Rob McKenna Favors Letting Homosexuals into the Boy Scouts

by lewwaters

It seems that Rob McKenna is finally stripping away any semblance to conservatism that he once tried to mask himself in. It’s almost as if he has decided conservatives and our values mean absolutely nothing and he expects liberal Democrats to flee Jay Inslee and vote for him instead.

Most of us realize he is a moderate, a RINO if you will and has taken strides to prove he opposes many conservative values while issuing statements at times that he might have some support for conservatism.

We saw this as he scrambled to perform damage control after he let it be known he disagreed with the rest of the conservative Republicans on appealing Obamacare after the Supreme Court ruled it constitutional as a tax penalty.

We saw it as he fought all the way to the Supreme Court to release the names, addresses and signatures of all those people who signed R-71, the referendum to allow or deny the “everything but marriage” domestic partnership law, even though it was well known by him that homosexual activists wanted to information to contact people opposed to their agenda and have “uncomfortable conversations” with them.

Some of us thought maybe he was waking up when he said he opposed homosexual marriage, but after today I even question if he really does or was just blowing smoke.

As most of us know, the Boy Scouts of America placed a complete ban on homosexuals volunteering as leaders in Scout Troops long ago after a series of scathing lawsuits and scandals involving homosexual pedophile adult men that had molested some of the young boys.

While I have been assured by some homosexuals I know that not all homosexuals are pedophiles and I have no reason to question that, how is one to tell which ones are and which ones may be? They don’t wear signs, after all.

Pedophiles that molest little girls are not likely to want to be Boy Scout leaders as their perversion is girls, not boys.

But to protect the young boys that are in the Boy Scouts, the BSA imposed a ban on allowing any homosexuals to volunteer and recently reaffirmed their two decade old ban that has withstood a U.S. Supreme Court challenge.

It is a sensible policy to prevent a repeat of what was seen years ago and to protect young boys from predators.

Rob McKenna seems to disagree with trying to protect small boys in the Boy Scouts as he came out today saying he disagreed with the Boy Scouts ban on homosexuals

McKenna campaign spokesman Charles McCray said McKenna has had

“some initial conversations with other Boy Scout volunteers in the state on how at least locally, the leaders out here could encourage the national organization to reconsider the national policy,” adding that removing the ban on homosexuals “[is]something that is on his radar.”

McKenna claims he opposes the states recently legislated homosexual marriage, but doesn’t oppose letting young boys possibly face homosexual predators again?

Shahram Hadian

Fortunately, we Washington State voters have a choice in Shahram Hadian, conservative Republican running for governor and who the establishment WSRP marginalizes as they promote RINO Rob McKenna.

Hadian’s campaign issued a statement this afternoon on the Boy Scouts ban,

“I applaud the boy scouts for standing on the core convictions and principles of their 102-year old organization. The Boy Scouts are a private organization, and as such, have every right to determine their membership and their values. The State of Washington, Governor Gregoire, Rob McKenna, and Jay Inslee have no business trying to force this private organization to change their policies to include homosexuals. I am proud of the Boy Scouts for standing on family values, and on maintaining the integrity of their historic organization.”

Hadian sees the importance of protecting our young from predators. McKenna would prefer to allow predators’ once again free access to young boys who join the Boy Scouts of America. Rob McKenna claims to have been an Eagle Scout, the highest rank achievable for boys in Scouting. Did he forget the oath we all took as Boy Scouts?

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight

It makes no sense to me that Rob McKenna, allegedly a Republican would favor giving homosexual predators’ open access to young boys again.

It makes no sense to me that I would be expected to support and vote for Rob McKenna knowing he would do so when there is a strong conservative candidate ready to lead our state courageously out of this mess we have been in for some time.

I urge you all to join me in wanting to protect our children from predators’ by voting for Shahram Hadian, governor of Washington State.

24 Comments to “Rob McKenna Favors Letting Homosexuals into the Boy Scouts”

  1. Homosexuals are child predators?


  2. The one that molested me when I was 11 years old sure was.


  3. “not all homosexuals are pedophiles and I have no reason to question that, how is one to tell which ones are and which ones may be? They don’t wear signs, after all.”

