by lewwaters

My oh my, how they change their tune so quickly

5 Comments to “Recall”

  1. Maddow spent 12 minutes talking about the outcome of the election without once mentioning how “important” the election was. She made several hysteric comments about how the Republicans are going to use this victory to take over the country, but she didn’t make any mention of how this will impact other elections – such as the presidential election.


  2. Obama didn’t put out in WI – he knows a loser when he sees one but why wasn’t Romney there?


  3. Why would Romney need to be there, Martin? Walker wasn’t sagging in the polls or running from behind like Barrett was.

    We’ll never know, but Obama appearing on his behalf might have given Walker more votes 😉


  4. Obama had sense enough to stay away from a sure loser. His advisors probably threatened to quit his campaign if he got involved – they didn’t want anything to rub off on the Obama campaign.


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