Jeanne Harris Mini-Melt-Down (Video added)

by lewwaters

We just have to love Vancouver City Council member Jeanne Harris, of ‘Gavel Down’ fame. She nearly had another ‘Gavel Down” towards the end of this evening’s council meeting as Mayor Tim Leavitt announced he was not going to support the sales tax resolution to be sent to the C-Tran Board.

Upon hearing that, Ms. Harris looked to her right at the mayor and said in a completely astonished voice, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?”

She went on to berate the mayor to the point that he finally seemed to develop a pair and tell her she was out of line.

As it came to her to cast her vote on the resolution, in what might be a first since I began watching the Vancouver City Council, Ms. Harris was speechless and stammering slightly, announcing she did not know how to vote now, even after nearly 2 hours of discussion and hearing citizens comments.

Video will be posted as soon as it comes available.

She ended up voting for the resolution in an abstention after pondering just what to do and when initially asked how she votes, her reply was “I don’t know.”

She decided to abstain and Jeanne Stewart remind her that such an act amounted to an affirmative vote by council policy.

I do have to credit Ms. Harris this time, though. At the very end of the meeting, she did apologize to the mayor instead of storming out of council chambers as she did at the Gavel Down incident. She asked Leavitt, “are we okay?”

Her last melt down, the infamous gavel down, resulted in her facing an ethics committee and being removed from all council appointed committees.

One thing for certain, even though she will not face an ethic committee again, as long as she sits on the city council, we bloggers will not run out of interesting material to cover.

Thanks, Tim & Jeanne 😉

22 Comments to “Jeanne Harris Mini-Melt-Down (Video added)”

  1. Oh there was more, Lew… No, It’s the Material Mayor that gives us all so much to pause, RIGHT? 🙂 Ms. Harris isn’t that bad. and really, Jim Moeller gives us the MOST material, right along with the Material Mayor.. (my new nickname for him when walks around town like a diva-in-training… OR Madonna-esque….)

    Look, she made a mistake, she got caught off guard… That is quite different than blowing her stack under pressure…. And yes, I expect that video will come out tomorrow, *IF* that incident does not get edited out by order or purview of the Material Mayor…..


  2. Gavel Down is still available through CVTV, so I imagine this will make it through too.

    At least I hope 😉


  3. 🙂 Well you have to remember, this Material Mayor now has the balls and comfort level to pull what he did this evening. Believe me, if he thinks he needs to, some minor editing might be in order….


  4. Face it Jeremy, it’s a sham. He knows he is up for reelection next year.

    We can’t trust Timmy any further than we can throw him.


  5. Oh I know its a sham, it has been proven over and over again. I know that a mouse can beat Tim! 🙂 I am just waiting for Andrea Damewood’s election coverage next year (in 2013?) She won’t have TIME to cover the material mayors many exploits? 🙂

    Darn, you know what would have been FUN? If Kelly hadn’t got the him to stay out of the race against Jaime. Do you know how much hilarity we could have had with the both of them? 😉


  6. I meant to say I wish kelly hadn’t ridden him out of running in the 3rd congressional district. Do you know how much fun we could have had with those two? ;-P


  7. He definitely caught everybody off guard on the sales tax, especially Harris.

    I think he did it, knowing it was going to pass and he can say in the campaign ow he opposed it, trying to fool us again.


  8. We’ll have fun anyway 😉


  9. Oh I know. Jim Moeller and Tim Leavitt are their own parody pirate material… 😉 Maybe we should add in Lou? 🙂


  10. I can also say a bit later after that incident, Carolyn Crain came up again. Boy, she got me listening. VERY RARE for that to happen….


  11. In time, jeremy, in time 😉


  12. Carolyn does her homework


  13. What measurement of time? 😉 I wonder what they are cooking up now tha the CRC project is taking a nose dive in the economies of scale? (indemnify clark county, CREDC, etc…)


  14. I used to do what she did, then I got burned out. So burned out of the nights of reading and watching useless video….


  15. It was a packed house full of very unhappy citizens and businesses in the Vancouver area. It was also interesting to watch them change their minds on the direction this whole thing should go as soon as it looked like it was going to hit them. I have been telling them for almost two years that this was going to hurt businesses the most and all of the county in general as well. When will they listen? I hope now but this may just be the standard flash of enlightening that we so often see when money from one’s own pocket is being picked.


  16. Carolyn, there was a really nice exchange between Harris and Leavitt that I am waiting to see that basically said hell or high water, they will work with the cities or go it alone (latter I’m thinking was inferred) to make SURE this light rail system passes. Even if they treat the vote at Ctran Board meeting or through SWRTC as just a “advisory” vote. No matter how the voters decide up or down, they have a fix in, no matter what.

    I’m waiting for the video to be done encoding and posted to the site to catch that point.


  17. Very good. They insist that we are getting this system. With the new addidtions to the interlocal intergovernmental agreement between Oregon’s Metro and our RTC going so far over-reaching outside the perview of the transit arena I have no doubt that the fix is in. Leavitt wanted to be on the record that he wasn’t wanting to raise taxes and maybe that is because of next years re-election or maybe it is for some other undisclosed reason such as a committment to some CRC friendly pac or corporation affiliation, I am not sure. However, one thing I am sure of is that we need to do a much better job of promoting our own economic engine to assure our children here in Southwest Washington are not growing up to live in a ghetto abandoned by our own legislature and under the control of some other state’s agenda.


  18. Lew…”I think he did it, knowing it was going to pass and he can say in the campaign how he opposed it, trying to fool us again”

    A Probst moment?


  19. Seems to a lot of that around election time, Susan 😉


  20. Hah, so will there be other incumbent “experts” on either side of the aisle that we will be able to catch them in this type of special moment? 😉
    And as I said in other places, Jeanne, you did well. Now we just have to catch a certain material mayor when he’s NOT looking….


  21. I think you should start protecting your brand Lewis. In doing so, the projects you have spent so much time on, don’t show up on certain talk shows without your permission. What you do, your time and efforts and talents are valuable (in many ways) to the Conservative and Political community. Are you understanding me here?

    If others are so inclined they create and edit thier own videos and snippets, and produce, and take credit where it is deserved.


  22. So disgraceful and trashy. Was the Mayor holding onto his testicles? Who hired this shrew anyways? WOW! is all I can say. Just amazing.


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