Elmer Fudd for 3rd Congressional District

by lewwaters

I find it unbelievable that we in the 3rd Congressional District still cannot find a good conservative candidate to run. Democrats and a RINO have held the seat for far too long.

Democrat Brian Baird held the seat comfortably for several years with no challenger coming close to defeating him.

That seemed to change in 2010 when then chair of the Clark County GOP Ryan Hart requested I find out what I could about an Olympia area Republican stepping up to run against him and begin blogging in support of him. I met David Castillo shortly after and saw that we finally had a strong conservative with impeccable experience who was willing to step up and confront Baird.

Whether or not he could have defeated Baird became academic when Baird announced he was not going to run for reelection in 2010.

Castillo, who had been campaigning for 6 months at that time, knew well that Jaime Herrera, then state representative for the 18th district was the sweetheart of the GOP and being groomed for higher office. Castillo and members of his campaign repeatedly contacted her to ask if she was going to run during that 6 month period, receiving the reply each time of she felt she wasn’t ready yet and did not have the adequate experience to be a congressional representative, a claim she has lived up to.

Within 2 hours of Baird’s announcement, Jaime threw her hat in the ring ignoring her own admissions that she was not experienced enough or ready yet as did the GOP who engaged in some of the dirtiest, backstabbing, underhanded campaigning to ensure Herrera gained the nomination over Castillo.

Herrera won the nomination and defeated Democrat Denny Heck and true to her earlier word, has shown her inexperience as well as her ability to straddle the fence on important issues affecting the 3rd CD, such as the Columbia River Crossing project and Portland’s financially failing light rail. Of late, she seems more in support of the project which is contrary to conservatives in the district.

It goes without saying that since I did not support Herrera in 2010, I will not support her in 2012.

If any have read my comments in the Columbian’s comments sections you may have noticed I was becoming favorable towards Democrat Jon Haugen and was seriously considering voting for him as he has the right idea on the CRC. I was not too pleased with the rest of his stand on other issues, but was intending to request a meet to see if he would be receptive to moderating some of the other stands.

That is off the table now as I received a copy of an email exchange between him and local outspoken activist, Larry Patella. Larry, as we all well know is outspoken and at times may sound over the top, but is harmless even though he has been known to ruffle feathers.

Most of us receive Larry’s frequent ‘Local mailing List’ emails and do what we do with them. We know Larry disapproves of Barack Obama and like many others throughout the country, sees that Obama looks favorably upon the religion of Islam. Favorable enough that many believe he actually is a Muslim masquerading as a Christian.

It is a fairly common belief based upon documented and recorded statements Barack Obama has made.

Larry wrote a letter to the editor of the Reflector that was published and apparently Jon Haugen read it and sent the following email to Larry, described by Larry as “Jon Haugen’s Nasty Gram‏.”

From: Jon Haugen [mailto:jthaugen@yahoo.com]
Sent: Sunday, July 22, 2012 8:33 PM
To: Local Mailing List
Subject: WA-03 Larry Patella, bigot

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Hi Larry,
I know you are bigoted toward our President probably because his skin color is not white. You had a letter published in The Reflector claiming Barack Obama was a Muslim when you knew he was not, you lied.
I do not know you well but I have not attended local Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) because of your association with that group.
I hate to say that a fellow retired Navy Commander is a bigot but you have proven your self to be a bigot.
Please remove my name from your mailing list. I do not wish to be associated with you.

Jon Haugen
Commander, Naval Reserve, Retired.

That Jon Haugen accuses Larry of “lying” doesn’t really concern me so much as seeing the first thing Jon does is throw out the race card, accusing Larry of being a “bigot” and opposing Obama based upon skin color.

In none of Larry’s emails has he ever made a racist comment towards Obama or anybody. Conservatives oppose him based upon his socialist views and lack of leadership.

In short, it is not racist to oppose Obama’s policies any more than Blacks who opposed or voted against President George W. Bush are racist for opposing him. But it does show me that the race card is used by Democrats to create a smoke screen in an effort to hide a very pathetic term as President that has left the country much worse off than it as when he was inaugurated.

That Jon Haugen now is so quick to play the race as he did tells me that his judgment is also flawed and he would be just as bad as Jaime Herrera is in office.

Any notion I had of supporting and voting for him is gone!

There is also Norma Jean Stevens running again, but her alliance with Ron Paul disturbs me and even she admits her run is more of a statement than a concerted effort to win.

Even though I will not support Herrera, I have little doubt she win the general election in November. Not because she deserves it but because the redistricting of the 3rd Congressional District favors Republicans.

I also know my Republican friends will not appreciate this post and that my Democrat friends won’t care about it. But I have to follow my own conscience.

Therefore I am left with no choice but to write in Elmer Fudd. Even a fictitious cartoon character would take stronger stands on issues than Herrera has so far.

