor
    From:”Local Mailing List”
    Date:Mon, May 14, 2012 12:50
    I am responding to Hiz Honor’s response to my earlier email. Hisrespones follows
    the letter below and my original email follow his response.

    May 14, 2012

    Mayor, “I was against bridge tolls before I was for them” Leavitt,

    Tim, I watched the video. I came away knowing that my conclusion that you
    politician do not have the foggiest idea on how to manage the taxpayers hard earned
    dollars was and is confirmed. For you to publicly state that:

    “to the extent that the Feds will contine to spend money — and they will — it is
    incumbent for you to applyfor what money you can”

    is without a doubt one of the most unintelligent political comments that I have
    heard in my lifetime. and I have been around for a good number of years.

    Tim you would be suprised how many emails I have received suggesting that you would
    not understand what I was trying to tell you in my first email.

    As the Video clearly states, and you apparently agree with, the feds only collect
    2.5 Trillion in taxes yet they plan to spend 3.8 trillion.
    hardly enough to pay all the bills.

    What you call mandatory program, I call vote buying programs. You ask if I am
    prepared to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. My answer is yes. We of
    course cannot do it in one fell swoop, it must be slowly and deliberately reduced to
    the point where freedom loving individual become responsible for themselve and their

    THe way to get there is to priortize spending and cut the wasteful spending of our
    hardearned tax dollars. Someone hs to have the guts to bite the bullet and say
    enough wasteful spending is enough.

    For instance, we need a new bridge and light rail the Gravy/Crime Train like
    politicians need another hole in their collective heads.

    I am proud of you tho, after years of lying to the public that the CRC oas only
    going to cost 3.8 billion, you finally admitted in writting that the CRC is going to
    cost we taxpayers $10 billion dollars.

    I also got a kick out of your math. You justify spending 10 billions dollars that
    neither you, the state or the feds have as being only 0.7 percent of 1.3 trillion
    dollars we no one has. It will in all likelihood have to be borrowed.

    As for my solutions, they are quiet simple and quite easy to do. Lets take for
    instance $48 million tax payer dollars to build an overpass at the intersections of
    St. Johns and Highway 500. Why the hell do we need an overpass at that intersetion
    when within less than 1.5 miles east on 500 there are not one but two stop lights
    where any possible congestion on that section of the highway will now shift to.

    As we have seen on I-5 the congestion after widening the highway in the vinicty of
    Delta Park has caused unbearable congestion in the Downtown Portland area of the

    I could go on but you get the idea. Now lets look at the where we can cut spending.
    The Feds need to stop issuing blank checks on wasteful spending to:

    50 States, 3,034 Counties, 19,429 Municapalities, 16, 504 town ship, and numerous,
    Schools, Fire and police departments makinga total of 87,576 governments and
    agencies applying for all the money they can get. You folks need to get your votes
    the old fasion hard way, earn them.

    Take a few minutes from your busy schedule of tyring to figure out ways to pick our
    pockets and if it doesn’t immediately dawn upon you that we as a city, county, state
    and federal government are brok and continued wasteful spending is going in the
    wrong direction.

    As for your statement that you are doing this for Investment (aka tax increases)
    improvement for our region, for our economy…for our future prosperity. Our future
    is doomed with wasteful spending.

    At the rate tax dollars are being wasted the only thing tht is going to happen is
    you and every other goverment/agency is going to “DIG DEEPER AND DEEPER INTO OUR

    And so it goes

    Larry Patella
    CDR USN (ret)

    From: Tim Leavitt
    Sent: Sunday, May 13, 2012 7:46 PM
    Subject: United States Budget Dilemma — Video

    Larry —

    I’d encourage you to watch/listen and learn from the video at the link below, about
    our Federal budget.

    Then….please get back to me with YOUR proposal to reduce the Federal budget and
    reduce the Federal debt. I’m quite interested in hearing of your solution(s). You’ll
    see that this video has been viewed some 463,000 times. The video is produced by a
    retired accountant, Hal Mason.