    That’s the problem. Banning homosexuals won’t do the scouts any good, because only those who are not child-molesters will admit to it. It didn’t work for the Catholic church either. So this banning of homosexuals from their membership, while it’s their legal right as a private organization, is completely pointless as a way to protect from pedophiles.


  4. Sorry Tom, but that made no sense to me.

    If a group carries higher risk of containing pedophiles (even though not all are), what would you do, open the doors and deal with after more boys are molested?

    That is what brought about the ban in the first place

    And it is a fallacy to say no homosexuals are pedophiles, some definitely are as we see often in the news of older males molesting younger males. Pedophilia yes, but homosexual too.

    It also makes no sense that the hate the Boy Scout groups were incensed over the scandal in the early 90’s and now demand they open their doors right back up for a likely repeat.


  5. Some interesting information for you, Lew. There is absolutely no reason to support the Boy Scouts’ position. However, I support any private group to have the right of voluntary association. It is a shame they take this stance, though. It really is unfounded hate and fear.

    McKenna just earned my vote. Gee…I bet that surprises you. But, I was actually considering Hadian. There is no room for discrimination at any level, conservative or not.


  6. I forgot to post the link:

    You should incorporate an edit capability if it is available.


  7. That doesn’t surprise me at all, Mr. “Republican.” 😉

    Funny thing, the Boy Scouts came under intense condemnation in the early 1990’s when it was discovered some homosexual predators had molested boys for some time. And now, they come under condemnation for taking steps to protect the boys from homosexual predators.

    They just can’t win, can they?


  8. My point is that gay child-molesters and pedophiles will hide that fact. If someone who is gay is also a child molester, and wants to use the Boy Scouts to further that aim, what makes you think they will admit to being gay? They’ll just pretend to be straight (and of course pretend not to be child-molesters) and try to get away with it. Just like all the bad Catholic priests have done.


  9. Yes, but homosexuals are coming out of the closet all over, since it is now not just accepted, but a lifestyle granted “protected class status.”

    Personally, I believe there is a lot more attraction in older homosexuals to younger boys than admitted in the homosexual community.

    Even if they do not molest the boys, what lifestyle are they teaching the boys?

    Sorry, but I do not accept homosexuality as just an innocent “alternate” lifestyle. They are free to live as they want with no interference from me, but I do draw the line.

    You also have to ask yourself, just why are homosexuals fighting so hard to get into the Boy Scouts, a private organization?


  10. Greg, unfortunately, WordPress does not offer me that capability to set commenters edits.

    I wish they did because I would incorporate in a heart beat.


  11. As you know, I strongly support “Gay Marriage” but gays in the Boy Scouts are lawsuits waiting to happen. The organization has already taken some major blows because of sex abuse. What possible answer could they reply in court when asked, “And you openly let these professed homosexuals mingle with young boys, is that right?” Bang,


  12. Lew,
    You don’t indicate you were ever a scout. Some of us were. Much scouting days were associated with the Seattle Council. Problems of a sexual nature were definitely dealt with given the knowledge of the time.

    My guess, like most, you were molested by a relative who was a pedophile first – either bisexual for homosexual secondarily- and likely married (closeted).

    I am with McKenna on this. He sure beats the Slade Gorton days in his stands as AG and certainly doesn’t want to run off with the pension money sticking it to the retirees and eventually the taxpayer like Inslee and Rossi. Between some labeling folks RINOS and DINOS then fighting over each other on this, reasonable people don’t have much of a chance anymore on politically charged blogs.


  13. Pat, not unusual, but you are making a lot of assumptions that are wrong.

    I was a Boy Scout, Troop 127 in Dania, Florida.

    The homosexual that molested me was unknown to me.

    You can be with whoever you want, that doesn’t change the fact that homosexuals do not need to be in positions of authority over young boys.

    Some people still have values in the country, Pat and see the necessity of doing what must be done to protect children.

    You all seem to forget the lawsuits and outrage when it was discovered that homosexual leaders and Priests from the Church had been molesting young boys. Otherwise, you might not be so quick to jump to conclusions that letting homosexuals openly hold positions of authority over these young boys is proper.


