Political Hackery Rules The Day At the Columbian

by lewwaters

It seems every time I believe I see the Columbian, Clark County’s “newspaper of record” becoming objective and actually publishing political stories in a fair manner, they go out of their way to prove me wrong. When it comes to political views down at the Columbian, the bias in favor of liberal Democrats is so glaring it would blind.

Oh, Editor Lou Brancaccio has long maintained they are objective and not biased, but nobody really buys that any longer. Cries by some that they lean towards Republicans are laughable and might be planted as anybody can see the lean of the Columbian favors Democrats.

Article after article, day after day the Columbian makes scant mention of Democrats who might err or do wrong, but it is glossed over quickly.

Republicans, on the other hand, do not receive such glowing praise or scant mention as do Democrats.

Case in point, the latest non-news story to appear in the paper, Legislative candidate registered car, never changed plates, Debbie Peterson blames stubborn screws for delay in replacing Oregon tags.

Yes, she bought a car from Oregon, paid to register here in Washington and had trouble removing the screws attaching the plates, then horror upon horror, forgot about it!

Call the FBI, get Interpol involved, form a lynch mob, a Republican woman “forgot!”

Along with the revelation of such a “major scandal,” we see the usual slate of political hacks commenting who flock into every article pointing out that a Republican is human to paint them as inept. Mike Briggs, Greg Owens, Fran Hammond, Chris Prothero and many more flock in to whip up hysteria and misrepresent a simple mistake.

Stand on issues? Who cares about that, the unofficial daily newsletter for Democrats found juicy gossip unworthy of the National Inquirer to spread, Debbie Peterson has difficulty removing a fastener and then, forgot.

No law was broken, no effort was made to not register the car in a timely manner, and she simply had trouble with the fastener and then forgot. It slipped her mind as she delved into important things, like how we are being ripped off by the CRC and voters are not being represented in a manner we deserve.

We have seen this blatant bias several times now. Be it Jim Jacks abruptly walking out on constituents in mid-session, Jim Moeller dishonoring over 70% of voters by suing to overturn our vote, to providing cover for Democrats throwing Jon Haugen under the bus at their state convention after scathing condemnations of the Clark County Republicans over sanctioning County Commissioner Marc Boldt, the Columbian continues to prove themselves to be the “Hyenas of Inkville.”

Why anybody would actually pay any money for this unofficial Democrat Party daily newsletter escapes me. I cancelled my subscription several years ago as I tired of opening the paper daily only to read what an idiot I am for actually having values contrary to the Progressive taxpayer rip off agenda.

Efforts to claim objectivity are laughable at best, relying on a 2004 endorsement of President Bush for president and their endorsement of SEIU defending congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler as support.

But when push comes to shove, a conservative Republican doesn’t stand a chance at anything approaching fairness from the Columbian. Supportive Evidence of that would be the 2010 campaign between candidates Paul Harris, a Republican and Democrat Monica Stonier. They refused to endorse Stonier in the primary due to “her close ties to the Teachers Union,” but chose her over the Republican when they issued an endorsement for the general election.

We see it often as you will be hard pressed to find a kind word written about 17th Legislative District Senator Don Benton or County Commissioner Tom Mielke, both Republicans.

It reminds me of a joke circulating and modified below,

A man is sitting at the Zoo in Portland, Oregon when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion’s cage.

Suddenly, a huge, hungry lion reaches out and grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside his cage.

The man jumps to his feet, sprints past the little girl’s screaming parents to the cage and punches the lion square on the nose.

The stunned lion releases the little girl and staggers backward, whimpering in pain. The man snatches the little girl back to safety and returns her to her terrified parents who thank him endlessly.

A reporter for the Columbian witnessed the whole event. “Sir,” she says to the man, “that was the bravest, most gallant thing I’ve seen a man do in my entire life.’

“Why, it was nothing, really,” says the man modestly. “The lion was behind bars. I saw this little girl in danger and I just reacted instinctively.”

“Well, I’ll make sure your heroism won’t go unnoticed,” the Columbian reporter responds. “I’m a reporter for the Columbian and I’ll make sure this story is on the front page of tomorrow’s paper. Tell me what you do for a living and what your political affiliation is.”

