UPDATED: Distracted Priorities: The Great Sign Caper of 2012

by lewwaters

Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio labels it the “Crazy Season,” that time in campaigning when political rhetoric grows into a fever pitch and for some, tempers flare. Whatever you call it, it shows how divided our country is due to the divisive tactics used today by some politicians and pundits as they pit American against American, forgetting the age old admonition, “a house divided cannot stand.”

One such failed candidate from the past, seemingly trying to repair a tarnished reputation, presents the appearance of having broken the crime of the century by claiming participation in a sting to catch a campaign sign thief, aka the Great Sign Caper, and actually taping himself chasing down a bicyclist alleged to have stolen a sign on camera and engaging the alleged thief on the bicycle instead of paying attention to driving his car on a public street.

Listen to the video with your eyes closed and it readily becomes apparent that the sign theft is but the background while the thrust is about who is chasing down the alleged thief.

Somehow the Great Sign Caper managed to receive a little radio coverage and impress a few people. In the meantime, the country, state and local community remains deep in economic doldrums, our community in its 4th straight year of double digit unemployment and worthy candidates seeking office in hopes of changing that are cast aside as the worry is about a sign being removed.

Troubling was seeing someone I respect a great deal getting sucked into the façade and posting a link to the alleged thief’s Property Assessment page from the County Assessor’s Office online, listing the name, address and even a photo of the man’s home.

Campaign sign theft is a misdemeanor that rarely results in any significant prosecution, even when caught and media pundits, seemingly struggling for ratings, call for maximum punishment.

No doubt sign theft is a problem and extremely frustrating for candidates. It gets expensive and yes, it is property that should be left alone. But as the Police said back in 2008 when another candidate spotted his signs being stolen and chased the thief down the freeway in speeds reaching 110 MPH, “it doesn’t justify endangering the public just to catch a suspect. Saving somebody’s life? Yes. Saving somebody’s property? No.”

Likewise, in this latest Great Sign Caper, Police have said they would have preferred that the videographer not follow the man or confront him, and that he drive with both hands on the wheel.

“Driving a car, and filming out the window, we would really not recommend that type of behavior,” a Police spokesperson said. “Even more, confronting somebody, especially who is being accused of committing a crime, confrontations are not advised,” according to the Columbian.

The action of filming while driving and not paying attention to the road has been excused by some, more focused on seizing control of a local political party than campaigning for candidates prepared to do what is needed to turn our area around.

This has become the nature of our politics as more and more, the fringes of right and left reaches to grab more control of each party.

The Great Sign Caper has been referred to the City Attorney’s Office who will decide what if anything the thief will be charged with as the sign was unlawfully placed, also according to Police.

In the meantime, failed candidates and others with fabricated records and grandiose claims of past experiences will continue puffing their chests out and boasting of how great they are in hopes of overcoming past transgressions, as we continue sliding deeper into despair.

Sadly, otherwise good and decent people will continue to be fooled into following such poseurs.

UPDATE, Dec. 30, 2012: The “Great Sign Caper” has reached conclusion in the court system with the perpetrator, John Ellis-Reisdorf being accepted into a diversion program and “completing eight hours of community service in the court’s diversion program, which dismisses charges in exchange for community service.”

He also “must stay out of trouble” for one year and had to pay “$485 for the cost of processing his case in court.” The rest of whatever actual costs were has been absorbed by taxpayers.

While some walked round with their chests puffed out, acting as if they had broken up a major crime ring, The GOP lost big in the 49th Legislative District races, lost a race in the 17th Legislative District for an open seat and came really close to losing the State Senate seat in that same district, winning by just 76 votes after recounts.

Additionally, the GOP lost in the Governor’s race, the Lt. Governor’s race, the State Treasurer’s race, the Attorney General’s race, the State Auditor’s race and several more, including unable to stop queer marriage or take the US Senate seat Democrats still hold onto.

As the “Great Sign Caper” wound its way through the court system, campaign signs continued to be stolen and vandalized, unchecked.