    You’ll note that the Feds expect to collect $2.5 trillion in taxes, but plan to
    spend $3.8 trillion.
    What are they spending on? $2.5 trillion in mandatory programs
    (Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security/TARP/Debt Interest) and $1.3 trillion in general
    purpose government (like….MILITARY and transportation).

    So….Larry, the collected taxes only cover the mandatory programs! Eliminate the
    entire Federal government, and then the annual budget is only balanced!

    Are you prepared to say: Cut Medicaid? Cut Medicare? Cut Social Security?
    Because, the Federal Government certainly cannot be completely shut down!

    Now…let’s chat specifically Columbia River Crossing…

    The Federal Government general purpose budget is $1.3 trillion, as noted above.

    For a point of reference and just using round numbers, let’s run this
    calculation….say the TOTAL cost of the Columbia River Crossing project is $10
    billion (all local, state, federal monies….and interest on the construction
    bonds). Let’s also remember that the CRC (bridge, interchanges, public transit) is a
    critical piece of infrastructure for our regional and national economy (including
    the Ports, for which I would have thought you’d be appreciative of…given your
    years of employment with the Port of Portland).

    What percentage of the Federal general budget is this major infrastructure
    investment/improvement for our Region…for our economy….for OUR future

    Well…..10,000,000,000/1,300,000,000,000 = 0.0077 = 0.7%

    That is…the CRC project…ALL-IN…is less than one percent of the Federal general
    purpose budget for 2012.

    Now of course, the CRC wouldn’t be paid for in just one year of budget…and never
    mind that the Feds aren’t directly paying for the entire cost of the project…so my
    calculation above is quite conservative.

    Anyway, I look forward to your response to the video and my question about your
    suggested solution(s).

    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: YouTube Service
    Date: Wed, May 9, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    United States Budget Dilemma.wmv
    Alarming! Washington’s dilemma. Soaring debt and a budget congress can’t balance!
    This video will explain WHY. Every person in AMERICA should watch this video!
    © 2012 YouTube, LLC
    901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

    Good evening,
    Because I have been busier than a one arm paper hanger attending dredging
    conference throughout the Western Hemisphere I have more or less been standing
    on the sidelines watching at least 5 members of the Vancouver City Council and
    the City of Vancouver C-Tran Board Blocking Team led by his honor Mayor “I was
    against bridge tolls before I was for them” Leavitt make some pretty dumb

    Demonstrating little or no concern for the fact that our economy is going to
    hell in a hand basket or the economic plight of those he is duty bound to
    represent, Hiz Honor’s quoted statement in TODAY’S Local Fish Wrapper is
    something I could not let slide.

    “To the extent that the feds will continue to spend money — and they will
    —- it is incumbent
    us to apply for what money we can.

    Is one of the most unintelligent comments I have ever heard from a politician. You
    apparently have no idea where the dollars you spend come from. I bet it never
    occurred to you to prioritize spending.

    Tim, The Federal Government, does not have any money nor does the city of Vancouver.
    The Feds with help from politicians like you have plunged us 15 trillion dollars
    into debt with their wild spending. In a nutshell we as a City, State and Nation
    are broke. Any money you may get from the Feds will be borrowed money and will
    eventually become an increase in our Taxes plunging us, our children and our heirs
    deeper and deeper into debt. Tim we cannot be taxed into prosperity.

    When will you begin to understand that neither you nor the feds have any
    money, the only dollars you have is what you pick from our pockets. But then
    you may not be old enough to understand where the money you plan to waste
    comes from or how our once great economy is supposed to work.

    Some food for thought:

    The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to
    work and give to those who would not. Thomas Jefferson

    Isn’t this where you and the feds are getting your dollars?

    And so it goes.

    Larry Patella
    CDR USN (ret


  4. If every local and state government office would be frugal and stop spending tommorrow’s money then we might dig our butts out of this hole in a few years. However if we keep electing people like Leavitt we might as well concede to the socialist agenda and accept the crumbs while we watch government elites eat the whole cookie!
    Nice spoof… oh and by the way, he could be on a permanent vacation after the elections next year if we work really hard at getting people to see the light! Then if he can afford it maybe he’ll see the other Washington.


