The Definition of Insanity: Voting For Democrats and Hoping For A Change

by lewwaters

In just a few days, we all should be receiving out ballots to vote in the Top-Two Primary Election to decide out of all of the candidates vying for varying offices just which two advances on to the November General Election. With this being a Presidential Election year we will see several names to select from, some we know and more than likely many more we don’t know.

But we voters will make our selections known, most of us casting our ballots in hopes of seeing the dismal economy and high unemployment we continue to see in Clark County change. Candidates, some incumbents hoping to stay in office and challengers hoping to replace them will try to form a message they hope will resonate with us.

Democrat or Republican, we’re going to hear they want to cut our taxes, create jobs, change how things work and much more. None will come out and actually say they intend to raises our taxes or that they have no power to create jobs other than to back off of government regulations, taxes and fees that are currently stifling job growth for so long.

And of course, we will hear how they will make the CRC light rail project from Portland, Oregon transparent and more efficient while others will tell us they oppose it and it doesn’t need built as planned.

What we as voters must be more diligent at is wading through their claims and making better decisions on who to retain and who to replace. Many voters won’t look any further than the party preference; blindly voting for who they believe will give them the most and not taking into consideration where the funds will come from.

We must also take into consideration the dismal conditions of our economy, Clark County locked in its 4th straight year of double digit unemployment and just which party has wielded power for over a decade, holding not only the Governor’s office for well over 2 decades but both houses of the legislature, Democrats.

Democrats have increased state spending to unsustainable amounts and every year the last few years have faced multi-Billion budget deficits while refusing to rein in their out of control spending. This last year we saw a $1.5 Billion budget gap placed on the back burner while Democrats opted instead to waste half of the session to ram homosexual marriage through.

Yet somehow, we are to believe the problems are caused by the minority Republicans who have tried to keep taxes reasonable, focus on the budget and rein in the outrageous over spending.

Locally, we see 2 County Commissioners up for reelection with both facing formidable opponents. Both claim to be Republican, but only one acts like a Republican, Tom Mielke. Mielke remains the lone voice of fiscal sanity on the county commission by opposing boondoggles the other two commissioners, Marc Boldt, allegedly a Republican but who abandoned his base long ago and environmental activist turned politician, Steve Stuart continue to vote in. Boldt had a brief moment of sanity by voting down the entertainment tax that was wanted to pay for an unneeded and expensive stadium to host a Podunk minor league team on a 9 year losing streak. But Boldt has consistently supported forcing us to accept Portland’s financially failing light rail in a project projected to approach $10 Billion with Clark county residents being stuck with the lion’s share of paying for the project through tolls.

Tom Mielke opposes the CRC as designed while both of his major Democrat opponents, Joe Tanner and Ron Barca both support it. But, both Democrats would have us believe they will look out for Clark County citizens.

Barca even goes so far as to have said at the Democrats county convention in April that we are not part of Portland. Yet, he supports sticking us with a lifetime of payments to bring Portland into our community over the light rail we have rejected 3 times.

Tanner boasts of changing from a “smokestack economy,” one where there used to be good paying manufacturing jobs throughout the county and happily pointing to how the county is today, not recognizing we are still in double digit unemployment with no end in sight. Tanner also indicated how it is the Republicans who have messed up our economy, ignoring t hat Democrats have had the majority in the legislature and county commission for far too long.

Barca and Tanner both received the endorsement of the Columbian newspaper, more commonly referred to as the unofficial daily newsletter of the Democrat Party.

Boldt is facing successful Vancouver Businessman, David Madore who created his company, U.S. Digital from scratch several years ago into a multi-million dollar concern employing over 100 people and offering free office space to over 30 non-profits. Boldt is also facing Democrat Roman Battan, a political novice.

David Madore is well known for this opposition to the CRC and calls for a sustainable project that the community can afford. Boldt has supported it all along and recently, tried to appear concerned what it is going to cost Clark County citizens by calling for an “advisory committee” to set the amount of bridge tolls. He’s not opposed, mind you, just wants to appear concerned even though many of us have been screaming out about how much tolls will hurt our community for several years, David Madore amongst them.

Bolt and Battan received the Columbian’s endorsement, in large part because the Columbian also supports such a massive undertaking, whether we can afford it or not. Boldt is what we more commonly refer to as a ‘RINO.’

Moving on, we see that the 49th Legislative District wholly contained in Clark County has been under Democrats thumb for far too many years now. We have had as Senator Craig Pridemore, who is running for State Auditor this year instead of the Senate and who once famously said, “I think the Senate has balanced the budget on the backs of the poor and powerless,” as he cast the deciding vote on a tax increase in 2005.

