Meet Shahram Hadian in Wahkiakum County

by lewwaters

Shahram Hadian, the conservative Republican the WSRP continues to ignore will be holding a Meet & Greet this Friday, June 29, 2012 in Wahkiakum County, Washington.

We do not have to settle on who the parties tell us we will have to vote for this election, we do have a choice. And it is our choice, not the Democrat or Republican Party’s choice to limit who we select to represent us.

If like me, you are tired of the same old, same old from both party’s and seeing nothing really change for the better, then it is up to us, the voters and taxpayers in Washington State to reclaim our state from the party establishments.

If you seek Principled and Courageous Leadership, I invite you to give a serious look at Shahram Hadian, CONSERVATIVE Republican candidate for governor.

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  1. Kind of off-topic, but I don’t see a submission link…

    Mielke’s letter to the editor here:

    Clark County Commissioner candidates will appear at a special meeting of the Greater Brush Prairie Neighborhood Assoc:

    Meet Clark County Commissioner Candidates
    Saturday, July 21st, 7pm
    Hockinson Fire Station
    Fire District #3
    17718 NE 159th Street
    Vancouver,WA 98662


  2. The best way to submit anything to me, Josef, is just email me at


  3. Lew – I read the note, it was kind of nice but there were some interesting points…


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