  5. Tim Leavitt was a useful tool that was used with great effect to pry Royce Pollard off of Vancouver City Council, which I think few here would argue was long, long, long overdue. But Tim doesn’t realize that his usefulness as a tool expired a long time ago, and now it is time to extract him.

    In that regard, I look at Tim Leavitt much the same way I look at Willard Romney. Willard is a useful tool that will be used to extract Barack Obama from the White House, and his usefulness will be limited after that and will require replacement in 2016.


  6. Bob that is one sick avatar.


  7. I’ve seen worse, Pat 😉

    I hope you are enjoying your grandkids and spoiling them 😉


  8. And you thought the Paulistinians are a PITA, lew….

    Pat, you will probably find this amazing, but I really don’t give a big rat’s ass what you think about anything.

    By the way Pat, I’ve never forgotten the “chicken hawk” comment you directed at me a couple of years ago. I still have all of my Honorable Discharges right next to my DD-214’s if you ever get the guts to ask me to see them.

    Good luck with the campaign, Pat.


  9. Just a note to Robert Dean and Lew – Though Bob probably knows. 🙂

    Royce got his BILLIONS from the same places that Tim is expecting from Jamie Herrera Beutler. Where do you the City Council got its chump of change to do various projects like the MILLIONS of dollars to fix the Mill Plain Blvd mess in the 1990s? Police officers with strings?

    How many road projects were fixed with matching funds from the federal or state government. What happens now that the purse strings have closed at the federal and state levels due to their own years of mismanagement? And the city of Vancouver has it own woes that they simply cannot find the match money for any grants THEY ARE looking into?

    Royce was begging for money a lot more than what you are seeing Tim doing. Why do you think they have paid lobbyists for the county and city of Vancouver level. I believe even the smaller cities have lobbyists….


  10. Jeremy, I can’t think of a local example where they used matching funds to improve a highway. Typically, bridge replacements are fully funded by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bridge Replacement Advisory Council (BRAC) grant funds, through WSDOT. FHWA gives a lump sum grant based on engineering estimates. Cost overruns are the responsibility of local agencies but usually picked up by WSDOT (except in Seattle for the Alaska Way Tunnel where the Legislature balked and stuck Seattle with cost overruns to be paid with tolls). A typical bridge or tunnel megaproject will have 30% cost overruns. The recent replacement of Klineline Bridge over Salmon Creek on Hwy 99 went over budget by near 100% ($6 million grant – $12 million total cost).

    The CRC megaproject is different from the other highway improvement projects we are used to. Because it has light rail (light rail being the whole purpose of the project) the FTA insists on a “local contribution” of 1/3 of the initial engineers’ estimate plus cost overruns plus financing costs. That local contribution, estimated at $1.4 billion plus cost overruns plus financing costs, will be paid for with tolls. C-Tran (Steve Stuart and Tim Leavitt) astutely pointed out that most of the $tolls will come from Clark County commuters who work in Portland.

    Not since the I-5 bridges were built have any highway improvement projects in Clark County required a local contribution. When they redo the St Johns/SR-500 interchange, or NE 134th St., or SR-14 bridges in Camas, they will not ask the people who use those interchanges every day to get to work to contribute extra money toward the upgrades. They already paid gas taxes. Yet, how many times have you heard that it’s only fair that users pay their “fair share” with extra tolls to upgrade I-5 for the CRC light rail project?


  11. Robert Dean sez: “Typically, bridge replacements are fully funded by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bridge Replacement Advisory Council (BRAC) grant funds, through WSDOT. FHWA gives a lump sum grant based on engineering estimates.”

    Let’s stop right there for a moment Professor. Please correct me if I am wrong, but was not the CRCP just turned down for a $1 Billion Dollar loan, not a grant?? As I understand the rather fuzzy math that has been put forth on this, the Project was expecting around $850 Million in a direct grant from FHWA, along with another $500 Million in “discretionary spending”, which is what was essentially going to pay for adding bicycle and pedestrian access to I-5.

