Candidate Filing Week Ends With a Surprise

by lewwaters

The 5 O’clock deadline for candidate filing ended with the surprise announcement by 18th Legislative District Senator Joe Zarelli’s announcement that he will not seek reelection. Zarelli has been a strong conservative voice in Olympia since 1995.

Zarelli was instrumental in drawing the support of 3 moderate Democrat Senators this last session to stop a liberal Democrat unsustainable budget being passed as the bi-partisan effort enlisted the 9th Order to take control of the Senate, eventually seeing a much better budget passed.

His voice on behalf of taxpayers will be missed.

Ann Rivers, another strong conservative will be vacating her 18th District Representative seat to run to replace Zarelli against Camas Democrat Ralph Schmidt. Ann was elected to replace Jaime Herrera Beutler in the 18th in 2010, beating out numerous other candidates. She has shown herself to be a very capable lawmaker for Southwest Washington.

Filing for Rivers seat is Clark County GOP Chair Brandon Vick, who also ran against Rivers in 2010 and Battle Ground city council member Adrian Cortes.

Due to redistricting, Ed Orcutt will be moving over to the 20th District. Running to replace him in the 18th is Camas Republican Liz Pike, Vancouver Democrat David Shehorn and Camas Democrat Ryan Gompertz. Former La Center City Council Dale Smith, also a Republican announced to run for this seat, but for unknown reason, his name does not appear in the list of filed candidates. It is unknown at this time if he filed or not.

The 17th Legislative District sees the expected filing of both Senator Don Benton, who has served the 17th District very capably for 4 terms now facing Democrat 17th Representative Tim Probst who has slyly tried to show himself to be a conservative leaning Democrat, even though nearly every bill he has proposed would require increased spending.

Benton has been a target of both the Columbian and the Democrats so I suspect they will expend a lot of resources in this race in an effort to unseat Benton in the largely conservative 17th District.

Filing for the seat Probst will be vacating is Ridgefield School Board Chairwoman Julie Olson who will be facing Vancouver Republican Matthew Homola, largely an unknown as well as Vancouver Democrat Teaching coach Monica Stonier, who has shown herself confused on just what district she actually lives in. Stonier lost to Republican Paul Harris in 2010 by a significant margin for the 17th District Position 2 seat.

Harris filed to run again, seeing Vancouver Democrat Jim Gizzi file opposite of him.

The 49th Legislative District sees Democrat novice Annette Cleveland filing to replace Craig Pridemore who hopes to win the seat of State Auditor. For Republicans, we see former Oregon Senator Eileen Qutub offering her strong conservative experience for our State Senate. I look forward to meeting Ms. Qutub as well a supporting her. I’ve heard several good things concerning her.

Democrat Sharon Wylie filed for reelection while Republican Debbie Peterson will make another try for the legislature, having narrowly lost to Democrat Jim Jacks in 2008. Jacks, if you recall, abruptly abandoned constituents last year admitting only to being an alcoholic while rumors of sexual improprieties with female staffers fly in Olympia.

As expected, Democrat Jim Moeller wishes to continue promoting his agenda in the legislature filing for reelection. Well known Republican Carolyn Crain, frequently seen giving both the Vancouver City Council and Clark County Commissioners a piece of her well informed mind filed in hopes of ending Moeller’s rein.

Carolyn brings not only business experience with her, but some solid common sense thoughts and ideas long missing from our state government.

Unlike Jim Moeller, she would be willing to abide by the voices of constituents, not join in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the clearly stated voices of voters. We need a Representative willing to listen to and hear our voices.

I also expect to see some sparks fly in the 2 races for County Commission as of the two seats being vied for, each has a candidate strongly disliked by the Columbian.

Republican Tom Mielke filed for reelection to his County Commission position 1 seat and is facing Ridgefield Republican Darren S. Wertz, Vancouver Democrat Ron Barca, Battle Ground Ron Paul follower Robert (Bob) Freund and Vancouver Democrat Joe Tanner, obviously already favored by the Columbian.

Position 2 sees Marc Boldt favored by the Columbian and with questionable conservative values defending his seat from Camas Democrat Roman Battan, former Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell and successful Republican Vancouver Businessman David Madore, long the subject of scorn by the Columbian.

