Supreme Court Decides for Socialism and Against the American People

by lewwaters

Ruth Bader Ginsberg was right just days ago when she said the Supreme Court’s decision on Obamacare would come as a big surprise to many people. Today’s announcement that the government is free to mandate private citizens purchase health insurance or be fined by the government totally shocked well over half of the American people who have consistently called for this ‘Obamanation’ to be repealed.

Even more surprising was seeing that Chief Justice John Roberts was the swing vote in the 5 to 4 decision that just handed the government total power to just mandate whatever they desire the people to do and we must comply? Isn’t that something more along the lines of Cuba, Venezuela or the former Soviet Union?

Most telling in the decision is Justice Roberts reasoning he wrote in the majority decision of the “individual mandate requiring people to have health insurance is valid as a tax, even though it is impermissible under the Constitution’s commerce clause.”

Yes, requiring us to buy health insurance is unconstitutional, but since it is a tax, it is now constitutional to tax us if we do not comply and buy health insurance.

Roberts said,

“it is reasonable to construe what Congress has done as increasing taxes on those who have a certain amount of income, but choose to go without health insurance. Such legislation is within Congress’s power to tax. The federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance. … The federal government does have the power to impose a tax on those without health insurance.”

Justice Antonin Scalia wrote in dissent,

“To say that the Individual Mandate merely imposes a tax is not to interpret the statute but to rewrite it. Imposing a tax through judicial legislation inverts the constitutional scheme, and places the power to tax in the branch of government least accountable to the citizenry.”

However you look at it, the American people are now forced to purchase a product they may not wish to purchase, be it by legislative decree or taxation, the Supreme Court has ruled that the government holds the power to mandate what we buy!!!

Somehow missed, or deliberately ignored, is that this massive takeover of our healthcare system was sold to us as NOT A TAX!

But now suddenly, it is a tax?? While Obama and Democrats still maintain it is not a tax?

Competitive Enterprise Institute Senior Fellow Gregory Conko released a statement saying in part,

“the decision to uphold the mandate as a tax is troubling, like the Court’s prior commerce clause jurisprudence. Under the so-called ‘Rational Basis Test,’ the Court has refused to question due process or equal protection violations when Congress’s reason for enacting the law might be ‘rationally related’ to a legitimate government interest. Under that test, however, Congress does not have to explain why the law was ‘rational’ as long as the Supreme Court can substitute its own rationale. Today’s decision says Congress does not need to call a regulation a tax—Congress and the President can even insist it is not a tax—if the Supreme Court can rationalize it as one: the Rational Tax Test.”

“Today’s decision gives ObamaCare a temporary reprieve. But an overwhelming majority of Americans have made clear that they do not want this health care law. Two years ago, then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi insisted that Congress had to ‘pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.’ Well, Americans have now seen what’s in ObamaCare, and they want to see it repealed and replaced.”

The Socialist Democrats are elated that the American people have just lost a piece of our freedom. Patty Murray, Socialist Democrat from Washington State sent out an email this morning labeling this an “historic day in America” and offering a “free” bumper sticker in exchange for your donation of $5 or more to reelect Socialist Democrats.

Rep. Steve Israel, DCCC Chairman sent out his own email saying,

“we can carry this momentum into November and win a [Socialist] Democratic majority to keep making progress [towards Communism].”

Obama stated,

“Whatever the politics, today’s decision was a victory for people all over this country whose laws will be more secure because of this law and the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold it.”

Yes, just like out Immigration Laws are “more secure” now with Obama mandating they be ignored?

Vowing to “fight on,” Pete Sessions, NRCC Chairman says,

“I believe we have a moral responsibility to get rid of ObamaCare. I refuse to hand down an America to my kids where Washington controls their healthcare.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says,

“Today’s Supreme Court decision doesn’t mark the end of a debate. It marks a fresh start on the road to repeal. Today’s decision does not change the fact that Obamacare limits choice, increases health care costs, and makes it harder for businesses to hire. It does not change the fact that Obamacare’s mandates, tax hikes, and Medicare cuts are deeply damaging to our health care system and our economy.”

Republicans and conservatives across America are seeing this decision as a “sad day for liberty” in America and many Republican Governor’s are vowing to just ignore Obamacare.

Our only hope of restoring America to a free country lies in not just voting out ‘Il Duce’ Obama, but ridding Congress of every single Socialist Democrat sitting in office along with turncoat Republicans like Olympia Snowe who, it must be remembered “was the deciding vote to get Obamacare out of the Senate Committee. Had she voted no, we’d not be here now.”

