Oregon Board of Education Stuck on Stupid!

by lewwaters

Stupid is as stupid does!

A well know line from Forest Gump and very adequately describes the latest idiocy to come out of our neighbors to the south, Oregon’s Board of Education.

Oregon is well known for trying to out-liberal even the most liberal areas of the country, but the Board of Education really showed some ignorance and in my mind, stupidity today.

At issue is Oregon bans Native American mascots in schools!

“The Oregon Board of Education has voted to require Oregon schools to retire their Native American mascots within five years or risk losing state funding.”

“The vote Thursday gives Oregon some of the nation’s toughest restrictions on American Indian nicknames, mascots and logos.”

Another report from KTVZ states,

“Oregon’s ban prohibits using a name, symbol, or image that depicts or refers to an American Indian Tribe, individual, custom, or tradition that is used by a public school as a mascot, nickname, logo, letterhead, or team name.”

“Prohibited names include, “Redskins,” “Savages,” “Indians,” “Indianettes,” “Chiefs,” “Chieftains,” and “Braves.” Schools may continue to use the name “Warriors” as long as it is not combined with a symbol or image that depicts or refers to an American Indian Tribe, individual, custom, or tradition.”

Maybe I could agree with “Savages,” but who ever thought choosing a mascot name, done to honor by the way, who be deemed offensive?

If they are so politically correct now to demand Indian names be removed from schools, what will they do about Clackamas County, named after the Clackamas Indians?

Will they rename the Klamath River, named after the Klamath Indian Tribe?

Look around Portland and I imagine you will find streets named after Indians as well. Were those named such to be disrespectful? No, they chose those names to honor, not demean.

Multnomah County is named after the Multnomah Indian Tribe as well. No one seems to feel that is disrespectful.

Not mentioned in the articles I’ve seen is the 8 Oregon Schools that will be required to change their name away from that associated with Indians within 5 years or lose state funding.

Maybe if they stayed the same and refused the state funding and just became schools again, kids could get a better education without the constant haranguing of leftist do-gooders with nothing better to do with their time but find ways to be offended.

Beam me up, Scotty, before the Washington State Board of Education decides to follow suit.

6 Comments to “Oregon Board of Education Stuck on Stupid!”

  1. I guess they won’t be using any nickels, either.


  2. So much really silly political correctness. Some schools in Oregon had already taken steps. The Aloha Warriors are more Roman looking now. My husband said that his old high school had been just fine being Native American but the silliness caused this roman effect and we all know the romans are long gone. The Native American society long outlasted the roman one.


  3. If I were native American, I would be insulted. Why is Indian heritage anathema? Unbelievable.


  4. It’s just beginning….soon, also gone will be the Fighting Irish, the Trojans, the Spartans, etc. This PC crap has gone overboard.

    There are some things that need to be changed in our society, and we have made great strides in doing so. I didn’t know what a Brazil Nut was when I was a kid; empty beer bottles had another name; and I certainly didn’t catch a tiger by its toe. But now, we choose to be offended for those that aren’t, and when they aren’t we choose to make them feel like they should be. It has gone way too far.

    Hopefully, Washington State maintains some semblance of common sense in approaching this issue. I’m not holding my breath, though.


  5. I’m Commissar Wahoo and I approved this message….


  6. Bob – chuckles… Wasn’t Commissar Yahoo? 😉


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