  14. Peggy, do you mean the site by openly gay psychologist Gregory M. Herek?

    Sorry, but the only statistic I need is what happened to me when I was about 11 years old.


  15. Are you familiar with the term “logical fallacy”? I’m sorry about what happened to you – I really am. That is awful. But to allow that experience to shape your opinion at the exclusion of facts — well that is a logical fallacy. It would be similar to me saying that because I was raped by a Vietnam Veteran, all Vietnam Veterans are rapists. (Or that because of my experience, they should not be allowed to be scout leaders.)

    Here’s another article (there are many, many more) on the correlation between gays and child molesters.

    I hope you’ll read it. But I understand if you don’t or won’t.

    In any case – enjoy your day, Lew! The sun has come out! 🙂


  16. Peggy, it is not a “logical fallacy” to question the writings of someone with a personal agenda or vested interest in the matter they wrote about.

    Are you even aware that the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association was in support of pedophiles until they lost their NGO status with the UN?,_Gay,_Bisexual,_Trans_and_Intersex_Association#Controversy_and_loss_of_UN_consultative_status

    Are you aware that some homosexual publications publish articles supportive of groups such as NAMBLA?

    Homosexual groups have only in the past decade or so spoke against pedophile groups like NAMBLA and only after losing their UN NGO status. NAMBLA at one time was a frequent participant in their events.

    There is already mental health “doctors” striving to move pedophilia towards “normalcy.”

    No one has ever said all homosexuals are pedophiles, but there is a greater likelihood of an older homosexual having tendencies to “get it on” with younger males.

    Homosexual groups can try to draw any distinction they wish, male on male relations still fall under the category of homosexual.


  17. Hi Lew! The logical fallacy I was referring to was your statement “…the only statistic I need is what happened to me when I was about 11 years old.”

    Did you read the article to which I linked? The research shows that often the perpetrator of child molestation is the heterosexual partner of a parent or caregiver. So should the scouts ban heterosexuals as scout leaders too?

    I found your other statement interesting — “…there is a greater likelihood of an older homosexual having tendencies to “get it on” with younger males.” Wouldn’t you say that is true that heterosexual men have tendencies to “get it on” with younger females?

    The articles you cited (ewwww…where did you even find those? EWWWWW!) are not representative of the general population (of the homosexual community). We find the same extreme examples of disgusting behavior in the heterosexual community — such as the prostitution of young girls. But that doesn’t mean most heterosexuals are “into that”.

    My point is that it’s wrong to generalize based on a bad personal experience or a few disgusting individuals.


  18. Peggy, just because statistics claim the usual perpetrator is someone known to the family does not excuse placing individuals that are a known risk in positions of authority over young boys.

    The Boy Scouts came under much public outrage when it was discovered some Scout Leaders had molested young boys and now, they are under assault from the same people that they maintain a policy they feel best protects those young boys.

    Will you begin demanding the Catholic Church embrace open homosexuals as Priests too?

    Funny, you want me to accept articles by an openly homosexual Psychologist and others who have tried to draw a fine line, but can only say “EWWW” over articles from other homosexuals advocating lessening charges for pedophiles?

    As for heterosexual pedophiles that molest girls, if it were left up to me they would either be dead or confined to a barren island somewhere far off the coast of the country. Alycia Nipp might still be alive if they didn’t coddle such people.

    Why would I take a position any less for a homosexual pedophile? I have a very hard outlook on any who have or would molest a child.

    Don’t you wonder why homosexuals demand to be placed in a position of authority over young boys after what was revealed in the early 1990’s?

    If homosexuals want to have their own youth group, go right ahead and let’s see what happens. Let’s see if you would send your young boy (provided you have one) to join.

    I wouldn’t.


  19. Actually, Lew, I haven’t “demanded” anything. If a private religious group wants to discriminate – that’s their prerogative. It will always make me sad, but they are free to do it. My problem with the Boy Scouts is that they receive massive and unique tax-funded support from both local and federal government. If they want to continue with their discriminatory policies, they should not be subsidized by the government.