    But “The Feds” just encouraged the Project to apply for that same loan next year, but only after they have secured $400 Million in cash money from both Oregon and Washington (or at least the irrevokable promise with proof to come up with said cash). That is a horse of a different color, as it seems to me those basic tolls would be spoken for to pay for that $1 Billion loan, along with whatever else Oregon AND Washington both come up to pay “their fair share”.

    There is nothing wrong with asking users to pay a share of the cost to maintain and build new infrastructure to support the vehicles we all use and all depend on to support the lifestyles we have become accustomed to. I think it is imminently fair to charge a toll on a new Columbia Crossing bridge for I-5 for as few years that it would take to pay off the reasonable debt incurred to build the bridge.

    That is not what is being proposed by a long shot, and that was before “The Feds” reshuffled the CRCP’s budget.

    I’m interested to hear your comments about that loan Professor, and how you think things have changed.


  12. And by the way Jeremy, we are still paying some of the highest gasoline taxes in the United States here in Washington and Oregon. We also pay for some of the most expensive to make blends of gasoline that the individual State legislatures in Washington, Oregon and California have mandated be sold in the states. The basic cost to make that particular blend of gasoline is much higher than what they use in say, South Carolina and some of it, 15% ethanol they sell in Kallyfornea, will actually eat the seals out of the fuel system in your car.

    But California is paying over $5 a gallon for regular gas right now, and they are actually going to contract with South Korea to refine the special blends those maniacs have mandated, because nobody in California can make enough of it, and to get a permit to build or expand a refinery there would be inconceivable and expensive beyond reach. Look for the price of gas to spike even higher in California when they are forced to cough up hard cash before anyone will sell them anything. Think Greece.

    And of course Governor Moonbeam II has a $16 Billion dollar deficit to fill as well…wonder why..??


  13. Bob I’m away from my computer maybe Jim Karlock or Joe Cortright could fill us all in on How the CRC is being funded.


  14. Jeremy, mayor Leavitt is confused about $8 million or $10 billion because the City is not used to dealing with such large numbers. Did you know that according to their 20 year Comprehensive Plan they have to come up with $750 million (3/4 $billion) for all capital improvements (sewers, water, roads, parks, including the Waterfront) and they do not have the money and have no way to get it. The comprehensive plan is legally binding. If we do not provide the infrastructure we promised we can be sued by developers.


  15. Robert – Have you heard of the new stormwater regulations that the state Western Washington manual from the state department of Ecology has come out with. Clark County got hit seriously bad with a lawsuit and told they had to fix their situation.

    I don’t think the City will face a problem. But I do REMEMBER, this was going to COST A hell of a lot more than what you are quoting. Because these new storm water regs are going to hit the regular home owners, NOT the new development, which can be more ridiculous.

    Bob probably remembers some of the old Dvita Bertish lawsuits…. They seem to like going after Clark County for the same reasons, storm water and other jokes. I may need to do some more research on this old joker.

    To your point about the street improvements and state – federal funding. If my memory serves me (bad as it maybe) the way the things were funding was through state and federal grants with required matching funds. I do believe that a lot of Eastern Vancouver (through the 1980s and 90s through Clark County, then annexed into the City of Vancouver through Mayor Pollard’s interests….) had a number of projects, like the Mill Plain Blvd. improvements like the IR cameras that are used to measure how many cars are in a lane instead of having to dig up and install metal sensing systems into the ground. 164th Avenue is another project I do believe got this same special treatment.

    I hope maybe someone from the Eastside of Vancouver might be able to shed some light on this subject. The City of Vancouver used to be a HUGE sinkhole for these federal grants. You are starting to see some of that fallout from COPS and Fire Fighter grants that we can no longer afford to pay for the matching funds to. Some people might be familiar with that. Further, why do you think we pay lobbyists in Olympia and Washington DC for?

