Shahram Hadian for Washington State Governor

by lewwaters

It’s time we had a conservative leader in Washington State.

To find out more about the only conservative candidate who agrees with the Republican Party platform, visit

7 Comments to “Shahram Hadian for Washington State Governor”

  1. Gosh, Lew, it must really rustle your jimmies to realize that Hadian is heartily endorsed by the Liberty Alliance!


  2. Sean, you’re just too full of yourself tonight. Well, every other night too.

    Since you know nothing about me, allow me to enlighten you a little.

    I Do not support or oppose any candidate based on who else endorses them.

    You see, some of us are capable of researching candidates and support them as we see who is qualified.

    Oh, besides that, I was who his campaign first contacted in September of last year and helped set up his first visit in the area in October 2011 at US Digital, long before ya’ll got sucked in by the Paulbots 😉


  3. You know nothing about me, and refuse to be enlightened, so why should I/we bother to listen to your pleas for understanding?

    You’re just an establishment shill, Lew. Admit it! 😉


  4. LOL, Sean, still with the “establishment shill?” Just like any other Paulbot speaks?

    The funniest part of your “why should I/we bother to listen to your pleas for understanding,” is that it is you who continues coming here to see what I write. You refuse to stay away, ready to pounce on whatever you think I should not say.

    I don’t go to wherever you are and drag you here, you voluntarily return and quite often it seems 😉

    Get over yourself, Sean.


  5. I just heard him speak again…..what a great candidate for governor. We desperately need him!!


  6. He sure sounds nice. Now I feel I have to do more research and soon (August 7th?) choose whom I am going to vote for governor. All I can say is, I wish him the best of luck in the primaries….


  7. The WSRP is doing to him just as they did to David Castillo in 2010, Jeremy.

    McKenna and Inslee were cherry picked by the parties and no one else gets the time of day from either.

    I am fed up with the party deciding who I get to vote for.


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