Unions Pump Money Into Annette Cleveland Campaign

by lewwaters

I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to see unions already pouring money into 49th Legislative District State Senate candidate, Democrat Annette Cleveland, lobbyist, Democrat activist and regional campaign staffer for US Senator Patty Murray. After all, we know unions always support Democrats, especially public unions, knowing their taxpayer paid benefits, wages and pensions will be protected, whether private sector taxpayers are hurt financially or not.

As is seen in this portion of the first page from her PDC report, unions are her primary donors, along with wife of County Commission candidate. Joe Tanner.

If you don’t realize how unions look to Democrats like Ms. Cleveland for supporting them over the private sector, bear in mind that the 49th Legislative District she hopes to be elected to is in the 4th straight year of double digit unemployment and view the claim made on her behalf by the Washington Public Employees Association PAC below.


Annette Cleveland will work for tax reform and to preserve state employee pensions. She worked as Southwest Washington Director for US Senators Brock Adams and Patty Murray, and understands how to get her priorities achieved in Olympia. Annette’s husband was an airline pilot who lost much of his pension in a post-September 11th bankruptcy. She understands that public employee pensions are not just dollars in a bank account or numbers on a ledger, but real money that civil servants are depending on.

In Her Own Words:

“I do not support subcontracting or privatization of public-sector jobs because it is a simple case of being penny-wise and pound foolish. I will work to stop any attempt to balance the budget on the backs of working families.”

It’s common knowledge whenever a Democrat speaks of “tax reform,” that means raising taxes on us in the private sector and if possible, impose an income tax on us, something we have voted down time and again, several times now.

And her claim, “I will work to stop any attempt to balance the budget on the backs of working families?” Just what “working families” does she mean? Surely not those of us in the private sector as she also says she will work  “to preserve state employee pensions,” not get the private sector back to work.

Her speech to the Democrats County Convention was centered largely around supporting unions with her identifying her self growing up in a “working family” with a longshoreman union father, a member of the ILWU. I’m sure you all recall the reaking havoc the ILWU dumped on Longview just last year over a different union working  for a company at the port.

She has no legislative experience at all, the closest thing to it being a regional campaign staffer for fellow Democrat Patty Murray.

She talks of “change” and I think we have seen by now that the “change” her party advocates is not what is needed. In case she forgot, her party has held majorities in both the State House and Senate for over a Decade now, bringing us to this deep economic recession we remain mired in. More of the same is the last thing we need in the 49th or Washington State for that matter.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with her opponent, an experienced legislator who sees the need for real change just this morning, Eileen Qutub.

Eileen knows that it is the private sector jobs that we are in need of, not saving more public union jobs at the cost of the private sector.

I will be posting more on Ms. Qutub in the days ahead, but seeing that her opponent, Ms. Cleveland is more concerned with saving public unions over private sector recovery, it’s crystal clear who we really need in Olympia.

3 Comments to “Unions Pump Money Into Annette Cleveland Campaign”

  1. I cannot believe she would be that slanted. It is just simply shocking. Man I really hope Eileen gets elected!


  2. To get union money you have to do it on your knees. When I interviewed for the union endorsements (I didn’t want their money just their endorsements), I honestly told them I was against “Card Check” and “Closed Shop,” but I adamantly supported private unions as a counterforce to raw Capitalism. In response, I was the ONLY Democrat where they endorsed a Republican instead. (Don Benton, a 25% union supporter by their reckoning.) Scumbags!


  3. We have a choice. A candidate who is bought and paid for or one who will wok for us.

    I know Eileen Qutub and admire her for her courage and independent spirit. Before endorsing her, I interviewed her regarding her governing philosophy, etc. and was very impressed. She tries to hear from both sides of an issue before making a decision because some legislation has unintended consequences. Only by hearing both proponent and opponent can you be discern the real ramifications. She is experienced, thoughtful and extremely capable.


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