They Get The Goldmine, We Get The Shaft

by lewwaters

California has long been known as the “Golden State,” noted for the Gold Rush Days of the mid-1800’s with that nickname being officially adopted in 1968. For many years, California was seen as one of the wealthiest states and the destination of many seeking to make their fortune in the world along with several International Businesses that located there.

But California’s leaders just like our leaders in Washington D.C. lost track somewhere along the line as both that state and the nation now each hold the largest debt in our history, California’s exceeding $300 Billion and the United States exceeding $16 Trillion with both still climbing.

We have gone from the wealthiest land to the deepest in debt on the planet, with money owed to just about every other developed nation, large bank, insurance companies and Wall Street as politicians continue selling us down the river towards collapse.

Perhaps reflecting back on the canard of how FDR saved the country during the Great Depression, politicians today seem to feel all they need do is keep spending massive amounts of money in pork barrel and so called infrastructure projects to see the country thrive again. We all know how Roosevelt is credited with leading the country out of the Depression with his public works projects, but that is not the truth of what happened.

In reality, he prolonged the Great Depression. World War Two was just a temporary boost to the economy that saw the economy teetering on a return to pre-war days of Depression as millions of returning G.I.’s had no jobs to go to, the war industry being no longer needed.

In opposition to the desires of then President Truman, who wanted to restart the Roosevelt public works projects, Republicans and Conservative Democrats (yes, there really did use to be such a thing) held firm and cut taxes to individuals and industry, spurring growth that supplied jobs.

Unfortunately, the progress was short lived as the Korean War broke out in 1950, devouring much of our revenue and necessitating increasing taxes once again, as noted by the Wall Street Journal and the CATO Institute.

Fast forward to 2012, another election year as we hear Barack Obama touting his record and saying he has the nation’s economy “heading in the right direction.”

Like California, Obama seems to think all that needs done is keep spending us into oblivion, take over industry where possible and just raises taxes while borrowing more and more from the corporations he complains about having too much money, hit China up for a few Billion more or just print money out of thin air with nothing to back it.

California shows their folly by approving adding a potential $203 Billion more in debt on top of their already well over $300 Billion debt for a short high speed rail line that is not needed at this time.

Our own local political leaders are pushing for us to follow suit by their adding up to a $10 Billion additional debt on us for a new bridge across the Columbia River, all designed to force us to accept Portland, Oregon’s light rail system that we have repeatedly rejected when allowed to vote on it.

But Obama speaks of leading in the “right direction” even though his policies of “spending stimulus, housing bailouts, auto bailouts, financial bailouts, cash for clunkers, cash for caulkers, and $5 trillion in deficit spending” has resulted in the Joint Economic Committee releasing a report saying “the Obama recovery now ranks dead last in modern times” reported in an article by Lawrence Kudlow in the July 7, 2012 New York Sun.

Kudlow says, “That’s a real milestone in the post-WWII era. It’s ten out of ten for both jobs and economic growth. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, real GDP has expanded only 6.7% over the eleven-quarter recovery since the recession ended. The Reagan recovery at the same stage had increased by 17.6%. The Clinton recovery by 8.7%.”

As Obama speaks of the economic problems “built up over decades,” he sounds as if everybody from Reagan on, to include B.J. Clinton are to blame, not him.

Add to this now that we will soon be facing over20 new taxes and untold restrictions on us from Obamacare, thanks to Chief Justice John Roberts who in essence rewrote the bill for Obama to find it constitutional as a “tax” over a mandate to force us into purchasing government approved health insurance policies.

Obama frequently points behind him to tell us just “how bad everything was” before him. We are to believe everything wrong today is “Bush’s Fault.” But the numbers from Obama’s own Bureau of Labor Statistics shows much different.

When Democrats took both houses of congress in 2007, unemployment was at 4.6%, down from a high of 6.3% as we recovered from the Clinton recession and the attacks of September 11, 2001.

When Democrats got full control of the government and Obama was inaugurated in 2009, unemployment was at 7.8%, soon to exceed 10% after his “stimulus” to prevent unemployment from exceeding 8% was passed into law and signed by him.

We are now in our forty-first straight month above 8% unemployment with the U-6 unemployment, those who have given up looking or are underemployed, sitting at or right near 15%.