13 Comments to “Elmer Fudd for 3rd Congressional District”

  1. Lew it looks like your candidate is out of circulation for the next decade, but maybe Mickey would be available 🙂


  2. Don’t go Brian Ross on me, Tom. 😉


  3. Absolutely. I was looking at voting Haugen… but that ain’t happening now.


  4. Is Larry a bigot? If not, he only need file for slander, but remember the truth is always a defense. And if there IS evidence Mr. Patella is a bigot, through his online postings or conversations, then logic would dictate you would be back to supporting Jon Haugen. Hmmm… I wonder if there’s any proof that Larry Patella is a bigot? Would he call a white man a Muslim, do you think?


  5. The “skin color “issue is phonier than Obozo himself is.It’s totally amazing that anyone would be stupid enough to fall for that one it sure doesn’t say much for mr. Haugen, though.


  6. Martin, Muslim is a religion, not a race. Members of that religion are of different racial make-ups, like other religions.

    The key impetus to my comment on Jon is his words, “I know you are bigoted toward our President probably because his skin color is not white.”

    That describes skin color, not religion.That’s the “race card,” used frequently to no have to defend a particular stand or allegation raised by those who oppose Obama’s policies.

    It’s as ridiculous as a comment from a Paulbot I deleted labeling me a “racist” because I oppose Ron Paul!

    Jon could have refuted Larry’s words with some sort of documentation or evidence to the contrary, but instead chose to throw in the race card. That tells me Jon has nothing to refute Larry’s belief and instead of showing otherwise, possibly fearing Obama is more sympathetic towards Muslims himself, injected the race card.

    As for supporting Jon, I had not reached that point, but was leaning towards it if he would moderate some of his other views.

    But, if all Obama has going for him is his skin color and Democrats play that up as they do, who really is the racist?


  7. It seems that the problem is more in the make up of the GOP local leadership (“the sweetheart of the GOP and being groomed for higher office”) than the flaws in the Republican candidates.

    So, how do those who seek true conservatives take over the leadership? Or is it simply that there aren’t enough true conservatives to mount a realistic challenge to the intrenched power brokers?

    Frankly, I’m probably not a “true conservative” as the John Galt philosophy is generally more “liberal” (in the classic sense) than you’d probably support… That being the case, I’ve voted for Norma Jean Stevens … regardless of her Ron Paul leanings. (Libertarians tend to have very unrealistic foreign and immigration policy views… yet the fiscal viewpoint is right on target — and the support for a limited, constitutional Federal government is also very appropriate.)

    Incumbents tend to have a very strong advantage for winning reelection and my vote is more in line with a “protest” vote in the primary. I’m faced with the choice in the general election of supporting a candidate where I agree with, perhaps, 70% of her positions or voting with another candidate where I agree with, perhaps, 30 to 40% of his positions on the various issues.

    I do believe that for the local area a very key issue is the CRC and the extension of the Portland light rail system to this side of the river. I may be inclined to support the candidate(s) with whom I most agree on this issue regardless of party or positions on other issues.


  8. Lew, you’re obviously just a hack for the Ron Paul campaign!

    At least that’s what you’ve accused myself and the Liberty Alliance of being when we raise exactly the same objections against the Republican establishment shoving their choices down our throat!

    You’re probably right when you say some of your republican readership won’t appreciate this, but it baffles me why you’ve stuck your fingers in your ears and shouted “Lalalalala!” towards a group of people who feel the exact same way you do, just because you made an ill-informed initial assumption that you refuse to let go of. You’ve done an awful lot to alienate the folks who would otherwise stand and say “Bravo!” to this article.


  9. Yes, I did ignore that, Lew, just as I ignore everything else that doesn’t have any connection to reality. Again – or still – you have resorted to “my mind’s made up, don’t confuse me with facts!”

    Your “paul-bot” card is no different than the race card in the way you throw it around, it’s general relevance to the situation at hand, and the intended effect you hope to get by using it – deflect conversation from the real issues at hand and put the object of your scorn on the defensive trying to prove a negative. Have you stopped beating your wife yet, Lew?

    Unfortunately for your journalistic credibility, reality according to Lew doesn’t match what’s really happening here in the world. You’ve jumped to baseless conclusions without investigating the facts at hand, and refused repeated offers to meet with the folks you insist on maligning and find out what’s really going on. God forbid you might find out you were wrong, and have to issue a retraction. . .

    I really don’t see much of a difference in methods between your pontificating and that of the lamestream media. . .

    Think about it.


  10. Don’t insult me by calling me a journalist. I am a retired auto mechanic turned blogger.

    In your eyes there may be no difference, but that doesn’t make you right.

    And that is part of the real issue, Sean. Jumping out of the frying pan into the fire by helping Paulbots take control of the party, something they have been planning since at least 2007, is not the answer. You are only fooling yourself if you think they are not using you.

    I’ve given you several links over the past weeks where Paulbots were discussing just that, but you choose to keep your blinders up.

    So be it, you’ll have to find out the hard way.

    Good luck.


  11. Thanks for being on record with that clarification. There’s certainly a paucity of journalism here, biased or otherwise. . .


  12. I’ve never claimed anything other, Sean.


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