Why Won’t Tim Probst Take A Stand On The Largest Issue Facing SW Washington?

by lewwaters

Tim Probst and Sen. Don Benton

It has been the desire of the Democrats in Washington State to oust very effective 4-term State Senator, Don Benton, a Republican serving in the 17th Legislative District. In fact, he has been their target for several years and with the willing assistance of the Columbian, the local ‘newspaper’ that is actually more like the unofficial daily newsletter for the Democrat Party, Democrats feel the time is ripe to accomplish their goal.

They have pinned their hopes on 17th Legislative District Representative, Tim Probst, who by all appearances has been very carefully groomed by party leaders to something he is not to appeal to the conservative voters in the 17th District.

Probst, who will be leaving his 2nd term in the legislature, has been very coy ever since first winning the seat in 2008. He makes the claim, “Tim has fought spending, debt, and taxes for years.”

By all outward appearance, his voting record reflects his claim. But, I must ask if he really does stand against his party’s policies as he claims, why do they so strongly support him in his campaign and not treat him as they did Senators Tim Sheldon, Jim Kastama and Rodney Tom when they sided with Republicans earlier this year in what was called “The “9th Order” maneuver on the budget?

Democrats then showed plainly they have no tolerance for fellow Democrats who stray off the plantation when it comes to votes. But, Tim Probst has been siding with Republicans on selected budget and tax matter ever since being in Olympia and he is embraced for his actions?

I don’t know about you, but that is as fishy as can be, especially considering how public employee unions have castigated the 3 Moderate Democrats above, but we see unions supporting Tim Probst with their donations.

Perplexing is seeing at the top of Probst’s on the issues page the comment,

“Every candidate should be able to tell you their priorities. They should be able to clearly articulate where they stand on the important challenges and issues facing Washington State.”

Perplexing is that in spite of Probst’s claim of “every candidate should be able to clearly articulate their priorities,” nowhere has he stated a stand or priority on the largest issue facing Clark County and Southwest Washington in our history, the Columbia River Crossing and mostly, Portland’s financially failing light rail being forced upon us as the major part of the project.

In a February 14, 2008 Columbian article by Kathie Durbin, when he was first running for office, Probst was quoted,

“Residents of the 17th care about creating middle-class jobs, preventing high school dropouts and funding transportation improvements. When I look at Jim [Dunn’s] record, he voted against every transportation improvement in this district. Deb Wallace got those improvements made over his objections, and I think she needs a partner.”

Might those “transportation improvements” he supported back then include the CRC and Portland’s light rail since Deb Wallace was a known supporter of CRC and light rail?

Since then, Probst has gotten more tight-lipped and even coy at times when the subject of light rail and CRC comes up.

In a December 2009 Op-Ed he wrote for the Vancouver Business Journal Probst said,

“I have faith that the confidence of the American people is not so cheaply won. Americans will be confident in the economy once that confidence is truly earned, by changing from a consumption-driven economy to a production-driven economy. Skill up our workers. Modernize our ports, rail, and highways to enable commerce. Lead in high-tech manufacturing, science, and innovation. Encourage business start-ups and help shops stay open. Teach the work ethic to the next generation.”

Is that not virtually the same claims we continue to hear as to why we need to get behind this boondoggle?

At a March 2011 town hall with Sen. Benton and Republican Paul Harris, the subject of a letter calling on citizens to be given a vote on light rail came up. Although all 3 agreed to sign such a letter, Probst backed up saying that although he supports Clark County being allowed to vote, he did not agree to the timeline of later that year. When Rep. Harris said, “We all agreed that the citizens of Vancouver should have an opportunity to vote on light rail, as promised,” Probst responded, “I said nothing about light rail.”

Probst also was noncommittal about whether he would even sign the letter.

Of particular note, a March 2012 C-Tran Board Meeting saw both Sen. Benton and Rep. Harris attending and speaking in favor of all of Clark County citizens being given the vote on the expected sales tax increase needed to fund operations and maintenance of light rail we have not been permitted to vote on again.

Probst did not attend and lend his voice to the call for us to receive that vote.

Earlier this year, Probst, in returning to his grooming to appear a conservative, voted against a tolling measure that easily passed and expressed regret only that the bill

“did not include any discounted toll rates for the most frequent bridge crossers.”

Wouldn’t he express regrets that it passed if he really opposed it?

