Representing Constituent Views Earns Commissioner Mielke the Columbian’s Scorn

by lewwaters

Predictable, the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter of the Democrat Party in Clark County has now endorsed a straight Democrat ticket in the Primary Election coming in August. Oh, they’ll claim they endorsed a “Republican” with Marc Boldt, who left his conservative base in the dust long ago to embrace the Liberal Democrat values, but the release of their endorsement for Democrats Joe Tanner and Ron Barca completes the picture of desiring a one party rule on the Clark County Commission.

Ever since Tom Mielke, a Vietnam Veteran Decorated for Combat Valor when he served with the 82nd Airborne in Vietnam, won a narrow victory over Democrat Pam Brokaw in 2008, the lackeys at the Columbian have written everything negative about the man they could find. Unlike Marc Boldt, Mielke votes the conservative view as the conservatives who elected him would expect.

Trying to look out for the well-being of taxpayers, keeping taxes reasonable, questioning the boondoggle CRC and ramming Portland’s light rail down Clark County Citizen’s throats against our will and opposing construction of $24 Million baseball stadium to house a losing minor league team earns Mielke the label of the “No guy” from the Columbian.

In the past 4 years, you will be hard pressed to find a kind word about the man in the pages of the Columbian.

On the other hand, the two Democrats they endorse, former legislator from over two decades ago and Ron Barca, a member of the Planning Commission (I think we all have seen just how well plans have gone in the County) and what he calls himself, a “lean practitioner” at Boeing earn praise as “High-quality candidates” from the Columbian, in large part because both support the crippling Columbia River Crossing with Portland’s financially plagued light rail Clark County will be expected to bail out with more of our tax dollars floating across the Columbian River to the South instead of being put to use in our own community.

Both Barca and Tanner are credited with running on job creation (what candidate isn’t this election?) leading them to that Tanner is, “well-qualified for his top campaign issue: jobs” due to what they say is “an admirable record as a leader in the business world.”
They either didn’t do their homework or ignored what is easily found.

Tanner states “From 1992 to 2000 he was a top executive with Drypers Corp., a diaper manufacturing company with locations in Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Colombia.”

Interestingly enough, Drypers history states, “The company suffered losses of $15.5 million in 1995, and after debuting at $14.50 per share the previous year its stock plummeted to lows of less than $4 per share,” in part due to a price war with competitors.

In spite of some recovery, “after reorganizing and consolidating manufacturing facilities,” the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2000, selling off their North American assets to Hong Kong-based DSG International Ltd in March 2001.

Just how or under what conditions Joe Tanner’s employment as “a top executive with Drypers” ended is not stated. But, it does not leave me feeling comfortable about his claim of “Economic development will be his No. 1 goal.”

One can only imagine whether or not, when the company reorganized and consolidated manufacturing facilities while he was “a top executive,” it included shipping any jobs overseas or laying workers off as they “right-sized.”

Ten years later, the Vancouver, Washington manufacturing arm, Associated Hygienic Products closed their doors in the midst of this “Great Recession.”

At the 2012 Democrat Party Convention, Tanner had this to say in part of his speech, along with generous portions of bashing Tom Mielke and Republicans in general,

Full speech may be viewed here

Just what is a “Smokestack Economy?” defines it as, “A basic manufacturing industry, such as cars, steel, rubber, paper, and chemicals. Often cyclical.”

Not unlike Boeing where Ron Barca is employed and in the words of V.P. Biden, “it means a three-letter word, J-O-B-S.”

And just where is Clark County’s economy at today? We are in our 4th straight year of double digit unemployment and are in desperate need of private sector jobs. But Tanner sounds opposed to such jobs even though we have many citizens unemployed and unable to find any jobs in our own community.

Tanner also boasts of bringing the 4-year campus of the University of Washington down to Clark County, which is good. But what has that done to help with the county’s continued high unemployment and so many of our residents being forced to seek work in Oregon instead of within our own community?

The University of Washington even appears now to favor enrolling foreign students and out of state students over our own Washington Students.

Is that really something to boast about?

And those “Smokestack Economy” manufacturing jobs Tanner seems to discredit? We need those jobs, not only in Clark County, but in America as well. In February 2012 the Atlantic ran an article that concluded, “While America’s manufacturing sector no longer lords over our economy as in the past, it’s still a crucial force. It is more innovative and pays higher wages than other industries. Because that’s likely to be the case for the foreseeable future, public policy should support a healthy manufacturing sector.”

