Just How Uncivil Can Democrats Get?

by lewwaters

At a time when our discourse has become so sharply polarized – at a time when we are far too eager to lay the blame for all that ails the world at the feet of those who think differently than we do – it’s important for us to pause for a moment and make sure that we are talking with each other in a way that heals, not a way that wounds.”
Barack Obama January 12, 2011

Simple words spoken by Barack Obama shortly after the tragic and senseless shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona in January 2011. Words many thought might help quell the rising rhetoric and unsubstantiated blaming of the shooting on any and everything conservative or Republican.

And words all too many Democrats ignored as their party whipped people into a lynch mob frenzy of hate towards President George W. Bush during his 8 years in office and since.

Words that today many Democrats like to throw back at Republicans after they finish assailing a Republican and tired of just taking it all of the time, the Republican throws back at them.

There has always been spirited discussions, friendly ribbing or heated arguments between people of different ideology, but we used to be able to put that aside and accomplish much together.

Those days seem far in the past as ever since President narrowly won the 2000 election, Democrats have increased the pitch of their vitriol to the point that even children singing God Bless The USA are not exempt any longer as they lash out at the children of conservatives and Republicans.

We even see such meanness locally and increasing as once again, we are in an election year for the Presidency and several other offices at state and local level.

It has been reported to me that while one of our female candidates was out doorbelling neighborhoods with her grandson, as candidates from both parties do, the vitriol we have seen increasing from liberals came at her from not just one, but two households in the same neighborhood.

She said, “Yesterday while out walking a precinct I encountered a man who asked me whether I was Democrat or Republican. I obviously answered Republican to wit he yelled ‘You have to be f***ing stupid in the head if after George Bush and Dick Cheney you are still a Republican! Get off my property’!”

She left and met up with her grandson walking back from the home next door. The grandson reported that when he rang the door bell and the homeowner answered, he said, “Hello, I am out ringing doors today to pass out flyers for my grandmother who is running for the state house. She is a great woman. May I give you this flyer sir?”

The man grabbed the flyer from the boys’ hands saying “your grandma sucks” while ripping it up in front of him and throwing it on the ground.

Is this really what our community has descended to, adults insulting and cussing children for supporting their grandmother if she is a Republican?

It’s bad enough with sign vandalism and theft out of people’s yards, but to attack children and cuss out a female candidate who stops by your door just to introduce herself is just getting to be much.

We joke about Jehovah’s Witnesses stopping by to proselytize and even they receive better treatment than Democrats now show candidates.

I hope these two insensitive hate filled neighbors are in a distinct minority and the rest of you will stop and think about what you are doing and why you hate others so much.

Candidates, Democrat, Republican and Independent deserve better. They have volunteered to stick their necks out to try to improve the conditions of our community and to represent all of us in the community at the state government.

They know not everybody is receptive to their ideas and message, but a polite no thank you is all that needs said, especially if a child wishes to share a flyer on behalf of his grandmother.

It’s long past time we took to heart once again the words of Abraham Lincoln spoken back in 1858, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The country was on the brink of collapse to the point that we ended up in a bloody civil war with brother killing brother.

Are we far away from a repeat when even children are cussed out at your door and you cannot find a civil word to say to someone because their political views differ from yours?

Disagreeing is not racist or even demeaning, it’s just disagreeing.

Democrats have long demanded civility, but I have yet to see any coming from many within the party membership.

Wake up, People. The rhetoric about Republicans want you to die, war on women, want to starve your children, steal from you and such is a lie. Why do you fall for the divisive rhetoric coming at you in campaign emails and through the Television from party leaders?

Most of all think about what you are teaching your own children in how to address others, you included when they grow older and disagree with you.

6 Comments to “Just How Uncivil Can Democrats Get?”

  1. Hopefully this helps people to be more pleasant. The hostile attitude is so unnecessary.
    Thanks for reminding us to all be civil. A little lesson in manners would tell one to smile and say no thank you.
    The three “r’s” is what I call them…
    Rights are mine and others,
    Respect for self and others,
    Responsibility for our actions.
    We should all go back to practicing them!


  2. In viewing the video – It looked as thougth there was a policewoman standing by the tree and another policeman to the left of her. They should have intervened.


  3. That’s part of the problem, Debbie. Too many in positions of authority stand by and do nothing. But let one of us step in to protect and defend the children, we go to jail.


  4. It has been said many times before that “Liberalism is a terminal brain disease for which there is no cure except death”.The Left continues to prove that statement every day, over and over again.ad infinitum.


  5. Hey Lew – Have you ever thought that our local newspaper might try and do a hit piece at some point on you? Or do you have enough clout that you think they might pay for such a thievery…..


  6. Of course the left screams vitriol … they THINK they are correct in their views. They do not accept even a fraction of a chance that they’re wrong about anything. Therefore, anyone who disagrees with them is “stupid” or “crazy.”

    Of course, most liberals are also devoid of any reasoned arguments to support their positions and once they’ve spouted the latest “talking points” they have nothing left but to spout insults and invective. Read Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals for the typical procedure: First lie about your positions as acquiring power is the most important goal. Second, tear down your opponents and marginalize them as much as possible.


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