Running to replace him are Democrat Annette Cleveland, in her first ever run for public office and who is heavily back by public unions who see a change in the power in Olympia as detrimental to their continued increases on the backs of the private sector.

Opposing her is Republican Eileen Qutub, a former Oregon legislator who sees we must change course in Olympia if we are to return to a viable thriving state.

The 49th also sees two other Democrats, Sharon Wylie, nominated to replace Jim Jacks last year after he abruptly walked out mid-session on constituents and Jim Moeller, the legislator who was largely responsible for putting the budget gap on the backburner in order to push homosexual marriage through this last session.

Moeller is noted for not seeing a tax he doesn’t like as when he pushed through a complicated and controversial ‘Candy Tax’ that was overturned by voters. He is also known for suing constituents to invalidate our votes after the 4th time we have voted in a requirement of a 2/3 supermajority for increasing our taxes.

Wylie has remained fairly quiet in her short time in office, but was seen taking House Speaker Frank Chopp’s recommendation last year to change her yes vote to a no vote on a tax increase just prior to last years’ elections, providing her a chance to say she voted against a tax increase shoe otherwise supported.

Running against Wylie is Republican Debbie Peterson who has an impressive knowledge of the overspending and over taxing that has us in such trouble.

Running to replace Moeller is Republican Carolyn Crain who has owned a small business and also has a keen understanding of how our economy stands on the brink of collapse and what changes must occur to save it.

The 17th Legislative District also has some interesting races as Democrats have placed heavy focus on attaining more legislative power there by craftily allowing the challenger to Republican 4 term State Senator Don Benton, representative Tim Probst, who resigns his House seat to run against Benton, to appear like a fiscal conservative, opposed to tax and spending increases.

They do this by allowing him to vote no on spending bills they know will easily pass without his vote and when he campaigns, he has a record of voting no.

But what people do not pay much attention to is that nearly every bill Probst as proposed would call for spending to increase.

Benton, on the other hand, has consistently opposed massive tax and spending increases n worked hard to bring spending under control, running into a brick wall with the Democrat Majority.

Democrats are salivating to replace Benton by fronting a candidate they hope to convince voters is just like Benton when he is anything but. Once he is in, he will be there for 4 years promoting more spending alongside his party.

Running to replace Probst in the House is Julie Olson, Republican President of the Ridgefield School Board and Democrat Monica Stonier, who also ran in 2010 losing to Republican Paul Harris.

While Olson has her head on straight and has experience leading the school district with what resources are available, Stonier comes with hollow promises of job creation, cutting taxes and more. We also cannot forget how after losing in her 17th district race, when Jacks walked out on constituents, she quickly moved into the 49th district to make a run for the nomination to replace him. Told she still had not established residency to qualify, she told a tale of how she was in the process of moving her family into the 49th and really wouldn’t have the time to run.

And now, she is somehow back in the 17th district and running for a seat there again. Can you spell opportunist?

Stonier failed to secure the Columbian’s endorsement in 2010 for the primary, they saying of her then, “she also sings pitch-perfect the talking point serenades of the Washington Education Association, the teachers’ union. Stonier shows no inclination to force public employees to incur the same pay and benefits sacrifices that private-sector workers have suffered.”

In other words, same old, same old.

In the days ahead I will be presenting more information on these races and others in the 18th Legislative District. But for now, if you really want change, it is time to make changes.

I wouldn’t replace those who have fought against all odds for us, Tom Mielke and Don Benton, but the rest of the incumbents who have consistently voted against our best interests must be replaced.

Marc Boldt should be voted out and David Madore voted in.

Eileen Qutub should receive our votes to be the 49th district Senator.

Don Benton is well worth keeping over Tim Probst.

Jim Moeller and Sharon Wylie should be voted out and replaced with Carolyn Crain and Debbie Peterson.

Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Returning these bleeding hearts, tax & spend Democrats, along with Marc Boldt is just that, insane.

22 Comments to “The Definition of Insanity: Voting For Democrats and Hoping For A Change”

  1. The incumbent county commissioner Boldt voted to raise property taxes 6 years in a row, 2005-2010.
    In those same years, county employees cadillac benefits allowd a zero contribution by employees for insurance coverage, including healthcare! No contribution to premiums, the county taxpayers footed the bill and annual increases completely.County holidays and compensation were increased , (to celebrate the recession?)
    Boldt agressively pushed an unnecessary C-Tran tax hike with a robocall, and promoting the tax hike in the voter pamphlet. Even though C-Tran had many tens of $MILLIONS in reserve and could readily provide service for many years with no tax rate hike. Incumbent Mielke did not act to promote the C-Tran tax hike. The c-tran “fact” sheets sent out contained misleading and inaccurate information, which the board knew in advance and still mailed out. We need leaders who don’t raise county taxes and benefits continuously, especially during a recession. Incumbent Mielke opposed the 2009 tax hike, and reduced the 2010 tax hike, and would work for more affordable county services.
    Tom Mielke and David Madore would best serve Clark County as commissioners.