Of particular interest in Probst locking up endorsement from most major supporters of the CRC/light rail boondoggle, is the words of 49th Legislative District Representative Jim Moeller, a fellow Democrat and strong supporter of CRC/light rail from when Probst first announced his intent to challenge Sen. Benton,

“Indeed! Run Tim, Run! Benton won by only 1% last time against a complete unknown and untested candidate! Take the senate seat of the 17th back from the Republicans! I will miss you in the House but not to worry, we have some great Democratic candidates for an open seat!”

What piques my interest there is the Moeller was who led the charge to deny fellow Democrat, Jon Haugen, the only Democrat to step up to face Republican Herrera Beutler in the 3rd Congressional District, the Democrat Party endorsement in that race citing he “can’t support a candidate who is opposed to the CRC project.”

Yet, Moeller supports Tim Probst, judging by his comment left in support of Probst’s challenging Sen. Don Benton above.

Just what does Jim Moeller know about Tim Probst and the CRC/light rail boondoggle that Probst will not state publicly or on his campaign page? Could the reason be that he remains tight-lipped an coy, dancing around taking a stand either way on the issue be that part of his grooming is to not state a stand on such an unpopular project in Clark County as it might cost him votes?

The willing accomplices at the Columbian have been very busy the past few years painting a very dark picture of Sen. Don Benton, who has consistently stood up for constituents in trying to keep our taxes reasonable and opposing the projected upwards of $10 Billion the CRC will cost, with Clark County residents getting stuck with the lion’s share of a project to benefit and bail out Portland, Oregon.

At the same time, they have given a portrayal of Probst as angelic.

Given all of the above, I am left with no recourse but to assume Tim Probst is actually supportive of the CRC/light rail boondoggle and carefully avoids stating his position, knowing it will taint the careful image created around him.

This is the largest issue facing Clark County and Southwest, Washington. Surely voters in the 17th are entitled to know where he stands on it.

Behind that boyish face of Tim Probst lies a great deal of unknown and crafty political grooming.

What is not there is Tim Probst being up front with voters on the most important issue facing them.

13 Responses to “Why Won’t Tim Probst Take A Stand On The Largest Issue Facing SW Washington?”

  1. Hadn’t seen that before, thanks.

  2. Lew, Tim is not a mirage. He has unequivocally told me that America has settled on liberty & Capitalism. That’s a very difficult stand to take in the Democratic Party given how the Progressive/Marxists dominate at the grassroots level.

  3. Kelly- That site is really devoid of a lot of information, though it is satirically hilarious. hmm… I have seen this webhost its based off before.. Have to think….

  4. Martin, I’m sure he did say all those things, but it doesn’t change what I said.

    His presence will serve to retain the Senate under the control of Ed Murray, a far left agenda driven man.

    He will not come out publicly and state a position on CRC/light rail, the largest issue to face SW Washington and often dances around giving a position.

    And since he frequently votes contrary to the party, just how is it they embrace him after how we saw Tim Sheldon, Rodney Tom, Jim Kastama and Jon Haugen in essence thrown under the bus for doing what he frequently does? How it that those “Progressive/Marxists” have no problem with him voting counter to their agenda but all others are cast aside?

    Oh, and something I didn’t mention in this post but have in the past, for all of his cries of opposing spending? How many of his bills, bribing students to stay in school, increasing education opportunities and many more, all will end up either raising spending or redirecting funds from somewhere else?

    He might not be a mirage, but he sure isn’t what he portrays himself either.

  5. Lew, I wish I knew how Tim navigates through the Marxists? My goodness, the guy is more conservative than me and I can’t move an inch!

  6. Martin, your answer is right before your eyes. But, you have to look at it.

    You know those people better than I do and how unforgiving they are when someone steps off of the plantation.

    Yet, they embrace Probst for it.

    That stinks as much as Obama’s recent “unscheduled” stop at the Gateway Breakfast House in Portland where he just happened to run into 3 Veterans on their very first trip there.

    That too was carefully plotted and set in motion.

    Open your eyes, Martin.

  7. Lew, sometimes a spade is simply a spade.

  8. That is what I am trying to tell you, Martin.

    Dress him up any way you wish, it doesn’t change what is staring us in the eyes.

  9. Probst is about as conservative a democrat as there is. That is why the Seattle crowd is bribing him to take Benton down. Duh

  10. Some copies of flyers I have received suggests just that and Benton correct in his accusation of Probst being promised big money for attack ads.

    Probst has run negative campaigns each time he was elected while whining he is being attacked.

    In the weeks ahead, I will be rehashing some older posts pointing that out.


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