Carolyn Crain: Your Voice, Your Advocate

by lewwaters

If you have ever been to a Vancouver City Council Meeting or Clark County Board of Commissioners meeting, you undoubtedly have seen Carolyn Crain speaking out against waste and policies many of us not only see, but know will be detrimental to our community. She’s shown herself to be a gutsy woman ready to stand for the struggling people of our community.

Tired of seeing how the voices of citizens in our community have not only been continually ignored, but seeing the citizens sued by unions and those previously elected to represent us, to overturn the clear mandate from citizens to the legislature that we want a 2/3 majority requirement for tax increase on us, Carolyn is stepping up to run for the legislature as 49th Legislative District Representative district 2 against Democrat Jim Moeller who has held the seat for a decade now.

Moeller, it must be remembered, is one of the legislators who quickly signed onto the union backed effort to have I-1053 declared unconstitutional, an effort to thwart the will of some 64% of voters across the state, 71% of Clark County citizens who voted to require the 2/3 supermajority for tax increases.

While current legislators claim to support our constitutional right to citizen initiatives, Carolyn Crain actually does. She says, “I think the people need to express their voice in order for those who are elected to serve them to really know what the people want. If limitations should be placed on any part of the process then it should be at the legislative level. If the people vote for something with an initiative then I think it should be honored.”

She adds, “I believe that the people should have a voice in their government. When they vote I should listen to what they want. It will be tough because I won’t always like what the majority wants. The difference is I won’t sue you when we disagree. Your voice is an American voice and the rights of the majority count as much as my individual one.”

I recently had an email interview with Carolyn Crain that revealed a woman with much more depth than many give her credit for. We have several issues facing us in both the state and the 49th Legislative District that desperately need a common sense approach.

For our returning Veterans, she would like to see business owners who hire Vets “offered a break in the form of un-employment insurance credits to encourage the re-employment of these men and women who have served.” She also would appreciate seeing the state offer at least temporary aid to counseling services or additional healthcare benefits while waiting on the feds processing to be completed, if need be.

To combat illegal immigration she advocates the E-Verify program. Additionally, Carolyn advocates new state I.D. cards to validate your status. She make drivers licenses available for temporary lengths of time for any non citizen who passes the system based on the length of time they are allowed to be here according to their passport cards as well as require all temporary licensees purchase a ‘state based’ auto insurance for the same length of time as the license is issued. When the insurance and license expire verify they left the country with the feds, which would mean the feds would have to do their part in curbing illegal immigration.

Seeing how Clark County, primarily the 49th district remains in our 4th year straight of double digit unemployment, Carolyn knows that jobs are needed. To encourage job growth she would like to see tax abatements for selected developers eliminated, as they “put businesses at an unfair disadvantage.” She would like to see the bidding system for government contracts “more maneuverable for the smaller businesses.”

She will work to create potential tax holidays for industrial and manufacturing companies that provide higher middle wage family sustainable careers. Carolyn says, “When these people are working at this level of pay the entire economy will improve as they buy homes and cars and shop and go out for entertainment.” She adds, “Any temporary losses of impact fees will be more than covered in sales tax revenue increases [due to increased purchases] as well as the positive decreases to the state assistance programs.”

She would also be an advocate for reigning in the department of ecology that has over reached in their drive for more regulations. She would also like to see the removal of some and adjustment of other regulations to promote a more business friendly environment, having seen our state slip from 34th to 37th in the eighth annual Chief Executive’s survey of CEO opinion of Best and Worst States for business.

Opposed to Portland’s light rail, she sees “A crime infested slow form of mass transit with no real system for accurate analysis for its ridership or financial gain. Proven to have driven businesses out of the areas where the lines are run. Costly to the businesses in the entire region in the form of taxation. Nationwide it is an expensive and unsuccessful nightmare. It is also a horse of the socialist who believe someone else should pay for them to get somewhere. I know that we cannot roll back the system entirely and I do not wish that someone has issues in getting to a doctor or shopping but somewhere in here, like the bus for instance, is a real effective answer.”

For reducing the congestion seen along the I-5 corridor through the 49th, she would “build the bridge without light-rail and go after another crossing.” Carolyn says, “The primary bridge only project should be a federal job as it is a federal freeway for interstate-freight and transportation. This bridge should be able to be built on federal tax payers’ money. That does include us because we are paying federal taxes too but we should not have to pay more than our share by paying tolling as well.”

On addressing our energy needs, Carolyn said, “Each and every one of us was put here for a reason. That reason was not to trash the planet but to be good stewards of it. The existing forms of green energy have not worked out very well. Wind is inconsistent as is solar in a lot of areas. The biodiesel products have caused the rain forests to be cut down for the propagation of sugar cane and the prices of corn to skyrocket under the demand while at the same time they can’t seem to produce them without subsidizing them,” adding that hydro-power is well suited for our region.

Asked about the difference between her and her opponent, Jim Moeller, she replied, “I am not a person who believes that the people’s money is mine and therefore I should leave them with only what I do not need to run my agenda through. I’m not fond of charity in government so I really think that the fabulous people of our state can make much more good of their own money than if I take it and spend it for them. Another is the idea that the governments job is to spend. I have heard him say so more than once. This is so wrong. The governments’ job is to protect me and my rights.”

This post will give you some insight into who I would like to see as our next Representative we send to Olympia. It is by far not everything Carolyn Crain has to offer voters in the 49th Legislative District.

Our state and the people in it have been struggling long enough while we remain ignored with the focus towards special interests and public employee union workers. We need a real change to turn the state around and prosper as a people again. Business as usual as we have seen far too long must stop.

Mrs. Crain says, “I’ve loved this state since I moved here and have made it my home. My neighbors are great people and friendly. I would like to keep those two features the way they are. I cannot imagine living anywhere else anymore. I hope that the good citizens of this community will give me the honor of representing them in Olympia and if they do I promise all of you one thing; I will work hard to be your advocate.”

The change we need is someone who will be on our side again, advocating for us.

I believe Carolyn Crain is who we need in Olympia now.

One Comment to “Carolyn Crain: Your Voice, Your Advocate”

  1. The Government’s job is to protect individual rights. That is taken directly foam Article 1 Section 1 of the Washington State Constitution. How refreshing to hear a candidate who knows it and lives it every day. Carolyn , you should be running for governor. God bless!


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