The PCO Liberty Alliance did end up seizing control of the Clark County GOP with two good people at the helm. But, elected and appointed members of the board remain to be seen how they will either cooperate or frustrate their efforts with future campaigns.

One start-up blogger, hiding behind an anonymous name, severely lacking in any credibility by such cowardice, now claims this blog, “did his best to erode at everyone’s excitement and dismiss the whole episode as a waste of time.” They also make the claim of many people “joyfully reporting to us afterward that less signs were missing.”

I guess they missed the Columbian article from October, Rampant vandalism hits political signs

Given the disappointing outcome of so many races for Republicans and the “Rampant Vandalism” of political signs, I’ll leave it to readers to decide the effectiveness of the “Great Sign Caper.”

51 Responses to “UPDATED: Distracted Priorities: The Great Sign Caper of 2012”

  1. I am telling all of those who read this that it is not a small and occassional issue. After speaking to the sheriff at the west precinct on Monday I am fully aware that even the officials know how prevalent this is. Explaining to them that while others signs next to mine are left untouched thus leading me or any one else for that matter, to the conclusion that some group with a predetermined agenda is conducting a formal and organized effort to thwart the political systems\’ ability to reach the goal of clean and informed voting. Such a sad state we are in when adults resort to this tactic. Jim and I, who are opponents have an agreement which we came to last night after I reached out to him regarding this issue. We will both put statements on our sites promoting a clean political campaign free of these behaviors. Hopefully this will encourage people to \”play nice\” and allow the freedom of speech to flow to the voters. To see this mutually agreed upon statement you just need click on my website http://www.votecarolyn.com and go to the get involved page. I recommend that all the other campaigns on both sides do this same thing and perhaps we can show the voters there are ways to work together even though we are of opposing opinion on issues and party.


  2. Lew these signs cost me personally, and the other Republican candidates, a lot of money. I, for one, am happy that someone has the cahones to do something about it instead of poo-pooing it and sweeping it under the rug, as has been the practice in the past, And frankly I’m surprised by the ambivalence and moral relativism you’re exhibiting in your posts regarding this issue, just because you don’t happen to like David Hedrick and the PCO Liberty movement.

    BTW every one of the Hadian signs I put up, and many of Carolyn and Ellen Qutubs’s, were stolen or vandalized too.


  3. What you don’t get, Tom, is how you all are being used in this by an opportunist.

    It is clearly acknowledged in my post this is a problem and how frustrating it is.

    And, I have had signs removed and destroyed in my yard as well and once had signs for a candidate I did not support placed in my yard in the place of what signs I had. I’ve had people come up to my door to remove a sign at night while I slept.

    But that doesn’t excuse driving while distracted or someone using the issue as a springboard for rehabilitating a tarnished reputation.

    Do you really think it will amount to anything more than a small fine, if anything at all?


  4. “Do you really think it will amount to anything more than a small fine, if anything at all?”

    Lew I don’t know, and i don’t really care. I’m glad that your (revised) post now acknowledges that theft is a problem, but what’s important is that this surveillance action, and all the surrounding publicity, has put sign-thiefs on notice that they are being watched, and will be held accountable. Kudos to Christian, David, and the others for making that happen.


  5. I can wholeheartedly agree with Carolyn on this one.

    It has become tiring watching some whose primary goal is to criticize and tear down the efforts of others instead of finding the positive we can progress with out of any situation. This sting required no small amount of effort, and was envisioned as something which *the resulting publicity could benefit ALL candidates going into the general election*. Where’s the gratitude Lew? Where’s the cudos? Where’s the “thank you” notes? No situation is perfect, and regardless of the amount of planning of behaviors and prevention of disasters one may attempt, no situation ever works out perfectly. We had extensive conversations about what level of pursuit or confrontation to allow or avoid. We had TEAMS OF TWO scheduled for the stakeouts. It just so happened that one guy went by on his own initiative and it happened to be then that the incident occurred. Lew, as a veteran, you should know that no matter what amount of planning one puts in before a battle, it can all go to hell very quickly. I commend David for being able to determine what was safe and what was not under the immediate circumstances, and for having the wisdom to know precisely when to disengage.