Efforts this morning to organize an impromptu rally outside of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s office in Vancouver fell short as too many have excuses to not stand.

Until people are willing to stand up and oppose the Socialist takeover, it will continue unabated. You can no longer expect someone else to fight the battles. We are all soldiers in the fight to save America.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

28 Comments to “Supreme Court Decides for Socialism and Against the American People”

  1. This fiasco just reinforces what we’ve known all along – the courts, and the administration, can’t be trusted. We need to look to Congress, and redouble our efforts to help elect responsible legislators with common sense and a willingness to tackle tough issues NOW to that body.

  2. Proposed by the President. Passed by the Congress. Upheld by the Supreme Court.

  3. It’s the common sense that was missing.

  4. Don’t you mean, Lied to the people by the Poseur in Chief, Rammed through by Congress and the Supreme Court screws American freedom and liberties?

  5. I can see the deceit and I don’t have to vote on it to see it first!!!
    Our own Patty Murray would rather skate past these issues and Maria Cantwell is well named. She well can’t make a real personal vote happen for the people. She just keeps the chair warm. My cat does better than that when she bumps noses with me in her kitty kisses as I shew her out of my chair! Vote the senate for a serious change. Vote Michael Baumgartner please and maybe we can effect a difference that will bring economic growth back rather than steal your freedom and your chance to thrive in America.

  6. Great piece, Lew! This is the best analysis I’ve read so far.


    If Chief Justice Roberts wavered out of concern for the public perception of the Court then he erred. Do what’s right and hang the rest.

  8. I’m disappointed because I wanted TRUE SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE, not some Constitution-busting, half-assed, private insurance enriching, political cow BUT I do believe in the system, so moving on…

    There’s still NO WAY to halt ever-increasing healthcare costs because healthcare is NOT a balanced marketplace. One of the reasons I wanted TRUE SOCIALIZED HEALTHCARE was to limit the skyrocketing costs. In America, medicine is a means of making big money. (I call it the “extortion business.”) If you’re getting into medicine to get rich, that’s exactly the WRONG REASON. Only a fundamental shift in expectations will correct the problem. Yeah, lots of today’s doctors will leave the field because they got into medicine for the money, and the attorneys who prey off of liability will have a shit-fit, but until these things are addressed healthcare will get even more expensive.

  9. Good luck finding quality doctors willing to work for free or just room & board, Martin.

    Come to think of it, why don’t we push for socialized legal help as well?

    Surely you will go along with offering your legal expertise for the pittance the government would be willing to pay, right?

  10. Martin, if I’d known you’d be willing to train yourself and work for free I would have hired you a long time ago. Not as a surgeon, though.

  11. Dr. Dean, if you’re going to make this personal then keep it personal and whip it out. Me first:

    I volunteered at the Clark County free legal clinic for a couple years before I went to Africa for a year to see what “Engineers Without Borders” was all about. While there, “Doctors Without Borders” interested me so I went to Medical School in England so that I could volunteer. I learned all about medicine in the rest of the world, and how doctors are trained and remunerated, however my rotations are in the U.S. I LOVE Capitalism and became rich because of it in my capacity as a CEO, as well as being MBA, CPA & Patent Agent. I am highly sophisticated in such matters, and often discuss the pros & cons of Capitalism verses Socialism and which is better for what.

    Now show me yours.

    p.s. Lew knows I’m the real deal.

  12. What is the problem with this decision? I think Roberts was brilliant. He’s backed Obama and the Democrats into a corner they can’t get out of. Roberts has single-handedly killed Obamacare. You should be thanking him – not condemning him.

  13. Craig, you and others promoting this view are underestimating the deviousness of Obama and his intent to become king.

    If we had a normal or more regular administration in power, I might tend to agree. But we don’t.

    We are in the midst of a complete socialist takeover and Roberts maneuver plays right into their hands.

    The Obama administration has shown they are far above any laws and unanswerable to anybody.

    I don’t have any good feeling about the coming election either.

  14. Martin: Thank you for sharing your story. Please be assured I meant no disrespect. Your story is impressive and extremely interesting – you should write a book.

    My story is not so fascinating. I have never been rich. I was born into poverty “out in the sticks” on 20 acres of a sandstone hardscrabble orchard 30 miles outside of Sydney, Australia. I was the middle sibling of 5. My parents were both taken out of school in their early teen years to help support their families during the Great Depression.