“I’m a State Senator,” he says proudly, “and a Republican.”

The journalist leaves.

The following morning the man buys the Columbian to see news of his actions and sees this headline on the front page:


In a nutshell, that is how the Columbian spin machine operates when covering political matters.

28 Comments to “Political Hackery Rules The Day At the Columbian”

  1. I guess no bar is too low for Lou and his henchmen to slither under. That was so ridiculous.

    I noticed in the comments section that some of the usual liberals were trying to say she didn’t pay sales tax either! Either they are very misinformed or were being deliberately misleading. You can’t register a car without paying the sales tax! You could even figure out how much Debbie paid for the car if you did a little arithmetic. Registration and fees would be about $60 leaving about $130 for tax. At 8.2%, the car cost her about $1600.

    I just watched the Columbian interviews of County Commissioner 2 candidates. What was that question to Madore about Mielke? Was it supposed to be a ‘gotcha’ question? If so, Lou failed miserably at it.

    Madore is by far the best candidate in my opinion.

  2. Tom Mielke “forgot” to pay his taxes; Debbie Peterson “forgot” to change her plates…I guess they will have no issue when we “forget” to vote for them….

  3. Care to tell us what you have forgot in the past, Greg?

    It is a ridiculous story, a non-news story designed for political hacks to stir up shit.

    Not one issue related thing in it, just grab an opportunity to bash a Republican woman.

    And before you post your usual “if it were a Democrat you’d say different,” garbage, allow me to show you where I defended a prominent Democrat over an equally ridiculous claim made by Republicans.

    81 Year-Old Democrat Reads Playboy! This is News?

    Political hackery at its finest, designed just for hacks like yourself.

  4. As a recent escapee from the People’s Republic of California, I can state that “objective” newspapers have mostly ceased to exist. The once grand battle of family owned newspapers, of both liberal and conservative persuasions, has been turned into an almost uniformly “left stream media” by corporate media consolidation.

    Observing that I was only getting left-leaning viewpoints masquerading as news, I ultimately cancelled my subscriptions to local newspapers (now, I only receive the Wall Street Journal, mostly to keep tabs on the financial news). While a political commentator (like Lew Waters) might need to subscribe to these left/liberal-slanted newspapers, just to keep up with what the opposition is saying, I see no reason (as a free market supporter) to help subsidize the propaganda from the left by paying for left-leaning, biased newspapers. Although I’m trying to familiarize myself with my new home area, I will not use a newspaper for that purpose.

    I suggest that all right thinking individuals not subscribe to publications that consistently publish slanted, biased material (while claiming objectivity). While one might subscribe to “The New Republic” to learn the latest leftist talking points, one would know and understand that such a publication is INTENDED to be left-leaning and is biased. But any newspaper or magazine that claims objectivity — yet publishes clearly biased and slanted news articles — should not be rewarded by paying them for the practice.

  5. I’ll take forgetting taxes over suing constituents’ attempt to hold taxes any day. Moeller is a disgrace and hypocrit. He’s elected to represent us but despite his own district passing I1053 by over 70% he sues us to overturn it. Please give me a representative who forgets a small thing over a representative whose contempt of his voters’ desires is so extreme. Go Carolyn Crain and Debbie Peterson. We need Representatives who believe in the fiscal desires of their constituents.

  6. Remember I1053 was the Initiative that requires the legislature pass any tax increases by 2/3 majority. That was too big of a containment for our 49th district representative so he sued us and so far has won. The decision is being appealed but the best recourse we have is to replace him.

  7. Waiting for any condemnation from the gang of Columbian apologists,

    White House Forgets to Pay Father’s Day Lunch Tab

    By Greg’s standard, this disqualifies Obama from reelection.

    Show us the hypocrisy, Greg

  8. You know what really annoys me about the Columbian Lew?? They keep telling these teenage kids to ignore the “NO SOLICITING” sign, and ring the doorbell anyway to try and sell me a subscription. I hate to ruin their day like that but they should be able to read…..