    Lew, I know you have a philosophical disagreement with our endeavor (one which I still believe is based upon a false assumption, but only time will prove that). But instead of throwing cold water over the beneficial efforts of others, how about having a little bit of a positive attitude and a little bit of class?

    I commend Carolyn for seeing the POSITIVE OPPORTUNITY this situation presents for her and others.

    FWIW, At this point I believe this location was 50′ north of the city line, and the sign was actually posted on county property, which has a far less restrictive set of rules. I’m still investigating that. I’m unsure whether to bother pursuing that, but I just want to state that for the record.

    The point of this story is to advertise far and wide that this is a serious offense, let people know that the signs are being watched, and promote the idea that the free exchange of ideas is how the battles are to be won and lost, not by whom as the better ability to brazenly quash the voices of others.


  6. The revision had nothing to do with that point, it was in the original. The reason for that will come out in due time.

    While you give kudos, as is your privilege, do you not see this issue is currently drowning out the real issues? Are you going to place cameras at every sign location and monitor them? It’s unrealistic to even think of it.

    Regardless of what happens to the thief, it will not stop other sign theft and vandalism, it is a frustrating nature of campaigning and it is childish and juvenile. My first time dealing with political signs, while still in High School back in the mid-60’s, it was happening.

    But more to the point, instead of addressing the economy, homosexual marriage, unemployment, terrorism, illegal immigration and other pressing issues of the time, our attention is focused on the theft of a sign that likely nothing of merit will come of.

    It’s a distraction that you have fallen for while someone builds a name for himself, not candidates.

    This is the very type of distraction that can throw a candidate of either party off message.


  7. Puff out your chest as you wish, Chris.

    It still amounts to a distraction that accomplish little if any thing.

    Worry about a sign over the economy, illegal aliens, high unemployment and other matters.

    But we also know the base reasoning is to assist in the takeover of the CCGOP, while ignoring real issues facing the area.

    It shows why you have no business being in control of the party too. You focus in on things that will not matter that much to the average voter while ignoring the more important matters.

    It’s really sad to see some very good people getting wrapped up in this.


  8. Lew, based upon your logic: “Regardless of what happens to the thief, it will not stop other sign theft and vandalism”

    I assume you would advocate abandoning the war on drugs, cease combating illegal immigration, stop prosecuting murders, and any other manner of things for which no effort can ever fully prevent.

    I know from past experience how your thought process will continue to twist and contort into justifying your perspective. I just wanted to point out to your readers the ridiculously contradictory nature of your logic.

    So now you will accuse me of comparing sign theft to murder. Yes, I’m getting to know you better.

    You really think it is a bad thing to put the criminal nature of sign theft in the news right before we enter a general election cycle? You think that is a bad thing? You think the news only has room for whatever issue you deem to be the most important? The general public is too incompetent to process multiple issues at a time?

    I’m sorry that we are getting attention Lew. I know you would prefer to have it.

    Me thinks he doth protest too much.


  9. Trying to distract from the issue won’t cut it, Chris.

    There is a reason the Police say this is a very low priority, maddening, frustrating and irritating as it is.

    You’ve had the video out for 3 days now.

    How many more signs have been stolen or vandalized?

    Or have you not even checked that yet, elated over the video?


  10. I’ll let that last remark stand on it’s own merit, as validation of my prior point.


  11. You’re a legend in your own mind, Chris.


  12. Now you’re projecting Lew.


  13. “do you not see this issue is currently drowning out the real issues? Are you going to place cameras at every sign location and monitor them?”

    No, and No. Of course the other more important issues are still front and center, even in the Columbian. Readers are fully capable of digesting multiple issues at once.

    As to “placing cameras at every intersection” you clearly don’t understand how theft-mitigation techniques work. Altho this wasn’t my action this time, I do this stuff for a living, mostly to protect very high-dollar industrial assets:


    An important part of any successful deployment strategy is to create an environment of uncertainty for would-be thieves:

    Is someone watching /recording or not? How do I know for sure?

