Can There Be A Bigger Hypocrite in Olympia than Jim Moeller?

by lewwaters

Jim Moeller was first elected as Washington State 49th Legislative District Representative in 2002 by a comfortable margin. He ran again, winning in what we could consider landslide margins in 2004, 2006 & 2008, but slipped in 2010, although still winning to be returned to Olympia. Prior he was twice elected to the Vancouver city council.

Ten years in the legislature and twice elected to city council before that seems to have Jim feeling pretty cocky, considering himself to be “the voice of the people” while discounting the people’s own voice.

Celebrating the recent Superior Court ruling against the people’s voicing yet again that we want a 2/3 majority vote for increasing taxes, we see Jim saying,

“this decision places the accountability for this fundamental civic responsibility squarely where it belongs: with the people’s voice — the Legislature.”

In justifying his turning against the overwhelming voice of the people, over 71% of us who voted for I-1053, the fourth time we have sent the legislature the message we want a 2/3 majority required to increase taxes on us, Jim Moeller also said,

“We are a constitutional republic based on the democratic principle of ‘one man, one vote’. The hardest thing for the right-wing to accept is that THEY DO NOT REPRESENT THE PEOPLE. Instead they exhibit the worst kind of arrogance towards the people – the disdain for those ELECTED by the people and sworn to uphold and protect the constitution – the ultimate voice of the people and the supreme law of the land.”

Those two quotes shows me he has placed himself and his views far above those of the people who elected him to serve them. In simpler terms, once you elect him, sit down and shut the hell up, he’s in charge and he will determine what you say.

Is it not Jim Moeller who is showing disdain for constituents when he joins a lawsuit seeking to overturn a clearly stated voice from the people? Yet, he accuses us of having disdain for elected representatives who ignore the real voice of the people and push forward their own agendas.

Jim Moeller also says,

“I believe that the voters elected the majority to institute THEIR agenda as granted under the constitution and the consent of the governed. Giving power to an UNELECTED MINORITY completely changes our republican (small r) system of government and throws the balance of power under the bus and the people with it.”

He fails to note that this “unelected minority” he speaks of amounted to over 71% of Clark County voters, over 66% of voters within his legislative district.

We also see more hypocrisy on his part in regards to his stated claim of “balance of powers.”

As we saw towards the end of regular legislative session this year, in a bipartisan move, Democrats & Republicans came together to form a majority coalition to stop the one-sided budget being rammed through by the majority party, who had locked out the minority party and members of the majority party seeking bipartisanship in what we know as the “Ninth Order.”

As that unfolded, Jim Moeller said,

“This is the worst abuse of power I’ve seen in the 10 years I’ve been here. The true colors of the Republicans can be seen the minute they get power, they rollover the majority with it.”

Yet, he prominently posts on his website,

“Constitutions are established to protect the rights of the minority. Without them, we would be subject to the tyranny of the majority.”

In other words, when the minority stands up and in a bipartisan manner defeats the “tyranny of the majority,” it is “an abuse of power” to Jim Moeller.

Why the majority of voters in the 49th continue to return him to Olympia is beyond me as he continues to show himself to be one of the most arrogant and hypocritical people ever to lay claim to being “the voice of the people.”

Jim Moeller continues to show he is one of the biggest hypocrites ever elected in Washington State!

15 Comments to “Can There Be A Bigger Hypocrite in Olympia than Jim Moeller?”

  1. Again, Mr. Constitutionalist Tea Party Person, the constitution of the State of Washington is clear. You cannot change the language of the constitution without an amendment. An initiative may not change the language of the constitution. You claim to support the constitution; yet, when it is actually upheld, you throw a tantrum. Which is it, Lew? Either you support the constitution or you don’t. You can’t have it both ways. I support the constitution, and recognize that any part of it that is disregarded puts the entire document at risk. Do you?


  2. And again Mr Support Moeller’s lunacy, I-1053 has yet to be decided by the Supreme Court. You don’t mind if a higher court looks at it, do you?

    While it is unknown how they will rule at this time, 4 times citizens have sent a clear message to the legislature of what we demand, 71% in Clark County alone, just under that in the 49th.

    It’s clear that if Jim Moeller actually felt himself to be “the voice of the people,” he would write and propose the amendment we have said we wanted since 1993, instead of just asting our voices aside and doing as he damn well pleases.

    Are you going to “support the constitution” should the Supreme Court follow suit as they have in the past and uphold the people’s voice?


  3. Different issues, Lew. It is clear; the initiative changes the language of Article 2, Section 22. How about putting a nice dinner at Roots on it, Lew? If the court upholds the suit, you pay for me and my wife. If it doesn’t sustain the earlier ruling, I will pay for a nice dinner for you and your wife.

    I would much rather the constitution stay intact and have a vote on an amendment than have the entire document put at risk. Wouldn’t you?


  4. I think we can wait and let the Supreme Court decide, don’t you?

    Or, will you go tell them how they must rule?

    By the way, I said it before and I’ll say it again, Article II section 22 lays out how the legislature is to pass bills and the likes of Moeller have twisted it to deny the people’s voice.

    Isn’t it odd that the legislature has been under a 2/3 majority requirement to raise taxes since 1993 and has only decided in the past few year to find it unconstitutional, so they can rape us as they see fit?


  5. Again, Lew…I’m willing to pay for a nice dinner for you and your wife if I am wrong…willing to do the same?


  6. Let’s just wait on the Supreme Court, what say?


  7. Of course we have to wait…but I am confident of my position….enough that I would even splurge for their best bottle of wine….


  8. I am making you an offer, Lew…if you are so confident in your position, then take me up on it. Wouldn’t you enjoy a nice dinner with your wife? I can even just pay and you wouldn’t even have to put up with my company….I am confident in my position. Their best bottle of wine, their most expensive dinner….with dessert…heck, if you are even up to it….a dram of their best scotch to go with dessert…


  9. You may think you bolster your point with this, Greg, but you don’t.

    We’ll see where the Supreme Court lands.

    If you have an uncontrollable urge to gamble, Las Vegas isn’t that far away.


  10. Fair enough. Don’t say I didn’t offer…


  11. It will be interesting how they interpret Article 2, Section 22. The plain language of the bill looks like it pertains to bills that originate in the Legislature. If a people’s intitative precludes them from bringing a bill to the floor, then they’re screwed. If upheld by the Surpreme Court, perhaps I-1053 will help kill public employee unions in the State. That would be good for everyone – even public employees.


  12. Cutting back to the chase Lew, I suggest that the ultimate solution to this problem is to recruit and support a candidate to run against Jim Moeller and defeat him in the next election. I don’t have a dog in that fight, so I will leave the effort to term limit Moeller to you and others who live in the 18th District who feel strongly enough about it to do something other than just bitch every time he does something you don’t like.

    You get the Government you vote for, and if you don’t vote then you deserve guys like Jim Moeller.


  13. Moeller is in the 49th, Bob as am I.

    For someone who seems to disapprove of my “bitching,” you seem to do your fair share of it yourself.

    I guess that is different, huh?




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