All the while, Obama ignores and does not take any credit for a massive increase in people having to rely on food stamps to feed their families.

Instead, Obama and California continue pumping scarce tax dollars in failing Green ventures like Solyndra and overly expensive public transportation policies like California’s High Speed Rail that few will use and our own “locally preferred alternative,” a massive bridge that fails to meet U.S. Coast Guard Standards and Federal Aviation Administration at the same time, has sucked up nearly $150 Million with nothing but worthless paper to show for the cost so far while we brace for more and more taxes from all levels of government and businesses continue to struggle, unable to expand from the burden of government fees, regulations, taxes and restrictions.

In 1982, the popular singer Jerry Reed released a song addressing divorce, She Got The Goldmine, I Got The Shaft.

If we can’t divorce ourselves from these Big Government policies implemented by Obama and the Democrats, by voting as many of them out at all levels as possible, they, the public employee unions and bureaucrats’ in government will be getting the Gold Mine while you and I continue to get the shaft.

Vote as if you and your children’s future depend on this election.

Because it does.

22 Comments to “They Get The Goldmine, We Get The Shaft”

  1. Well said Lew!

  2. And the California Senate just approved issuing state bonds for the first $3 Billion toward a high speed rail line between San Francisco and LA, so that they would qualify for a matching “contribution” from the Federal Department of Transportation.. Some critics already project the cost to be North of $65 Billion, but the project is expected to take them 10 years minimum, so there is no telling how much it will really cost, but a ticket will cost at least twice what a commuter airline hop would…

    Our tax dollars at work…

  3. Ray LaHood was touting China’s High Speed Rail recently and how they don’t have to rely on the people for approval, just 3 people push it through.

    I’ll be doing another post on just what I am finding on China’s own highly troubled High Speed Rail Lines soon.

    Our tax dollars are nowhere near enough to cover this massive boondoggle.

    We better start learning Chinese.

  4. Whenever I read something like this I think, “Does nobody ever do the math?”

    1) Unemployment is high because there aren’t enough jobs that unskilled people can do because those jobs were “Free” Traded away. (Even skilled jobs are threatened now!)

    2) Anybody who denies Keynesism is willfully ignorant or self-serving. Our $50 billion a MONTH Trade Deficit is certainly stimulating other country’s economies!

    3) Every citizen gets to vote, and you can expect them to vote to better their own situations. When 51% are alienated enough, the other 49% have to pay for it. I know it sucks but that’s democracy. I always recommend we don’t let the disaffected become the majority but Republicans would rather insist they deserve their fate… Well, then you’ll deserve yours when they vote to take your stuff.

  5. I escaped from California on June 1 by moving to southwest Washington. As a 2nd generation native Californian, I became mortified by what the public sector union-controlled politicians were doing to the state of my birth. It had become obvious that a political change in California was unlikely until, like an alcoholic, the state reaches the (inevitable) bottom of the gutter, before there will be any chance at recovery — and I didn’t think I’d live long enough to see that revival.

    So, I’ve moved here … and I’m extremely happy with that choice. But you can be well assured that I will work as hard as I can to keep Washington from following in the dreadful path that California has followed. In talking with my neighbors, I’m surprised at just how many “escapees” from California have moved here — most seeking a better political climate (while still living in a pleasant, coastal-modified physical climate).

    There is a strong bias in Washington (state) to follow the leftist policies that will eventually lead to impoverishment for all (the only way that “social justice” can be achieved). So I call upon all true freedom loving citizens to work toward electing politicians who will honor free markets and the wisdom of the electorate.

  6. One little thing you keep missing, Martin.


    Government gets all of its money from us and businesses who hire us. Those businesses operate at a profit or fail, along with the jobs they had where our taxes are taken out of.

    Spending more tax dollars every year than are being brought in means we owe to someone else, China currently being the biggest holder of our debt amongst nations.

    Continually borrowing to keep spending much more than we have is a prime recipe for collapse of a once great, free nation and placing us under a one world government.

  7. All Government spending is stimulus spending and it all ends up in somebody’s bank account and should be paid back as taxes. It’s a loan and those with big banks accounts have most of the money and those without bank accounts have none. UNFORTUNATELY, many of those big bank accounts are overseas! OF COURSE IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY. We’re giving it away!