    Lew, I’m sure you’ve seen the poster:

    “These premises guarded by Smith & Wesson three days a week. You guess which three”

    Well, loss-prevention using outdoor video surveillance often relies on the same principle. And the more publicity we get, the better.


  14. LOL, Chris.

    Shouldn’t you be standing in the checkout lane reading about Tom & Kate?

    Tom, are you prepared to take such measures at every location a candidates sign is placed?

    Do you not realize that other than candidates and close supporters, signs mean nothing to the average voter? They ignore signs, vandalized or not.

    And you’re wrong about other issues. I’d rather candidates be standing on a soap box in Esther Short Park speaking what their ideas are, what they intend to do in office than discussing their signs.

    It is maddening, frustrating and very irritating, but it is not the message voters seek in who to vote for.

    Never forget how it was the GOP who ended up with egg on their faces over impeaching Clinton over Monica Lewinsky.

    You should be choosing your battles wisely, not falling for a scheme to promote an individual who is out for glory.

    I can just see the slogans for the GOP should ya’ll take over. Vote GOP. We protect campaign signs.


  15. Tom, Lew will never concede the slightest inch of ground in any written debate, no matter how ridiculous it makes him appear.


  16. LOL, Chris. And you do?

    I wouldn’t write what I feel if I wasn’t confident in it.

    Ya’ll tell me how Tom & Kate are doing. I don’t pay attention to them.


  17. “Mom…. Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet…..”


  18. LOL, Chris. Figures you’d know who they are or what they are up to.

    You keep on focusing on them, I have more important matters to tend to.


  19. Um…. didn’t you have to know who they were in order to mention them?

    I guess you missed the SP reference.


  20. Actually, no. I read Cory’s comment last evening and was just mimicking his claims 😉


  21. Just for the record, the following news outlets disagree with you re: whether or not this is worth talking about:

    Victoria Taft
    The Columbian

    And the following candidates seem to think it is worthwhile:

    Carolyn Crain
    Debbie Peterson

    ….. and others within the GOP heirarchy that I’m unsure if I should mention or not.

    So, I guess we will all just agree to disagree with you on this.

    I stand by my earlier remark of tiring of people who seem to live primarily to criticize others. So I will let you get back to the more important matters you have to attend to, which apparently include telling everyone how this matter is so unimportant.



  22. LOL, media struggling to get ratings impresses you?

    I know it is something the candidates are concerned about. People are free to disagree with me. If you note, your comments have not been edited or removed. But you fail to even realize this will not gain anyone a single vote.

    And do you think for a minute I don’t see this for what it is, a springboard to seize control of the CCGOP, trying to show people how relevant you are?


  23. I will admit that our campaign has a media strategy — as all campaigns should. To the extent it gets our organization more attention, then it gets our candidates more attention. To the extent it gets our candidates more attention by voters who may agree with our published objectives, then it may get more votes for our candidates. Do you disagree with any of our published objectives? If so, which ones?


  24. And your published objectives are all about seizing control of the GOP.

    While you are focused on seizing control of the party, you miss that it will be of no good if significant changes are not made this election. And I don’t mean in whether the establishment or Paulbots run the party.

    You objectives are not as troublesome as is the hidden meaning behind them.

    That being said, you will not be permitted to highjack this post to what you want.


  25. Didn’t think I was trying to hijack a post Lew. And, your alleged “hidden meaning” behind our objectives are your own allegations which, are we fortunate enough to be victorious, will be proven wrong in the course of time.

    I assume your “hijack” remark is my invitation to leave. No Prob.


  26. The “hidden meaning” remark was covered before.

    And since discussing here is totally voluntary, You’re free to leave if you wish.


  27. “Tom, are you prepared to take such measures at every location a candidates sign is placed?”

    Lew, are you prepared to actually read my comments? As I said in plain English, NO! And we don’t have to, for the strategy to work. Loss-prevention 101, from an expert (me).