  2. If we are going to once again thrive we must change the people who are directing the course of our state. The only way out of this mess is to regain sovereign control of our county by legislative action with defined language on any interlocal intergovernmental agreements contractual between the state of Oregon’s Metro Service District and our own government branches. Our success is 100% on the table with this voting cycle and we could lose for many years if we get it wrong but… We have everything to gain this election!


  3. Margaret Tweet hasn’t responded to my posts regarding the response she received from Chief Swinhart regarding the lack of a NO committee regarding the EMS tax in Camas. She was provided all the information she inquired about, yet continued on with misleading letters to the editors of the Post Record and the Columbian, completely disregarding the information she received.

    Why are you deliberately trying to mislead voters, Ms. Tweet? Isn’t the truth enough for you?

    You also have a complete and utter lack of understanding of the difference between rates and actual taxes paid.

    For someone that has tried to hold certain City of Camas council members’ feet to the fire on ethics issues, you sure lack them yourself.

    I know this is off topic from this article, Lew. However, Margaret Tweet appears to be hiding from the fact that she wrote misleading letters to the editor and won’t acknowledge the response she received from Chief Swinhart. Seems rather cowardly to me.


  4. Yes, we know Greg. Everybody but you and Mike Briggs are misleading, lying, taking things out of context or covering up.

    We’re used to it by now as well as your trying to highjack posts to suit your whims.


  5. Lew, I have the documentation. If you would like, I can certainly post it here, but I didn’t do it out of concern that it was off topic.


  6. Why not post it on your own blog and not try to highjack this one, Greg?

    As you acknowledged, you’re off topic.

    Further efforts to highjack this post will result in the deletion of your comment.


  7. Thank you, sir. May I have another? 😉


  8. Blogsites are available at no charge, Greg.

    WordPress and blogger both offer them and with your own, you are free to rant and rave as much as you wish about anything you wish.


  9. “WordPress and blogger both offer them and with your own, you are free to rant and rave as much as you wish about anything you wish.”

    But that wouldn’t be any fun for Greg, Lew. Other than Mike, who would bother to read them ??


  10. Shucks, Tom. I was looking forward to highjacking his posts 😉


  11. Apparently, Tom, YOU would read them, as you choose to follow me all about on the Columbian and go so far as to chart my activity. That is your responsibility as a PCO, isn’t it, as you explained to me, right?


  12. Greg it’s my responsibility as a PCO on widely-read public venues where you endlessly bash real Republican candidates! Your blog wouldn’t qualify! So I promise: I won’t follow you there 😉


  13. “The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.

    When one party moves this far from the mainstream, it makes it nearly impossible for the political system to deal constructively with the country’s challenges.”

    Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein


  14. And why are we to accept the words of a couple of leftwing nutters?

    Nice try, Nathan, but it doesn’t change the fact that our state has been under the stranglehold of Democrats for over a decade, Republicans being powerless to stop their agenda and our state is failing rapidly.

    Your nutters hateful quote does not change any of that.


  15. Lew, what makes that quote hateful? The first & last parts are opinion but what about the meat?
    scornful of compromise – yes
    unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science – yes
    dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition – yes

    Just curious?


  16. What makes it hateful is that is a lie to assume only Republican Party leaders are not willing to compromise.

    The tone is designed, in my opinion, as a hammer to beat us over the head with.

    Could the writers not be making the same claim about Patty Murray today with her announcement of letting the middle class flounder unless she gets the tax increases she and her party are demanding?


  17. My point is that one can be a good conservative without resorting to the extreme radical agenda of the current GOP, most of which is not conservative at all.


  18. Hmmm… Doesn’t qualify as hateful. I’m listening to you but “No Compromise” still seems like a Conservative Value. I don’t really have anything more to say on the subject. Thank you for responding.


  19. From where I sit, that “extreme radical agenda of the current GOP” is often more in line with the “extreme radical agenda of the current Democrat Party” of spending us into oblivion, raising the debt limit whenever they run out of money (frequently) and embracing leftist views.

    We have left the very foundation that made our country great to imitate the crumbling building blocks of other nations that are failing.

    We are the number one debtor nation on the planet and their plan is to borrow more to overcome it?


  20. Strange that you cannot see Patty Murray’s refusal to compromise as long as her party is the majority, Martin.


  21. It’s hard to find a party that is more “extreme and radical” than the Democrat Party.


  22. Thanks for sharing, Lew. I loved to read this piece from you.


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