From “Three Nuts and a Boldt” to “Darling of the Columbian.” Just Sell Out the Voters

by lewwaters

With the primary election just a few weeks away from us, the local newspaper of record, also known as the unofficial daily newsletter of the Democrat Party, the Columbian is making their usual endorsements for the top two primary. Who they endorse if more than two candidates in a race is as predictable as the sun rising every morning.

Conservative Republicans really don’t stand much of a chance when it comes to their endorsements, although RINO’s (Republican in Name Only) stand a little better chance. The more they have abandoned their conservative base to embrace a liberal position, the better their chance.

Such is the case in the Columbian’s recent endorsement for Clark County Board of Commissioners, District 2.

Four candidates are running for this position, incumbent Marc Boldt, allegedly a Republican, Roman Battan, a young Democrat that has never held office before, former one-term Vancouver City Council member Pat Campbell who claims no party preference and very successful businessman and owner of US Digital, David Madore, a conservative Republican.

Boldt, once considered a strong conservative who the Columbian labeled “an embarrassment to Clark County” in the 1997 Tom Koenninger editorial, “THREE NUTS AND A BOLDT”? THE REAL ISSUE IS COMPETENCE seems of late to have gained the favor of the paper.

In Boldt’s first run for County Commission in 2004, exiting the state legislature, the Columbian endorsed his opponent, Vancouver City Council member Jeanne ‘Gavel Down’ Harris saying, “Rep. Marc Boldt has served earnestly in his five terms in Olympia, but as a state lawmaker looking down, he lacks Harris’ experience and knowledge of county issues as a city politician looking up.”

The same endorsement also said of Boldt, “He is not in Harris’ league in terms of preparation and skill required for this tough job.”

Marc Boldt won the election defeating Ms. Harris 53.13% to 46.87%.

Shortly after, environmental activist Steve Stuart was appointed to replace outgoing commissioner Craig Pridemore, retaining the 2 to 1 favor for Democrats on the Commission.

For whatever reason, be it because he came under the influence of two Liberal Democrats or some shady back room deals were made, Marc began slowly supporting more and more Liberal views as a County Commissioner, still laying claim to being a conservative Republican.

Fast forward to 2008 and Marc Boldt is up for reelection, again facing Jeanne ‘Gavel Down’ Harris. After years of demeaning editorials and calls of what an “embarrassment” he was to Clark County, the Columbian wrote in endorsing him, “His work with the Department of Social and Health Services stood out, his voting record was consistent with his word, and he proved to be a lawmaker of character, empathy and cooperation during 10 years as a state rep. Boldt impressed us over the years with his thorough understanding and attention, plus a bipartisan team attitude” and “Boldt has brought his same thoughtful approach to the Board of Commissioners as he did to the state Legislature.”

Boldt, still campaigning as a conservative Republican defeated Ms. Harris by just about the same margin.

During his time as a County Commissioner, Marc Boldt has voted to approve an ordinance that would allow firearms to be confiscated in times of an emergency as was seen in New Orleans, Louisiana after hurricane Katrina.

Commissioner Boldt flipped on supporting C-Tran tax increases, supported the Columbia River Crossing and tolling citizens crossing it as well as supporting light rail, even though Clark County citizens have indicated 3 times we do not want Portland’s financially plagued light rail line extended into our community. He maintains citizens should be allowed to vote again on light rail, but has joined efforts stonewalling that vote while plans move ahead for it.

In 2010 he endorsed former environmental activist and Democrat Steve Stuart for reelection over a Republican candidate and of late has indicated he will endorse Democrat Roman Battan over Republican David Madore should he not be chosen in the top two primary in August.

In 2008, along with reelecting marc Boldt, the county also elected conservative Republican Tom Mielke, giving a clear indication that voters desired the County Commission to move to the right. Boldt, though, continued to move to the left, siding with Stuart more often than not. At one point, Boldt is quoted saying that if he and Stuart didn’t work out compromises, he said, “We’d never get anything done.”

It must escape him that if he had sided with Commissioner Mielke, things would still get done, just in the direction voters indicated we wanted the County Commission to move.

After several months of trying to get Boldt to attend a meeting with Clark County Republican Party leaders, Boldt finally attended one and was sanctioned by the party for his conduct, denying him a speaking position at the County Convention, blocking his using Party resources and voter lists in his campaign and removing his photo from website and wall of the Party headquarters.

Although strictly an internal matter within the party, 4 months after the sanctions were put in place and within days of David Madore announcing his candidacy to oppose Boldt, the Columbian distorted the sanctions and the reasoning behind them causing of firestorm of support for Boldt from local Democrats as covered by Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head and Sanctioning Commissioner Boldt Was the Right Thing for the Clark County GOP To Do.

It comes as no surprise that even though the Republican Party is backing Businessman David Madore for County Commissioner, the Columbian stands behind Marc Boldt and inexperienced Democrat Roman Battan by endorsing both, demeaning David Madore as “a polarizing force in the community,” and adding “we generally support those who aren’t in that position.”

Unless, of course, that “polarizing force” happens to be a Democrat as we have seen in many past endorsements.