    Debbie has been very outspoken against light rail and has committed innumerable thought crimes against the local Ruling Elite for years, so it is no surprise that the Columbian has finally gotten around to denouncing her properly instead of just ignoring her like they usually do. No doubt the Vancouver Mafia will be looking for any excuse they can find to aim that poison pen of theirs at her, and this is just the start. If you don’t believe me, go ask Tom Meilke if he’s paid his property taxes yet…..

    Here’s a thought problem: If Bart Hansen had committed such a heinous oversight like this during his campaign would anyone down there have noticed, and if they had, would they have been bundled off to gulag at Camp Bonneville to dig their own potatoes with a spoon for saying anything about it??

    And isn’t everyone just waiting with baited breath to find out what muppet character Debbie reminds the harpies of??

    Bidnez as usual Lew, with a screaming double standard. I think the very worst thing you can do to them is ignore them completely. Don’t comment on their website, don’t even give their website a hit, don’t but their newspaper, and for certain do not advertise anything with them. If you need to read a real paper, buy an Oregonian, or better yet, steal one.

  9. Bob, I recall well how they went after her in 2008, endorsing Jim Jacks, even after he stated he had no idea how to fix the economy at a forum.

    They weren’t this petty, though.

    As for those kids selling their fishwrap, I have had to tell more then one to leave, I won’t buy their paper.

    One even tried to convince me that the paper had changed and was no longer biased towards Democrats.

    I had a good laugh as I closed the door on him.

  10. The funny thing here is the posts by David Madore and Cory Barnes. David, Cory, and Debbie…the three stooges…what a circus…and then you, Lew…trying to deflect the hilarity…what great entertainment! Then, somebody posted that Debbie will get MORE votes because of this…even better! Haven’t had this much fun in the comments section for a long, long time. I couldn’t think of a better example of the circus that the CCGOP has become. This will live on in infamy…even Jim Mains has gotten in on the fun! LOL! No, seriously…LOL! You can’t make this stuff up…it literally writes itself…

  11. Showing your hypocrisy is not a deflection, Greg, it’s exposing hypocrisy.

    I note you have nothing to say about Obama “forgetting.”

    Laugh as you want, I have clearly shown you and your cohorts for the partisan hacks and hypocrites you are, even the Columbian.

    Oh, you stirred up contention over nothing and I am sure you will soon collect your 30 pieces of silver.

    But honest people see right through the BS in both the article and your comments.

  12. As much work at Debbie Peterson does for you folks someone should have taken notice, asked her about it, and simply got out their torx set and fixed it for her. Some of you are professional mechanics for God’s sake! Help the good woman!

  13. Pat, I don’t see Debbie often, but did message her through facebook with the offer of installing them.

    But c’mon, for the paper to make such an issue over this is ridiculous. There is no crime, there is no intent to defraud or screw the state out of a registration fee, it was just a simple mistake in forgetting, and not one of us can claim that we have never overlooked something.

    But I’m curious why Obama forgetting to pay his lunch bill doesn’t rise to the same level of scrutiny and outrage as has been whipped up over Debbie and Tom Mielke.

    That it doesn’t shows the political hackery I state.

  14. Pat:

    1. If Debbie actually worked for US and not just the CCGOP, a little understanding may be in order.

    2. If Debbie wants to be treated like a responsible person, she should act like one.

    3. This isn’t an unusual situation for her. She has posted repeatedly about not remembering what meetings she has attend, what votes were or were not taken, or stands she has previously taken on issues. Maybe this is a medical condition? Whatever it is, she shouldn’t be our representative.

    4. Debbie wants to be treated like a capable woman. Needing someone to come to her rescue is not the sign of a capable woman.

  15. And yet, king political hack for the Democrats, Greg Owens, turns a blind eye to Obama “forgetting” to pay lunch bill, while he condemns others who “forgot” something who just happens to be Republicans.

    That is why I label you a hack, Greg. You make big claims of being a Republican, yet I struggle to find you supporting any Republican, except maybe one shown to actually be a Democrat.

    Being able to remove a security screw and being capable are two different things.

    As I said before, Albert Einstein was known for not tying his shoes. I guess he too is incapable and we should disregard what he says over the years?