    My mother vowed that we would get the best education they could afford, or couldn’t afford, to give us. She went to work in a factory making electrical parts so that my brother and I could attend a select agricultural school. Even though we sometimes went to bed hungry she subscribed to educational magazines and encyclopedias that we never seriously read. She was a union shop steward and an early environmentalist having read Rachel Carson. My mother held my feet to the fire and made me complete my degree in Land Surveying. I was the first person in my extended family to attend a university.

    I am not a doctor. I use the moniker “Professor” as a salute to Lou Brancaccio and to the Duck’s Breath Mystery Theatre Ask Dr. Science (he has a master’s degree). Actually, I did a short stint as adjunct professor in Surveying at Clark College and I do have a master’s degree (MBA).

    Contrary to popular perception I am not the smartest person I know. That distinction belongs to my son-in-law. He is just starting his fellowship in Trauma having completed his residency in Orthopedics. He graduated from West Point and did an active duty tour in Kosovo and one in Afghanistan as a captain in the Rangers. Yes, it was his Army experience that drove his career path through Orthopedics and into Trauma; not the money. He is even now in the Reserves. I doubt that even the prospect of making stacks of money at the end of it all would be enough to sustain him through the rigor, stress and sleeplessness of his residency training.

    Art Buchwald once said something to the effect of “why don’t they just give every resident doctor a Jaguar on completion and pay them a normal salary the rest of their lives?” Well, we have the best medical system and the best doctors in the world and I’d hate to see that formula messed with. I can’t imagine plucking someone off the street and designating them as doctor trainee to fill some bureaucratic quota. With all the knowledge crammed inside my son-in-law’s head he surely deserves to be paid well to put it to use for the good of mankind.

  15. Robert, even in socialized medicine doctors are respected and paid comparatively well. Also, medical doctors are not the smartest people I know, not even close, scientists take that distinction, and people don’t become scientists for the riches. I don’t know your son-in-law but you made my case for me by telling his story.

    There’s also the cost of medical equipment, and drugs – all high profit centers. But mostly, there are patient’s unrealistic expectations, especially Americans. Everyone wants to live forever, I got that, and they don’t want to pay for it, I got that too. The only way for healthcare costs to stabilize is a realignment of values. The “free market” can’t do it because people don’t have CHOICES. There is no adversarial relationship. You can’t “choose” to lose your hand or not, or go someplace cheaper. I believe in Capitalism. It is not Capitalism’s job to have feelings or show compassion. Capitalists are supposed to make money – as much as possible. That’s why healthcare must be socialized.

  16. Martin, how is it you do not realize it is the socialized medicine you desire that will take peoples choices away? Just like with teh VA now, I do not get any choices, I take what I get. I can’t choose a doctor and currently see a PA anyway.

    We can wait months for an appointment and still have to pay a portion.

    Yes, the VA has some state of the art equipment, at taxpayers expense. But once everybody is under such a system, where will all of the money come from for the equipment?

    You remove someone’s ability to make a profit and they stop doing good work, is too many cases. Why work your tail off to receive no more than the guy next to you who goofs off?

    You socialize medicine, it may be great in the beginning, but as the expenses continue to mount, rationing comes into play and you lose that great healthcare you had before.

  17. The real issue here is the taxation of NOT playing along people. You are now taxed, the largest single tax in history for not buying something. The party in power, the party of the equal justice and fair share, the party of we only want to tax those EARNING over $250k yearly will now tax everyone over $23k for a family of FOUR people! Those earned dollars are now spent on something other than food, clothes and shelter so what is next… more food stamps? more hud coupons? more utility subsidies? We cannot cover the healthcare plan for the full number of people who now qualify for it based on income. So how pray tell, then are we to add to it and all the other entitlements that will swell in ranks from the newly impoverished under this bill. There will be more unemployment as the stores do not sell the new shoes because Mom and Dad have to pay for someone else’s share of healthcare expenses there is no way around this fact. There is only one result. AND the party that gave us this tax IS forcing us to change our behavior by using our ability to spend our own dollars. Socialism at it finest? Fascism most certainly!

  18. Lew & Carolyn, I agree that socialism is dangerous. After living in Great Britain I know that more than ever but their heathcare (the NHS) is what we need.

    p.s. Don’t mix up socialism with Marxism. Europe is socialist. The USSR was Marxist (except The State owned everything – not The Workers).