  8. And unnecessary government spending is waste of our tax dollars.

    I’m sure you know of CLoward Piven, Martin.

    This is all just part of that strategy.

  9. Lew, it doesn’t matter what the money is spent on as long as it stays in the cycle – which is why States can’t do it – because States can’t keep their money within their borders. And now with “Free” Trade, the U.S. can’t either!

    At a deeper level, the one that does make a difference, is that productivity must always exceed consumption. Only about 20% of this nation overproduces so it’s important to keep that 20% going. Capitalism does a good job of that.

    Light Rail, High Speed Trains, etc. are immaterial unless they anger the 20% enough to stop producing. Voting has done a good job of alleviating these issues. That’s why when bureaucrats think they know better than The People they are not only breaking our trust, they are breaking the system.

  10. When I watch a seven hour video from the CRC oversight committee meeting and I see Paula Hammond on the oversight board as well as having been an active role in the process she even testified to the board. How is that oversight? It is not even a funny joke to suggest that the fox can watch over the hen house! I am disgusted at the level of corruption and the places I keep finding its roots in our state. I was shocked that anybody of good conscience could consider this a “legal and binding” oversight per the laws in our state. This is so wrong! They will now claim that they got the oversight done and go forward as if everything is Kosher. It has to be exposed for the truth. Martin, Keynesian economics is good if you want someone else to do the hard work and you are willing to accept the crumbs from their table but the full dream of the pursuit of happiness, and yes, for some that means wealth, cannot be achieved under that system. You are right poor countries get our money with it in place. No one wants anyone to be poor that I am aware of anyway but the world is made up of many diverse peoples, cultures and ideals. What is rich to one is devasting to the other who just worked hard to earn it for their own purposes whatever they may be. Who are we to decide how you should get to spend your money? We are supposed to be free to be charitable and that is not possible as long as we are taxed out of our money and means to do so.

  11. Martin, Oliver Stone called. He thinks your ideas are kooky.

  12. Did Oliver call you? Hey, he owes me one.

  13. Carolyn – Let me say it this way since I attended that meeting. I saw the whole dog & pony show that you watched recorded on CVTV. Your not really OFF the mark. But you want to know the worst part of it? If you were there to watch the part where the Oregon oversight committee chairman and Matt Garrett was there? Talk about some thing worse than what you saw with Paula.
    And if you weren’t aware, there was only one person guarding that henhouse like a Momma bear protecting her cubs. Not even Andrea Damewood or several other media were allowed to ride the bus around various spots that the bus stopped to show the riders about the various aspects of the project….
    The next meeting is coming up in a month, I believe on August 20th. I would check with the CRC Project offices for location as it has not been decided at the point when I attended the last meeting. But it won’t be at the city council chambers like the last one.

  14. Martin has this “theory”-that “money is of no value to anyone unless it’s all spent”. One can easily envision Martin as a guy with a continuously empty wallet.who gleefully hands over every cent he has to moronic government bureaucrats to spend for him. I would rather spend my money myself because I think I can spend it better, and after all it is my money to begin with – not the government’s. Idiot bureaucrats must love to see Martin coming he’s like a big lollipop in the shape of a dollar sign.

  15. Jack, I’ll bite… Tell me the value of money buried in the ground for 2000 years? Or put in a matress that then burns?

    You know, of course, that there is no money in banks? And you wouldn’t be debating me if you didn’t know that money creates itself – right?

    It’s because people don’t understand money that we argue about it so much . YES – MONEY IS OF NO VALUE UNLESS IT’S SPENT!

  16. thanks for confirming my appraisal of your “theories”, Martin.

  17. Jack, dude, to have an appraisal-worthy opinion you have to stop talking out of your ass. Read some econ books, man. Show some intellect.

  18. Anybody who thinks giving government morons a blank check and a green light is talking out of tjheir ass, Martin

  19. “Tell me the value of money buried in the ground for 2000 years?” – Gee Martin, what would be the value of Blackbeard’s treasure?you tell us, smart guy…That was too easy.

  20. no doubt that goofy Harris cow will be out there will be out there trolling the Queers to see if any of them are “smoking each other…

  21. Hey Jack, you are starting to look more and more “in name” with simple notations like Gregg Owens. Keep it up and I might mistake you for him….

  22. owens is busy trying to get his lip-print on Moeller’s ass Jeremy

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