    Hold Obama to the same standard you do others, Greg, or shut up.

  16. I read the link to the Obama story. Obviously an oversight. If it were Bush or Romney though, the headlines would read “President stiffs immigrant cafe owners – refuses to pay tab!” – or whatever nonsense they could come up with. They would have a big sob story about the owners and workers so we could really understand how heartless and mean the Republicans are. And Greg and his friends would be chiming in about how ‘this is typical of the Republicans’ etc., wouldn’t you Greg? Come on, you can admit it.

  17. That’s the whole point, Craig. Obama committed an innocent oversight, as did Debbie and Tom Mielke.

    But, the Columbian and the likes of Greg quickly jump in to raise a stink when it is a Republican while excusing a Democrat.

    We saw it when the Columbian decided to bash Republicans over sanctioning Marc Boldt due to numerous votes contrary to the party position, both he and Mike Briggs laying on against David Madore, which was the intent of Stephanie’s article.

    Yet when Jim Moeller led the charge to deny Jon Haugen the party nomination and endorsement, even though he is the only Democrat to file against Herrera Beutler, a soft article in the Columbian and silence from both Greg Owens and Mike Briggs, who just a couple weeks earlier were blasting the GOP for sanctioning anyone who thought differently.

    That is the mark of a political hack, a hypocrite is purely partisan.

  18. Everyone has their own particular strengths. A person with the wrench or screwdriver are very important for the job that needs to be done if they have the physical strength to use it, as long as that job requires that tool. Debbie Peterson’s strength is in the fact that researchs and educates herself on issues and their pertainence to the legislation at hand. The screwdriver or wrench are un-necessary in that arena. Access to information and the venue to impact the legislation for the betterment of the community are. Just saying…

  19. Well said Carolyn, and although I sounded flip in my earlier comments I was being sarcastic in response to the Columbian being so petty.

    I think with everything that is going on in this Community, and the wide variety of issues that desperately need to be addressed, that the Columbian insists on ignoring the issues at hand and chooses instead to mock Debbie Peterson, who has been one of the most tireless people working on transportation issues that I can name. She is much more well informed on light rail, the CRC, bus light rail and other transportation issues than many of the local Political Elite who are in office right now and who no doubt feel threatened by any real challenges.

    Debbie is a very smart woman, but I think the Columbian is the real tool in use here Carolyn…

  20. “Debbie is a very smart woman” If she is, she sure has been hiding that fact from all of the rest of us.

  21. Greg, really, attacking someone for not changing their license plates? I’m not trying to be a dick when I ask you who changes the license plates in your family and how fast do they do it? How about sending in your change-of-ownership report when you sale your vehicle? What about septic tank inspections, or putting non-allowable liquids in your trash, or paying Use Tax when you buy something in Oregon? Dude, glass houses and all that.

  22. No, Greg, just from you.

  23. Martin: This incident is just a symptom of the overall problem. I could personally care less about someone’s issue with their plates as long as the tax and fees are paid on time. However, Debbie’s posts on issues have continually shown her lack of understanding of those issues. Also, her memory (selective?) about meetings and associated attendance, as well as her previous statements shows her inability to focus and address the issues.

    So, we may be having a little fun at Debbie’s expense regarding the license plate, but, as we all know, there is always truth in every bit of humor….

  24. Greg, people in disagreement with you does not mean they don’t understand.

  25. Your completely correct, Lew. You understand the issues. Kelly understands the issues. Tom Mielke understands the issues. Steve Stuart understands the issues. Marc Boldt understands the issues. We disagree sometimes. That doesn’t mean that you and the others mentioned don’t understand the issues. Debbie doesn’t understand the issues. David Madore understands one issue, on what his authority would be as a county commissioner in relation to that issue and on the rest, he remains clueless.

  26. You’re, not your. Thought I would point that out before the spelling police caught it.

  27. Greg, you know what you can do with your spelling police crap.

    Or, do I need to begin nit picking your comments?

    You only make yourself appear as petty as you are.

  28. Lew, I was correcting MY post….sheesh…chill, man.

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