Obama Stages an ‘Unscheduled’ Visit With 3 Veterans in Portland

by lewwaters

UPDATE: All 3 Veterans have admitted to the Oregonian newspaper to “have connections to the Obama reelection campaign and were presumably chosen for good political reasons.”

Read more at The Oregonian and Veterans Obama Met With in Portland, Or. Admit It Was a Set-up

What a guy that Barack Obama is, we would be led to believe. Taking time out of his busy golfing schedule to campaign for Millions of dollars in donations across the country and when visiting Portland, Oregon yesterday, July 24, 2012, just happened to stop at a little out of the way Breakfast Restaurant for a quick bite while on his way to lunch and just happened to run into and sit down with 3 Veterans who also just happened to be in the restaurant for the very first time, it turns out.

Pool photos/Getty

All just by coincidence, we are supposed to believe.

Ignore that wherever a President intends to visit, it inspected days in advance by agents of the Secret Service who also sweep the place moments before they enter and hold everybody there once he arrives until he leaves.

No, just ignore all of the Standard Operating Procedures to believe that Obama, trying desperately to appear like just a regular guy, as his poll numbers amongst Veterans continues sliding, just happened to stumble into such a prime setting to counter challenger Mitt Romney’s speaking before the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno, Nevada.

Television, radio and print media were all a gushing over Obama’s happenchance meeting Tuesday with the 3 Vets he coincidentally ran into at Portland’s Gateway Breakfast House on Halsey.

But, a closer look shows it probably was not so coincidental after all.

As reported in the Obama Foodorama Blog, Los Angeles Times, Tribune Washington Bureau pool reporter Michael Memoli was supplied bios of the 3 Veterans by the Obama campaign in the pool report.

Dean Dilley from Portland
Dean enlisted in the U.S. Army 1972 when he was 20 years old. He served for three years, from 1972-1975 as a supply specialist. He retired from American Honda Motor Company in 2009, where he worked as a stock and material handler and is currently a volunteer for Obama for America.

Dean says that health care is the issue that is most important to him, particularly as he is getting older. He is also focused on veterans-related issues and says he is grateful for the President’s commitment to supporting veterans like himself.

Mark Peterson from Portland
Mark is a retired veteran. He served in the Air Force and Air National Guard for 27 years, from 1966 – 1993. In the Air Force, he was rated as a Navigator and flew B-52s as an Electronic Warfare Officer and in the Air National Guard he was a Weapons System Officer in F-4s and F-101s. Following his service he worked as a CPA, and retired around 2006.

Mark is focused on health care and foreign policy. He is thankful for his military benefits and Medicare coverage, but as the father of two disabled children, he knows a lot of people who have had problems with coverage, so he knows how important it is to have access to quality, affordable health care.

Thomas Foeller from Oak Grove
Tom is a retired Vietnam War era veteran. He enlisted in the Navy Reserves in 1967 during his junior year at Portland State University because he wanted to serve his country. He left the Navy Reserves as a lieutenant in 1976. He served for a total of nine years; four of those were active duty. He was a member of the Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit and spent six months stationed in Japan, then six months in Guam while on call to deploy to Vietnam. His unit never received the call to deploy.

Tom retried from a career in the housing industry six years ago. At the time of his retirement, Tom was diagnosed with stage III rectal cancer, during a routine physical. He believes that had the Affordable Care Act – and the emphasis on preventative care – been in place a decade or two ago, he would have caught his cancer earlier and could have saved tens of thousands of dollars in healthcare costs.

So much for Obama’s “coincidental,” just happened to stop in an out of the way little place and stumble across 3 Veterans eager to discuss healthcare with him.

Of particular interest, Dean Dilley just “coincidentally” happens to be a “volunteer” with Obama for America.

The lady who served their table admitted she had never seen the Veterans in there before in a live interview mid-afternoon, indicating they were not regulars.

But we are to believe this was all just a coincidental meeting, unscheduled and just happened to unfold, unplanned.

Yeah, right. I just fell off of the turnip truck too.

Sorry Obama, but we Veterans are not so easily manipulated and fooled.

UPDATE: Two of the Veterans, Thomas Foeller and Dean Dilley, the Obama for America volunteer had agreed to an interview on a local talk show, but cancelled telling the shows producer that someone from the Obama Campaign would be in touch with them. Hmmmmmmm.

15 Responses to “Obama Stages an ‘Unscheduled’ Visit With 3 Veterans in Portland”

  1. Acts of desperation from a desperate man. I am still blown away that anyone would vote for a man who thinks that the military should pay for their own medical care including that which is needed after deployment has caused injuries yet, the drug addicts and others such as illegals should get theirs for free?! Whats up with that?

  2. In all fairness, the plan once floated was cancelled long ago as it came under intense fore from both Republicans and Democrats.

    Senators slam plan for wounded vets to use private insurance

    The often quoted words of, “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute… I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country. I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation’s deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans,” were not said by Obama, but by Jon Stewart on his Comedy Central Show.


    Still, it was a very controversial plan floated for a very short time.

  3. Barf. And transparent barf, at that.

  4. Wow, dudes, he was in Portland. Glass-half-full and all that.

  5. Wow Martin, Bush was in Portland first and the local media did not drool all over themselves then nor did Bush stage a meet he tried to make appear “coincidental.”

    Do you not find it strange that two of the Vets he just happened to meet by chance, of course, agreed to an interview and both declined, saying the Obama campaign would be in touch?

    Or that one of the Vets he just happened to run into by chance, of course, is a volunteer for Obama for America?

    If he hadn’t attempted to make it appear a coincidental meeting and was up front that it was a scheduled meet, which it really was obviously, there would be no problem.

    It’s the false aura he tried to create that is the problem.

  6. I realize that there was massive fallout over his statement two years ago Lew but the whole issue resurfaced recently when the discussion came down over budget cuts in the department of defense that are in the immediate future due to tennisshoe packing Patty’s failure to actually perform her job of reaching a balanced budget. There it was said once and is being revisited… The truth is I cannot believe that anyone would think it let alone say it out loud even once. The current President does not care about people if he did he would spend his energy rewritting regulations that block job growth instead of adding to them and going for the throat on energy policy, he would not think it is okay for people to have to need the government entitlements, he would not ask President Bush to leave FT Hood after that atrocity but thank him for caring and filling in on the “government and Uncle Sam” cares about you liason. He does not care about America at all his every move reeks of animosity for our ideals and constitution.


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