    As far as the Scout Leaders who were molesting young boys — all of those leaders were self-identified HETEROSEXUALS! So should we ban heterosexuals from being Scout Leaders? Wouldn’t allowing heterosexuals to be leaders be “placing individuals that are a known risk in positions of authority over young boys”?

    And I said “EWWWW” to those articles because – they were so gross! (Really, Lew, how do you find this stuff?) And as I said before, just because you found a gross article doesn’t mean that generalizes to the entire population of homosexuals. Just like if I found some weird heterosexual sex sites espousing the virtues of child brides — that wouldn’t be representative of the entire heterosexual population. (I’m not going to trade disgusting articles with you because I don’t want that stuff on my computer…but hopefully you get my point.)

    As far as your plan of action for “heterosexual pedophiles that molest girls” — I concur! But I would extend that to ALL pedophiles (regardless of sexual orientation) that molest girls or boys! You and I could build a boat to transport them to the island. And if there are a few small leaks — well at least the fish will be fed! 🙂


  20. Peggy, I was in the Boy Scouts and can attest that we did not receive a dime from any government agency, not even from the Rotary Club who supposedly was our sponsor. They made sure to place their sign prominently over our little building, but that was it. We kicked them out and formed our own sponsors of parents and held rummage sales, felt shamrocks for St. Patricks Day and our dyes to cover our expenses.

    However, I do realize the organization has received some governmental support, much of it already ended due to pressure from homosexual groups who demand they be allowed positions of authority over young boys. I covered much of that back in 2007 on my older blog,

    Off topic, but this particular post I wrote back then has been selected for inclusion in an upcoming book on Opposing Views on Homosexuality, I just received notice today on that.

    Funny how you desire the Boy Scouts, who have been the foundation of many of our great leaders since its inception to lose all funding, but I doubt your negativity towards a group that instills the love of America, care of the grounds you use (can we say Green?) and teaches duty, honor and helping others applies to other groups such as ACORN, Planned Parenthood, NPR, The National Endowment for the Arts that hosted an exhibit of a crucifix in a jar of urine, and more.

    And again, no one has said all homosexuals are pedophiles, but their is greater likelihood of young boys being molested by those that are. I don’t find taking steps to prevent another scandal like we saw in the early 1990’s of boys being molested by homosexual leaders from happening again as “discrimination.” Call it their form of “zero tolerance” that is readily embraced elsewhere when it comes to something as simple as a child with a squirt gun or having a Bible in their possession at school.

    Yes, I know those homosexuals lied and identified themselves as heterosexual. That is a smoke screen as the ban is on open homosexuals who declare themselves homosexual or arediscovered once in to be homosexual. As stated,

    While the BSA does not proactively inquire about the sexual orientation of employees, volunteers, or members, we do not grant membership to individuals who are open or avowed homosexuals or who engage in behavior that would become a distraction to the mission of the BSA.”

    “The Boy Scouts’ mission is to ‘prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law,’ codes that reinforce developing qualities like honor, loyalty and kindness.”

    Let it not be forgotten, the Boy Scouts ban on homosexuals was ruled CONSTITUTIONAL by the US Supreme Court 12 years ago

    I find it curious too that you did not answer on why would homosexuals be in such a thither over not being allowed access to vulnerable young boys in the Scouts by being placed in positions of authority over them.


  21. Also, Peggy. Homosexual groups are not trying to show they are harmless or trustworthy around vulnerable young boys, they are trying to bully their way in forcibly through courts, public condemnation or whatever other means they can dream of.

    That alone should worry anyone concerned for the well being of children.


  22. It’s simply a choice between the feelings of homosexuals verses the feelings of parents whose young boys are in Boy Scouts. I’m not sure if men are allowed to supervise young girls in overnight Girl Scout events? (If not, case closed.) But even that does not carry the current stigma that the Boy Scout organization is trying to overcome. Give homosexual marriage 10 years and see where we are then.


  23. The only reason there is any stigma, Martin, is Homosexuals making as much noise as they can, demanding to be permitted to be in positions of authority over young boys.

    After the scorn the Boy Scouts endured years ago over young boys being molested, when several people tried to have then eliminated over that, now they want them eliminated for taking steps to prevent another repeat.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


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