Adrian Cortes to Withdraw from 18th District Race

by lewwaters

Received in email today

June 7th, 2012

For Immediate Release
Adrian Cortes

Adrian Cortes to withdraw from campaign for State Representative for the 18th legislative district position 01.

For immediate release

Adrian Cortes

Candidate for State Representative, 18th legislative district, Position 01

Ph. 360-608-3513

Battle Ground, Washington, June 8th, 2012

On May 18th, I was encouraged by the Honorable Senator Joe Zarelli to run for legislative office. After only a short amount of deliberation, I decided to step up to serve given that no one else had done so; things have changed. Now there are two Republicans running for the same Representative seat.

After giving it some very serious thought, I recognize that my current schedule cannot support the huge time demands that waging a legislative campaign would take. With a demanding schedule that includes (most importantly) my family, work, college studies, and a serious commitment to my role as a councilmember in the city of Battle Ground; my priorities remain local.

With the desire to be active in my daughters’ lives early in their life as well as working on serious local issues in my capacity as a city councilmember in the city that I grew up in, I will be ceasing my campaign for State Representative for the 18th legislative district position 01. I urge my supporters to become involved in electing the several great candidates running for elected office in our county this year.

-Adrian Cortes

I was very surprised hearing about this last evening as I felt Adrian to be well qualified for the position.

That does not mean Brandon Vick is not also qualified, but it does mean unless there is a write-in candidate, Brandon has all but won the campaign.

I wish Adrian all of the well wishes a young father deserves and needs. I understand wanting to be involved in your young children’s lives as a hands-on parent.

Adrian will continue being a Battle Ground city council member striving to work with the other council members in improving the city.

Brandon Vick was unavailable for comment.

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