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June 4, 2012

Obama Campaign Continues to Slam Romney Governor’s Term, Ignoring Obama’s Term

by lewwaters

Not unexpected, but the New York Times has an article out New Obama Ad Continues Focus on Romney’s Term as Governor

As we saw in 2008, the media wants no part in looking at Obama’s record or past, just those who oppose him.

The Democrats ad claims,

“When Mitt Romney was governor, Massachusetts lost 40,000 manufacturing jobs. And fell to forty-seventh in job creation. Fourth from the bottom.”

Mitt Romney was the Massachusetts governor from January 2, 2003 to January 4, 2007 which is also a period when Democrats were claiming how bad everything in the country was under President George W. Bush and making all sort of wild claims of how it was so unbearable and only they could fix it.

They successfully seized all congressional power in the 2006 election and took over both houses of congress in January 2007. Although we might expect some media attention to how the Democrats have spearheaded the country’s economy, we have come to see it will not happen as they supply cover for the Democrats. So I will do what an unwilling media refuses to do.

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June 4, 2012

As Goes Wisconsin, So Will The Rest of America?

by lewwaters

Well, tomorrows the big day in Wisconsin. Unions successfully called for and gathered signatures to form a recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker even though his measures of reform have improved the economy of the state.

As has been previously shown, West Coast States did not fare well in recent rankings for business friendliness, California remaining unchanged at dead last, Oregon slipping into the ten worst list with Washington State not far behind, also slipping a few spots.

Wisconsin on the other hand seems headed in the right direction as Wisconsin has shown a 4 point improvement, moving up to number 20 from the previous position of number 24.

But, as we have seen for some time, expecting public unions to “share the sacrifice” and “pay their fair share” is not in their cards as they launched massive protests, occupations of public buildings and generally made complete asses out of themselves.

So the recall moves ahead, ignoring their state has improved with the little tweaks favored by Governor Walker.

But, it all could blow up in their faces as it is very likely Governor Walker will be retained by voters who enjoy having jobs and keeping a little more of their paychecks.

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June 4, 2012

Can There Be A Bigger Hypocrite in Olympia than Jim Moeller?

by lewwaters

Jim Moeller was first elected as Washington State 49th Legislative District Representative in 2002 by a comfortable margin. He ran again, winning in what we could consider landslide margins in 2004, 2006 & 2008, but slipped in 2010, although still winning to be returned to Olympia. Prior he was twice elected to the Vancouver city council.

Ten years in the legislature and twice elected to city council before that seems to have Jim feeling pretty cocky, considering himself to be “the voice of the people” while discounting the people’s own voice.

Celebrating the recent Superior Court ruling against the people’s voicing yet again that we want a 2/3 majority vote for increasing taxes, we see Jim saying,

“this decision places the accountability for this fundamental civic responsibility squarely where it belongs: with the people’s voice — the Legislature.”

In justifying his turning against the overwhelming voice of the people, over 71% of us who voted for I-1053, the fourth time we have sent the legislature the message we want a 2/3 majority required to increase taxes on us, Jim Moeller also said,

“We are a constitutional republic based on the democratic principle of ‘one man, one vote’. The hardest thing for the right-wing to accept is that THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. Instead they exhibit the worst kind of arrogance towards the people – the disdain for those ELECTED by the people and sworn to uphold and protect the constitution – the ultimate voice of the people and the supreme law of the land.”

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