Operation Hot Mic

by lewwaters

A timely video on this Independence Day

Is it clear enough yet?

Vote this election as if it were our last. It very well might be.

2 Comments to “Operation Hot Mic”

  1. NOBAMA = TOTAL FAILURE! And to think, he was given a Nobel Peace Prize, for Nothing! Even Nobama and his Handlers know the Game is OVER! Nobama is History! Nobama is Going to lose ALL 57 States! Yes Nobama Zombies, it’s time to update those Passports for the trip with your leader back to Kenya!

  2. Don’t rest on your laurels thinking he will be easily defeated.

    They have tricks up their sleeve we have not even seen yet.

    Whether we like Romney or not, it is imperative that we get the maximum vote against Obama possible.

    If we think 2000 was bad, we haven’t seen 2012 yet and I fear it will be ugly.

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