    They help us go after these funds???


  16. I sure would like to hear more Robert. Please do another post or could write your own blog? I sure would love to learn more!


  17. Robert Dean sez: “Typically, bridge replacements are fully funded by Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Bridge Replacement Advisory Council (BRAC) grant funds, through WSDOT. FHWA gives a lump sum grant based on engineering estimates.”

    Once again “Professor”, those are your words I referenced and it sure sounds like you know something about how the CRCP is funded, or maybe not.

    The point is, it doesn’t sound like there are going to be any large grants to the project “Professor”, so you might want to go talk to Jim Karlock and get your facts straight before you make any more statements like that one. The CRCP is not “typical” by any means and it is quite important that at this point in the game people get correct information from reliable sources, although that is admittedly difficult to do. There seems to be an information blackout in local media on both sides of the river, and there has been nothing definitive said about any of this since the project got turned down for funding.

    I submit that the game has changed significantly, and that there are now some nearly insurmountable financial obstacles in place that do not favor the project. I believe fiscal reality has finally arrived down there and the silence about it has been deafening. The truth about all of this has to come eventually.

    With all of the people running for political office this Fall, I sincerely hope that every one of them makes the CRCP a campaign issue and finds out what is really going on. (Hint, hint…)


  18. Quoting Bob – “…With all of the people running for political office this Fall, I sincerely hope that every one of them makes the CRCP a campaign issue and finds out what is really going on. (Hint, hint…)”

    I think I have to agree with your latter point. I do hope our local legislators who GET voted into office in November start the stark and back breaking work of finding the truth. Have you heard that scream-a-thon audio mp3 that Couv.com put out with Ed Orcutt blowing a gasket? After how many years asking for questions and the CRC just leading him around like a bull with a nose ring being yanked and whip sawed about. I think he had enough!

    You and I, along with Larry and several others have followed this project and many other “projects” in the city of Vancouver for nearly a decade now? Why do I feel they all have this same taint?

    And yes, Carolyn. You are just getting STARTED in learning about all the creepy places and jack rabbit hole games that have been played over the past 20 years! Well I’m done for the morning, before I get flummoxed and angry…..


  19. Bob, there is no conflict between grants and loans for the CRC except that Oregon and Washington cannot come up with their third in order to get the matching third from the Feds. The Oregon Treasurer suggested that they apply for a loan for the the states’ share. That is what got turned down. The crooks were going to apply for a high interest loan to be paid back with tolls. In other words, to be paid back by the local community, us, Clark County committed who work in Portland. In other words, the Feds were going to give grants of one third and the local community would pay the rest plus interest plus cost overruns plus collection costs.


  20. Jeremy, I like that Clean Water Act reference. The CRC is saying their upgrades improve on the existing condition. The rest of us have to bring our projects up to current standards.


  21. Bob, The loan the CRC got turned down on was a TIFIA loan. The Oregon Treasurer suggested that loan as a way to reduce the immediate impact on the states for their share. Ironically, the TIFIA loan goes on top of the “local contribution” to be repaid by Clark County commuters who work in Portland, through tolls. The Oregon Treasurer had just gone through a long expose of how tolls would likely not cover by a $half billion the $1.3 billion local contribution let alone another $1 billion tacked on by the states.

    When I say they are crooks I mean that metaphorically. The metaphor is of someone applying for a loan in someone else’s name.

    ‰ From the Treasurer’s report:
    “The Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TIFIA) established a Federal
    program that provides direct loans to surface transportation projects of national and
    regional significance
    ‰ TIFIA loans provide competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms (no interest
    payments are required during construction, up 35 years for repayment upon project
    completion, and debt service coverage of 1.1x revenues on a subordinate basis to the

    ‰ A TIFIA loan of $704 to $833 million, repaid from I-5 toll revenues, would substantially
    reduce the need for state-backed G.O. …

    General Fund to the project, while restoring project funding by $194 to $238 million
    ‰ Given the increasingly competitive nature of the TIFIA loan approval process, the CRC
    team ² if it opts to pursue this option — should initiate efforts to secure US DOT and
    Congressional approval for this loan at the same time it seeks other Federal funding
    commitments for the project

    Click to access OST-Reveiw-of-Columbia-River-Crossing-Finance-Plan-FINAL2.pdf


  22. Robert – My clean water reference was not for the CRC, it was for the City of Vancouver and Clark County government messes….. Sorry if I got your confused on that comment….