All of these candidates will run in the August 7 primary and in those with more than two, only the top two will advance to the November General Election.

A full listing of candidates was supplied by the Clark County Elections in pdf.

We have a good slate of candidates to support this election and have the opportunity to change the direction our state has been mired in for so long.

I encourage you all to get to know the candidates and give them each all of the support you can.

Especially, make sure you’re registered to vote then make sure you vote.

Good luck to all.

10 Comments to “Candidate Filing Week Ends With a Surprise”

  1. Go Ann!!!

  2. Finally, an interesting slate (turn) of the events. I am finally interested in paying attention to the local races!

    Does anyone think the Columbian might go after Carolyn to protect Jim Moeller?

  3. Stand by for Kathy Dustbin and “That Dame” to fire up the political poison pens down at that other place, and start firing snippy little political potshots at all of the Republicans and perceived (gasp!) Conservatives.

  4. “Does anyone think the Columbian might go after Carolyn to protect Jim Moeller?”

    Bet on it Jeremy. Moeller is in a protected political class (homosexuals), and is a long time member of the local Ruling Class with long, long time associations with the Columbian and all of its friends and sponsors. Just wait until we can get our hands on the next set of campaign finance reports from the State, and Moeller’s donor list will back that up.

  5. Bob – If you don’t know, Kathy retired about six months ago. So did John Branton that used to cover local law enforcement just recently… There is a young kid crowd in their doing most of the reporting EXCEPT Tom Vogt and Scott Hewitt. Most of the other reporters are under 35…

    As to the elections monies, I bet you a NICE dinner of yours that I could probably name a few of those contributors? ;)Probably be the same ones that have been floating Jim on the River cruise he has had for many years now since he left the city council in the early 2000s…

    And you also know that Jim serves on the house transportation committee along with the chair, camano island’s own, Mary Margaret Haugen. So all he has to do is just out wait her until she retires. Just like the senate majority leader and frank Chopp… How do you think he gets to make sure his baby gets passed in the state house? Ann Rivers until she filed to run at Joe Zarelli’s seat was on that same committee. I hope she was able to counterbalance the speaker pro-tem.

    It looks like there is a new crop in the state houses as people that have been there for couple decades or more are retiring. So all Jim has to do is just out wait them for a primo position and he can almost name soon! 🙂

    To your snoozemedia comments, I don’t think I worry TOO much about damsel damewood. Its now the Spice is Rice that you have to watch out for. She is now the pocket protected over there and she likes to write the juicy, bumpkin article for the grandfather-ly twins who reign supreme over there,. The ones that like to call us, “hounds of whinerville” and write columns with crayola crayons….. (aka the press talk edition…)

  6. It is okay guys. The article they did the other day with Stevie was nice although they took the teeth out of it. Sounded so un-informed and political blah. At least they didn’t twist any words which was good of them and probably more than I expected frankly. I have tough skin. What I don’t have is the money so that needs to start happening fast. If every person who wanted Moeller out of office would donate $25 it might just happen and we could be free of his control. That being said the challenge is not unsurmountable. I have started businesses with less than $10,000 and sold them for a lot so I am sure that frugality will see this go. The saddest part of the story is really the lose of Senator Joe Zarelli. He is such a good man and an excellent defender of the people. I wish him well in his future.

  7. Stevie seems to be okay, much more objective that Stephanie Rice in my opinion.

    Moeller is a strongly entrenched incumbent that will pander a lot to his base. But, he is not unbeatable.

    It will take a lot of grassroots effort to unseat him with no expectations of fairness from the Columbian.

    But blogs have grown in popularity and our readership continues to rise.

    You and I will schedule a meet soon and I’ll begin doing some posts supporting you.

    We have to show that Jim is an advocate for special interests, not the people.

  8. I await the answers to the questions…

  9. Can’t wait for that Lew!
    I am working on some 3 minute you-tube videos from my comments at city council as well as my website so super busy Monday and Tuesday. Call me 503-984-5659 you or anyone else with questions and comments, concerns, issues and advice always welcome!

  10. Carolyn, you should get a voicemail to call people back and you can call them back if they want an answer to a question. That will protect you from the Tools that will call all day and night to bother you….

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