Councilmember Harris Seeks $500K for Eye Injury, Seen In Charity Boxing Match 2 Months After Injury

by lewwaters

Poor Jeanne Harris, I guess she just can’t help surrounding herself in enough drama to gain frequent mention in the Columbian pages.

We all recall her viral “Gavel Down” video and subsequent ethics panel slap down. We recall earlier that same day looking out in the audience at workshop and yelling for someone to stop shaking their head at her.

Of late was a mini-meltdown when Mayor Tim Leavitt switched his expected vote at council for the sales tax resolution to be sent to the C-Tran Board, drawing an astonished “are you kidding me” from her and leaving her first speechless then stuttering to explain her astonishment.

To be fair, she offered a sincere apology towards the end of the council meeting.

Now comes word from the Columbian that Ms. Harris has filed a “$500,000 insurance claim with the city of Ridgefield, saying that Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow hit her with a stress-relief ball, leading to the potential loss of sight in her left eye.”

According to the claim filed by her attorney, Longview-based Joseph Daggy, who made an unsuccessful run for State Court Of Appeals Division 2, District 3 Judge – Position No. 2, in 2010, the alleged injury occurred June 23, 2011 while Ms. Harris was participating in an Association of Washington Cities meeting in Spokane.

Harris alleges that some foam balls shaped like a globe were passed around and that Ridgefield Mayor Ron Onslow threw one that hit her in the left eye, “causing her left retina to become loose and partially detached.”

Ms. Harris claims she has undergone six surgeries to correct her injury since June 2011, all unsuccessful.

Mayor Onslow says he did not throw the ball, but lobbed it and it struck her on her left temple, not in her eye. He maintains he apologized, thinking the incident was over.

Even though I am neither a doctor nor attorney, if I were Ridgefield’s insurance agent, I’d look very, very close at this alleged injury.

I know eye surgery usually has one sporting either a bandage over the affected eye or dark sunglasses for a few days, as my wife had to do when she had Lasik surgery. I cannot recall seeing Ms. Harris with either over the past year.

But, that alone would not be enough to question this claim.

That comes in regards to the August 21, 2011 ‘Clash in the Couve’ charity boxing match held at Esther Short Park and between Jim Mains, president of the Vancouver Farmers Market, and Gary Bock, executive director of the Vancouver Watersheds Council.

Even though not a serious match, more comical to raise funds for the Parks Foundation, the match featured the two wielding pugil sticks against each other and was all for fun. But, an August 22, 2011 entry in the Columbian’s All Politics is Local blog mentions, “[Jeanne] Harris, shown below with Mains in a photograph taken by Councilor Jack Burkman, made a surprise appearance in round 3 and smacked down Mains and Bock.” (emphasis added)

Doesn’t it strike you as odd that someone who had suffered an eye injury just two months before and was to be undergoing eye surgery would be swinging a pugil stick?

Even if posed, as it surely was, does Ridgefield’s insurance company know for a fact that she did not injure herself then, two months after she alleges she was injured by Mayor Onslow?

Also tainting her claim is that she is coming off of a bitter divorce where it appears she was taken to the cleaners, put into bankruptcy. Asked by the Columbian is that had anything to do with her now filing a $500K claim against Ridgefield, Ms. Harris answered, “Oh my God, are you kidding me? I lost an eye! They are not connected. … One has nothing to do with the other. Don’t you dare say that to me!”

I would have to think the Columbian’s Andrea Damewood was very fortunate that Ms. Harris did not have her hand around a gavel.

Since I am not a doctor or an attorney, I really have no idea just how truthful her claim is, but I do know I would be seriously questioning it given her activities just two months after alleging her retina became loose and partially detached due to the impact of a soft foam ball.

Whatever the outcome of this claim is, though, I hereby nominate Jeanne Harris, Vancouver City Council member for Clark County Drama Queen of the year.

UPDATE: Hear audio of a angry F’-Bomb dropping voicemail Ms Harris left for the reporter for running the story here

13 Comments to “Councilmember Harris Seeks $500K for Eye Injury, Seen In Charity Boxing Match 2 Months After Injury”



  2. It doesn’t appear so.


  3. Thankfully I’m outside of Vancouver city limits, but I wonder about the feasibility/possibility of a recall? If Columbian reader comments are any indication, I don’t see a lot of supporters.


  4. What a scumbag!

    And this jerkoff is deciding issues around CRC!? Why do voters insist on electing nincompoops?


  5. We’ve been asking the same thing for several years now, Martin.


  6. I was hit in the jaw by a foul ball, while riding my motorcycle by the field house of memorial stadium in Lincoln NE and I just shook it off. Geez, get a grip


  7. oops.. what I forgot to mention was, the University of Nebraska has some huge deep pockets and I never once thought about pay day. What a parasite we have. Maybe its the midwest mentality that makes us from the midwest, “Good Folks’




  9. Well, if she didn’t really done such a stupid thing and mouth off to a columbian reporter, do I think she really would have this much of an issue? I think the storm of the story is that she has a history of running her mouth and really, no one else is going to listen to her anymore.

    I will be very surprised to hear if she still is in her position without censure or resignation on Monday. You don’t repeatedly abuse community members like this and get away with it.


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