  23. Jeremy, The CRC has to comply with the same stringent standards that came out of that lawsuit against Clark County (so does the City). They have to restore runoffs to pre Lewis and Clark conditions. That was not the case when they started designing this project. They cannot be vested without a final design.The FEIS touts that they are improving stormwater treatment over what’s there now. That is not good enough. It will be interesting to see if the environmental groups challenge the final design and how much extra cost there will be to comply with the Clean Water Act. Just raising the bridge to meet Coast Guard requirements means that they will have to increase the radii of the on ramps and hence the footprint (catchment area). They are in a pickle. No wonder the FTA turned them down on their attempted loan.


  24. Robert – Wasn’t that rule/law applicable to the housing currently built, NOT the newest designs and land vestments?


  25. Jeremy, you are correct that the requirement to meet pre-European runnoff standards is a rule adopted by Washington Dept of Ecology for new developments only and is not part of the federal Clean Water Act. Downtown Vancouver may be exempt or they might apply for exemption from those most stringent standards. Otherwise, they’re screwed like the rest of us.


  26. Hold the presses, reset everything to zero and back up.

    The local news radio is reporting today that the idea of a sales tax (and of course a vote on it) might not be needed after all if City Council can figure out a way to pass a $1 per head employee tax on every single employer in the C-Tran service area. This is exactly like the Trimet tax across the river on every employer in Clackamas, Multnomah and Washington Counties, only a lot cheaper. The current Trimet tax employers pay in Oregon is over $7 a head right now.

    And did you see that “The Feds” have agreed to pick up half of the cost of the loot rail line over in Clackastan?? I find it very curious that there will likely be a loot rail referendum on the Clackastani ballot in November, so how in hell did “the Feds” agree to pay for anything if the locals are opposed to it enough to put a measure on the ballot??

    What does this say for the prospects that “The Feds” are going to cough up 70% (or any percent for that matter) of $55 Million to build Bus Loot Rail down Fourth Plain to feed a controversial and unfunded imaginary Loot Rail system??

    How about Tiffany Couch’s comments?? I’m impressed that she’s on top of these numbers and questioning their validity as soon as they hit the street. The longer you let a lie simmer and the more times it is repeated, the more people “know” it is true and soon becomes local “fact” that “everyone knows” but everyone is completely wrong about.

    Lew, if you’ll put up a different article about this I’ll be glad to take these remarks there, but until then we must make do. But there needs to be some further discussion as the whole situation with the Columbia Crossing is collapsing while C-Tran is desperately trying to shift gears and talk about Bus Loot Rail instead…

    At the same time there is going to be a ballot measure this Fall to ask City of Vancouver voters to (A) Approve a new Parks District with (B) City Council to be in charge and (C) tax homeowners to restore all of those programs that got cut at the Marshall and Firstenberg Centers for the disadvantaged, elderly, youths, children, disabled, etc, etc, etc…and to restore some park maintenance. This smells like a jobs bill for City employees to me, all to borne by the homeowners, and subject to increases with little notice once voters give the city the authority to impose the tax.

    In fact Lew, you need a couple of new threads…..


  27. One is in the works, Bob


  28. Roger that Lew…I’ll stay tuned…


  29. Lew & Bob – Did you forget the possible police, ambulance and fire levies they have been talking about also during the last year. I hear a pick pocket cash register going off….


  30. Something I was just recently reminded of, a politician can be his or her own worst enemy. I think this aptly applies to Mr. Leavitt…


  31. Do I wonder if it might be time for another episode from Professor Robert Dean? 🙂



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