    “Do you not realize that other than candidates and close supporters, signs mean nothing to the average voter? They ignore signs, vandalized or not.”

    Lew, that statement is flat-out, 100% wrong. If signs didn’t work, no-one would use them. It’s all about impressions and eyeballs. That phenomenon is what has made large fortunes for billboard owners, and more recently Google.

    Lew, you are just way off-base about this one. To me, it seems that your pre-conceived notions occupy your thinking to the point where present-day realities and changing circumstances don’t have a chance. Too bad, but it is what it is. Sometimes, you just can’t teach an old dog new tricks (old, in this case, being a state of mind, not just a matter of chronology).


  28. Tom, this hardly retail.

    While signs may draw attention, vandalized signs do not. The average voter just drives on by.

    You can say I’m way off base, but how many Democrat candidates have jumped onboard? How many of them are giving you kudos?

    Or are they out canvassing their neighborhoods, spreading their message, sending supporters door to door while our sides stalks a campaign sign?

    Feel good about yourself all you want, but your focus on seizing control of the power instead of getting our good candidates elected is the wrong focus and another reason we see the GOP continually losing elections.

    But, a few of you get to make noise and feel good and another tries to repair a tarnished reputation, even though their 15 minutes was up a couple years ago.


  29. “your focus on seizing control of the power instead of getting our good candidates elected is the wrong focus and another reason we see the GOP continually losing elections.”

    That so-called focus is an delusion of yours and Kelly Hintons, Lew, not mine.

    Here’s the reality: all of us in the Libery PCO alliance also continue to work hard for other conservative candidates. If you don’t believe me, just ask Eileen Qutub, David Madore, Shahram Hadian, Debbie Peterson, etc. etc. who their most dedicated activists are. You’ll find a high degree of overlap with Libery PCO candidates.

    What I haven’t seen at any of the events I’ve attended lately, including yesterday’s Eileen Qutub get-together at the Grant House, is any sign of you or Kelly. Of course, I’m not always there for the entire event, so I may have missed it.

    You do realize that casting aspersions and throwing brickbats, while occasionally entertaining to be sure, is not a substitute for actually taking constructive action in support of a candidate, right?


  30. Were you at Eileen Qutub’s initial kickoff, taking video to put up online?

    Did you receive the email last September from the Hadian Campaign to see about setting up a meet for him down here?

    Are you meeting with what candidates you can to sit and discuss issues for potential supportive posts?

    Are you meeting with candidates, taking photos for their web sites and potential use?

    Have you submitted a questionnaire to any candidate for additional information to write on their behalf?

    I’ve done all of that and more, plus frequent ongoing email exchanges with some to promote them.

    The take over the party is not a delusion. I have comments, audio and links to discussions of just that going back into 2007.

    As for your last snipe, for all of the ineffectiveness of what I do, you and others from your camp sure flock here an awful lot to try to counter it.


  31. Clicked on the video and got a four-minute advertisement … nothing about signs at all.


  32. Lew – Are you going to lock this comment section? To Earl, Yeah, that is what I saw when I clicked on the youtube video some time ago. I wondered if that video has been so WONDERFULLY prepared with a slideshow of their political viewpoints within the 5 minutes. Then in the middle stick the 90 seconds creme – de la creme of the sign being taken and Mr. Hedrick in hot pursuit. Why was this movie made like this, when really, it should have been 90 seconds without the political fervor?
    Every one has the right to political viewpoint. But why did the PCO Liberty movement feel that I should have to be subjected to their political movement when 1) I am not in the directly effected PCO based legislative districts they want to target and 2) Why would I want to sit through several minutes of useless political pandering video? Man, I would have just simply pulled that video down, re-edited it and pulled all of that other useless junk out..,.. (or watched it on one of the other local news sites that did not have the political filler…)


  33. Jeremy, I Don’t have any reason to lock comments, at least not yet.

    The proper way to deal with the sign thief would have been to just turn the evidence over to Police. But, we all know they place little priority on such things.