David Madore’s major crime appears to be that he sides with citizens by opposing the CRC as currently designed and tolling us into infinity.

Commenters in support of Boldt claim Madore “doesn’t understand how government works.”

Given the dysfunction we have seen for so long from government for so long, I’d rather see a man who has built a multi-million dollar business from the ground up, employs 117 people, offers over 30 non-profits free office space in his company building and is debt free coming in to begin making needed changes to get government back on track.

With Marc Boldt, it’s just more of the same waste and ram rodding ordinances and projects off on us whether we want them or not.

I invite you to look over David Madore’s website, look at his stand on the issues and contact him if you have any questions. He is a very approachable person and is wishing to help Clark County Citizens “Prosper and Thrive.”

We are in our 4th year straight of double digit unemployment while many current elected leaders turn a blind eye to our plight and just keep raising taxes and fees on us, Marc Boldt included.

Electing David Madore and keeping Tom Mielke in his seat as County Commissioner will finally see the County Commission moving right as we desired it to back in 2008.

10 Comments to “From “Three Nuts and a Boldt” to “Darling of the Columbian.” Just Sell Out the Voters”

  1. I’m Marc Boldt’s brother-in-law and I approve this message.

  2. Thank you, Lew, for the historic perspective and the thoroughness of this analysis. ‘Really appreciate it!

  3. Better watch yourself Lew. I dared make negative comments about Boldt on the C’s website and that Fascist they have running the site sent me a shitty verbal warning about it. I was not polite in my response, and that was the last time I ever posted there, and never will again. I f you’re not careful Lew, they might not like you as much as they do now…..

    I still say the worst thing you can do to the Columbian is ignore them completely. Don’t buy their newspaper, don’t read or comment on their website or even give them a hit on their server. Especially don’t advertize with them, or do anything else that puts money in their pockets. If you must read a newspaper then read the Oregonian.

  4. Don’t be fooled, Bob, they don’t like me already.

    It’s a case of keep your friends close and your enemies closer 😉

    I don’t disagree with anything else you said.

  5. Must be the weather, now bringing out the seriously misguided:

    David Webb · Top Commenter
    Tom Sharples: I realize fairness is not in your dictionary, but if you were, it is was, you might want to call off your lap dog Lew Waters. There is a dog in my neighborhood that barks all the time. We’ve tried being nice to it, tried scolding it – it just keeps barking. Now we just dislike the owners and ignore Lew Waters.
    Reply · 1 · Like · 15 minutes ago

    Tom Sharples · Top Commenter · President & CTO at Qorvus Systems, Inc.
    David apparently a grip on reality isn’t in yours. Lew and I see eye to eye about some issues and are polar opposites on others. If you had looked around out here, you’d have spotted that right away. He is certainly not my “lapdog” altho I imagine he’d get a real kick out of hearing that someone thought so 🙂

  6. Apparently Mr. Webb ain’t too bright 😉

    Funny how liberals despise that first amendment,,, for others, isn’t it?

    Thanks Tom, I needed a good laugh

  7. Well the Columbian got it wrong again, no surprise. David Madore is one of the most logical minded and caring spirited men I have ever met. I can not see him responding toward anyone with malice or ill intent. He simply put differs in opinion from the pack of far left leaning politicians we know here as Marc Boldt, Steve Stuart, Tim Leavitt, Jeanne Harris, Larry Smith, Bart Hansen, Jack Burkman and not least of which is Jim Moeller. No surprise there either since I believe that the majority of the people would differ in opinion from the above listed pack if they had the inside track numbers and actual facts surrounding the CRC and lite rail. Anytime that the political pundits start “compromising between states” as Moeller put it you know something is not right. I doubt many of the jobs to do the work will be from local workforces even. The union people might be just as surprised the people in Joplin are with foreign workers getting the “rebuild” jobs or Walla Walla with their new infra-structure and its jobs being done by out of state and foreign workers, or perhaps the new bridge in San Francisco which is being built by chinese workers shipped in. You just never know who these guys are sidling up to. The one thing you do know is that David Madore is right about the cost being inaccurately reported, the short term jobs being overstated, the loss of businesses in our town, this will all cause even more jobs lost period. David cares about our community and wants to see us thrive. So…. where is the polarizing?

  8. “The greatest enemy that the people of Clarke County face every day is The Columbian”…

  9. At this point, I really have not decided one way or the other in any of the races. I do believe in looking at a candidate’s actions before and after an election, do you my computational and common sense ideals, go visit their web sites, talk to them personally if I can and finally and probably soon enough, I shall be voting on the primary ballot.

    We shall see how they all do soon. Then the real 4th of July fireworks BEGIN!

  10. Odd that this time around, Marc doesn’t have an endorsement page on his web site. I guess he didn’t like my page capture of his democrat support. This used to be his link for that, until he took it down:

    Now it just goes to his title page. Guess he doesn’t want us to see that the democratian, democrats Betty Sue Morris and Steve Stuart and democrat former Camas mayor Paul Dennis endorse him, eh?

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