  19. Martin I understand the difference that is why I call this Fascism since that means the state does own everything and really that is where Obama has us headed. I also know that socialism is dangerous and I really do not want some government deciding what some 6 year old kid is capable of learning and becoming. I want freedom which none of us has tasted in decades.

  20. If you want to be at the mercy of faceless bureaucrats to make your health decisions for you, if you want politically appointed panels of ‘health experts’ to forecast your potential for recovery and withhold live-saving medical procedures if their forecast is negative, then a British type of National Health Service is just what the doctor ordered.

    Would that those who want that type of service would move to where it’s provided and leave our system alone!

  21. Lew, I think you’re underestimating the intelligence of the Chief Justice. Never get involved in a land war in Asia, never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line, and never underestimate the abilities of a legal scholar to write a way more subtle decision than your average reporter or talking head is going to be able to take in.

    Step back and look at the big picture here:

    1) We know that Obama threatened the Court in no uncertain terms–uphold this or else!

    2) There are some tantalizing indications in the dissent (which is unsigned) that it may actually have been authored by Roberts, who then changed his vote late in the proceedings.

    3) Roberts interpreted the Commerce, Taxing and Spending, and Necessary and Proper Clauses much more conservatively than they’ve been interpreted in, oh, say, our lifetimes. This is really, in most respects except the bottom line, a very conservative opinion.

    4) His rationale for upholding is absolutely the flimsiest (i.e., most likely to be later overturned) one possible. He’s no dummy. Ask yourself why a very smart man would choose as a rationale one the President, the Congress and every other court that heard this case rejected out-of-hand.

    5) He repeatedly states that he’s not ruling on whether it’s a good law, and that the people can throw the bums who wrote this law out if they (the people) don’t like the law. In fact, that’s the note on which he ends the decision, the last thing he wants to leave you with. Again, ask yourself why.

    What scenario can you come up with that explains all those points?

    What if the Chief Justice, who has been a consistent conservative all along, far from going over to the dark side, is trying to protect the Court from being gutted by Obama and at the same time hoping that this decision will light a fire under opponents of the law and encourage them to throw the bums out and repeal the law? (Given the fact that Romney has raised over $4.6 million since the decision was announced Thursday, it’s looking so far as if that gamble might just pay off!)

    Way more detailed explanation of all this here:

  22. Carolyn, it has nothing to do with his intelligence, but his caving when he could have stood strong as we expected him to when we supported his nomination.

    I disagree with him when he said, “It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

    He wasn’t expected to protect the people from political decisions, he was expected to judge the merit of the law based upon the constitution and even he admitted the individual mandate as a requirement to coerce us to buy insurance was unconstitutional. Then, he basically rewrote the statute to justify approving it by claiming it was a tax.

    Chief Justice Roberts’s Folly

    The Chief Justice rewrites ObamaCare in order to save it

    Chief Justice Roberts and His Apologists

    If he succumbed due to Obama’s threats, that makes it even worse as what does he fear in Obama? He’s appointed to the bench for life. All justices on the Supreme Court are, Obama cannot remove any of them.

    Telling us we can just throw the bums out is kicking the can down the road as the law is implemented now and must be dealt with. Romney says he will repeal it day one, but that is not how our system works.

    Yes, it may have woke up many, but I also fear massive voter fraud to keep this poseur in office if not some drastic executive order to nullify the election if it appears he is losing. If he does that, who is there to stop it, the Supreme Court?

    Not any longer.

  23. Which Carolyn wrote that blurp? The one at 7:32? It wasn’t me Carolyn Crain. Lew why isn’t my portrait showing up now? It hasn’t been for the last couple of weeks. I’m concerned that I won’t be able to be clearly identified and someone else could blog something I don’t write.

  24. No, it wasn’t you, Carolyn. I already knew that.

    And I don’t know why your avatar isn’t showing. I just checked the settings and nothing has changed, plus others avatars are showing.

    Maybe upload it again on your end and see if that works.

  25. Okay thanks… will do. P.s. interesting conversation there w/ the candy man.

  26. I thought you’d like that. He doesn’t seem to appreciate America much, saying “nobody wants our healthcare:

  27. He really doesn’t appreciate the freedom of the people to control government and taxation. That is his real issue with everything.

  28. He’s there to promote one agenda primarily.

    Elected, he believes he is above everybody else and seems to think elected office grants him power over others instead of requiring representation.

    It’s his way or the highway.

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