Liz Pike, Ready to Restore Washington State

by lewwaters

The 18th Legislative District has been a strong Republican district for a long time. It is noted for electing strong conservative Republicans like Joe Zarelli, Ann Rivers and Ed Orcutt.

The recent redistricting saw Democrats licking their chops in hopes they might gain a foothold with Orcutt being districted out. Enter Liz Pike, a long time Republican who wants to see the 18th remain in the GOP’s hands and is facing two before unheard of Democrats, David Shehorn, retired computer systems worker and Ryan Gompertz, barely out of High School and studying history and economics at UW.

Neither Democrat has any political experience to speak of other than volunteer work with the party.

Liz Pike, on the other hand, comes with the experience of running for and winning an election to serve the community on the Camas City Council, as well as owning her own small business, Pike Advertising Agency.

She currently serves as Political Affairs Director for the Building Industry Association of Clark County as well and true to her roots growing up on a Clark County Dairy Farm, operates Shangri-La Farm, a small scale sustainable farm in Fern Prairie. She also was a volunteer co-organizer for the Washougal Farmers’ Market as well as an avid promoter of the “buy local, slow food” movement and more.

She recognizes that SW Washington remains locked in double digit unemployment these past 4 years. To correct that, she would like the legislature to “work to pass legislation which allows free market competition on industrial insurance to lower the cost to do business in Washington State, and also for the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) to become more efficient,” seeing that “Washington is one of only four states with a monopoly on Industrial Insurance resulting in excessive fee increases on Washington businesses of all sizes.”

Additionally, she would work to repeal the Business and Occupation Tax, lift burdensome rules strangling new businesses and provide “new opportunities to create new business and/or initiate expansion and hire more workers.”

Seeing the need for education reform to improve the education we provide, she will work to encourage school choice, charter schools and advocate for new innovative leaders to reform Washington State’s public school system without increasing costs,” acknowledging “Every Washington child deserves an excellent education.”

Joining many of us, Liz sees some serious problems with the Columbia River Crossing Project and pledges to “provide strong oversight of the CRC project to protect the public’s interest and taxpayer investment” countering the “lack of accountability and transparency with this project.”

An advocate of additional bridges to solve the congestion along the I-5 Corridor, she would like to see “a third and fourth bridge, one upriver connecting Camas-Washougal with Troutdale and downriver connecting Ridgefield with St. Helens and perhaps I-405.”

Opposed to extending Portland’s financially plagued light rail into Clark County, Liz says, “There is not enough population density in Southwest Washington to support the total cost paid by fares for light rail to Clark County,” but adds, “if a majority of all voting citizens in Clark County overwhelmingly support taxes to pay for the maintenance and operation of a light rail line,” she would abide by voters wishes.

Showing a strong appreciation of Veterans, she would like to hear directly from Veterans themselves as to how they feel the state could best help them as they leave the service and return to civilian life. Liz says that by, “reforming government operations, and getting government out of the way, there will be more opportunities for employment for our returning Veterans.”

Parting ways with the current Democrat majority who claim they have cut spending to the bone, Liz Pike says, “Lawmakers have faced budget shortfalls for the last several years. Reforms must be implemented in order to avoid future shortfalls. We do this by prioritizing, and, if necessary, freeze government spending. We should allow free market competition on industrial insurance, move state worker pensions to a defined contribution program from a defined benefit program, and move to a performance-based model for all state agencies for greater efficiencies. Instead of just suspending them, legislators need to eliminate state programs that are inefficient and that are not top priority services.”

“In my view, state government is too big. Over the last 30 years, big-government liberals have had nearly unchecked control of state government. They used that control to establish excessive and unnecessary programs. A thorough review of these programs will identify areas for potential expenditure savings and I will work to eliminate, reduce, or move them to the private sector.”

When it comes to the growing problem of illegal immigration Liz Pike says, “The State should take a more aggressive role in working with Federal Immigration officials to assist in the deportation of those working here without legal work permits or otherwise unlawfully present in the United States.”

Unlike others in the current majority party, she supports citizens’ constitutional right to the citizen initiative. “Washington’s initiative rights are fairly narrow under the State Constitution because the Constitution itself cannot be amended by initiative and the legislature can ignore initiatives after two years and change what the people approved,” Liz says while pledging “I will not support legislation that contradicts any recently-adopted initiative.”

Washington State remains in trouble with every appearance it will just get worse, unless we make some much needed changes in the legislature. The current majority gives every indication they wish to follow in the footsteps of California.

The only way we can stop it is to send new faces to Olympia willing to restore our state and retain those who have tried to while in the current minority.

Liz Pike is one who is ready to restore Washington State. She is the only candidate in her race with prior elected office experience, providing her with “knowledge and experience in areas of municipal government budgeting process, city code and ordinances, and a plethora of complicated land use issues.”

She is the only candidate in her race that has operated an independent business successfully for 17 years and knows what it is like to sign the front side of a paycheck. She will take more than 30 years of private sector business experience with her to Olympia.

She now asks you for the privilege of putting her vast experience to work on your behalf by electing her to represent you in the 18th Legislative District, position 2.

3 Comments to “Liz Pike, Ready to Restore Washington State”

  1. Good job Lew. I personally know Liz and she is a great gal with a sharp mind for protecting the rights of Washingtonians.


  2. Great plug Lew! I believe Liz can get the job done in Olympia.


  3. She was an excellent city councilor who kept citizens informed, and challenged tax hikes. She has done her homework and is well prepared to serve.


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