Yet those very jobs Joe Tanner scorns and would not like to see in Clark County, based upon is words.

I live in District 1 of Clark County. I have met and spoken with both Joe Tanner and Tom Mielke. I can see how the Columbian has set out from the start to demean, denigrate and bash Tom Mielke at every step with hopes of putting the Clark County Commission into full Democrat Party control to support bankrupting taxpayers to pay for tolls and increased taxes to bail out Portland’s financially plagued Metro.

Tom Mielke has been the lone voice of sanity to rein in spending and excessive tax increases on us. He has stood his ground on our behalf and taken it in the backside from the Columbian and Democrats.

Mielke is a man of strong character who sees what Clark County must do in order to return to a viable community with low unemployment and reasonable taxes.

My support remains with Tom Mielke

14 Responses to “Representing Constituent Views Earns Commissioner Mielke the Columbian’s Scorn”

  1. With two Ds being pushed by The Columbian in the primary, you should be happy at least with the likely outcome Lew. They split the D vote and Tom therefore is one of the top two moving on to the general

    I attended the candidates forum and was impressed with Tom’s responses. The Columbian sure trashed him though.

  2. John, I have little doubt that it will be Mielke and Tanner going on to the general. I have thought that all along and even told Tanner that at one of our lunch meetings.

    Tom is not what he has been made out to be, as we both know.

  3. And unless putting a candidate sign every 50 feet throughout the county guarantees your election, Mielke will trounce Tanner in the general IMO. ho-hum

  4. LOL, John. I guess I’m not the only one to notice an over abundance of Tanner signs 😉

  5. Of course the Columbian endorsed two Democrats. That is the expected behavior from the left-stream media — and is why I think that conservatives do without paid subscriptions to such publications.

  6. Interesting that you would meet with both Tanner and Mielke, yet you refused an offer to meet with the new batch of PCO candidates before you started maligning them. . . Just sayin’ . . . .

  7. I’ve met with several Ron Paul supporters over the years, Sean.

    Katja and Michael Delavar, James Randall and others whose names escape me right now.

    Nothing has changed from back then so what is the need?

    Why not just be honest about your PCO group being a front for Ron Paul?

    Just sayin.

  8. Mielke was also the only Commissioner to come out against the baseball stadium from the get-go, correctly pointing out the County had no business getting involved in yet another private enterprise boondoggle.

    IMO he is the most fiscally responsible of the three, and I wish the county would downsize even further. We have a spending problem, not a revenue problem. Have you all enjoyed your increased property tax bill?

  9. Tom has worked at helping to get the breaks needed for impact fees structured in an attempt to boost economic development in our county. Short term waivers of partial fees based on type of industry and numbers of people employed, that remain employed for five years or longer. NOT complete waivers of fees and property taxes for nothing other than high density housing. He is a jobs man people.

  10. Lew, The PCO group has nothing to do with Ron Paul. Last I looked he wasn’t running for any of the local positions – that may have changed since his presidential bid has evaporated, I’m sure you would know more about that than I. Have you met with myself? Mark Engleman? Nick Yonko? Christian Berrigan? Lisa Phifer Ross? Not one of them a Ron Paul supporter. You’re throwing around the Ron Paul label like liberals use the word “racist.” Consequently there’s no coherent exchange of information going on here, because no one feels they should be defending themselves against baseless and irrelevant assertions. I’ve several times offered to get you together with a group of us – we’ll exclude the Ron Paul supporters if it makes you feel better – and give you the down-low on what we’re really about instead of having you keep blogging about something you think you know about but haven’t a clue.

    If nothing else it would be good for you to meet some new faces in the Clark County Republican landscape. It’s not like we’re going away.

  11. No thanks, I had my fill of Paulbots long ago

    Now if you don’t mind, I would appreciate a return to the topic of this post, the County Commission race.

    Any more on Ron Paul will be deleted.

  12. Comment deleted by admin. Off topic and ad hominem

  13. Looks like another Paulbot can’t take “no” for an answer. It’s endemic.

    That said, you nailed it here. The only way to go from a faux-indignation and a demand to resign from the legislature to an endorsement is to become a democratian butt boy.


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