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May 18, 2012

Candidate Filing Week Ends With a Surprise

by lewwaters

The 5 O’clock deadline for candidate filing ended with the surprise announcement by 18th Legislative District Senator Joe Zarelli’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. Zarelli has been a strong conservative voice in Olympia since 1995.

Zarelli was instrumental in drawing the support of 3 moderate Democrat Senators this last session to stop a liberal Democrat unsustainable budget being passed as the bi-partisan effort enlisted the 9th Order to take control of the Senate, eventually seeing a much better budget passed.

His voice on behalf of taxpayers will be missed.

Ann Rivers, another strong conservative will be vacating her 18th District Representative seat to run to replace Zarelli against Camas Democrat Ralph Schmidt. Ann was elected to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 18th in 2010, beating out numerous other candidates. She has shown herself to be a very capable lawmaker for Southwest Washington.

Filing for Rivers seat is Clark County GOP Chair Brandon Vick, who also ran against Rivers in 2010 and Battle Ground city council member Adrian Cortes.

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May 18, 2012

Veterans Court to Benefit from Performance by Classical Guitarist/Former POW

by lewwaters

War is Hell!

Those three words barely begin to describe the unimaginable, horrific actions our Troops might endure. No amount of training can duplicate the harsh realities they may be faced with, sometimes just months after attending their Senior Prom.

With our ability to jet back and forth over the oceans today, you might be involved in a fire fight one day and the same time the next day be sitting at your Mom’s dinner table, beginning the transition back to a more normal life with the war still directing your thoughts and instincts.

Most of us transition with little or no problems, but the memories of war are always there. A few though, aren’t as lucky. They may have a more difficult time moving past letting those memories control them. They may turn to drugs or alcohol to numb their senses temporarily. After all, Veterans are just people like everybody else, but people who sacrificed heavily for the freedom and liberty of others.

Those few, perhaps due to others around them not fully understanding, may run afoul of the laws of society. All too often they have been just thrown into prisons, depending on the severity of their actions and just locked away with no consideration of their history.

Not making excuses, but not every one of them deserves lengthy imprisonment with hardened criminals. Some may be deserving of leniency along with mentoring from other Veterans or reduced fines that courts have been unable to administer in the past.

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