    I’m waiting to see if Democrats pick the ad up and make it a campaign issue or use against the GOP. I’ve already thought of how it could be used against candidates we want elected, but won’t give them ideas on how.

    I know if it were Democrats who made such a political ad in this manner, I would use it against them.


  34. Well, this exchange has given me some insight into the Liberty Alliance PCO and the people involved and, at this time, I am not impressed. The video of the sign stealing was a concern to me regarding its intended and actual intent. It also demonstrates the hazards of distracted driving. I agree with you, Lew, regarding signs and how they affect voters. Most voters do not like it when they appear and are glad to see them gone.

    I will say that I agree with the objectives of the Liberty Alliance but I wonder if the objectives are the real ones.


  35. Hi Lew, just an FYI / clarification: Of course sign vandalism continued because it was perpetrated by more than one person and some of those people had not heard the story and/or did not take it seriously at the time so it was not yet as effective a deterrent to the general public as it might later (hopefully) become. However, I was personally told by Rep. Paul Harris that there was one location at which he had lost over 60 signs — every time one was stolen he put another one up — until the total had exceeded 60. And Rep. Harris told me personally that sign loss at that location had completely ceased after the story. I assume it was the same perp on his self-appointed mission.


  36. Christian, my whole point, while I agree that sign vandalism is a problem and very wrong, but we actually have bigger fish to fry.

    Yes, he got fined $485 dollars and given 8 hours of community service. He may not pull up any more signs or he be more cautious next time, we don’t know.

    But, I highly doubt it will discourage others who drive around in the dead of night to steal or tear down signs.

    And most importantly, it had no effect on a single race, some w might have won if we focused on helping them win, even the candidate wasn’t quite perfect.

    As I said before, we must choose our battles wisely, just as the opposition has been doing (and winning).

    That is why I labeled it a distraction.


  37. So, just to recap: We call up campaigns asking if they want help, and they say, “Sure, help us put up signs!” We put up over 100 yard signs all over the county for Madore, among several others. Then those signs, along with Harris and PCOLA signs go missing in East Vancouver, and we catch the main guy doing it and get all kinds of media attention. The candidates and their staffs all thank us profusely and tell us that way less signs are missing in that area afterwards, and several even ask to borrow our camera so they can do it too. Jim Moeller even does his best to get in on the story because he knows we are getting attention for Republicans. Everyone is happy about this except Sweet Lew. Why the sour grapes? Oh yeah, because somehow, he is certain that Paulbots are involved and getting credit. A tired act.

    I have no idea what fish you are frying, Lew. We were just trying to help candidates win. At least one candidate seems to think that we helped him quite a bit. I dunno, maybe you were busy helping the President or something during that time, but then…I wonder why you took the time to write this article in that case? Maybe your fish weren’t really that big after all.


  38. You’re actually pretty funny for a coward who wants his opinions to matter, yet hides behind an anonymous screen name. You want credibility? Be willing to stand behind your opinion.

    As for “sour grapes,” laughable. Bottom line is, how many races did your sting win? None you say?

    Ya’ll have the power in the party now and what you can do with it remains to be seen. If you stick to your messiah’s rants, I doubt you will accomplish much, in spite of electing two really great people chair and vice-chair. We’ll see how much you cooperate or frustrate their efforts.

    Puff out your chest, cower behind your phony assumed identity, convince yourself how much of a difference you think you made.

    Now, let’s see you win some relevant elections. That will take a little more than ensuring one person pays a small fine and serves 8 hours community service.


  39. You’re hurting my feelings again with all of that name-calling, Lew. I am trying to stick to my Messiah’s rants (They are all in red letters in my Bible), so I won’t sink to that level with you. The fact that you are worried that I won’t cooperate with Lynda and Steve strikes me as funny, as I imagine it would them as well. I’m not a big one for puffing out my chest, but after all, you are writing articles about my efforts, not me about yours. I guess I’ll let you think about that. It’s funny that you are all hung up on my name. The Columbian was wondering that too.



  40. Blah, blah, blah.

    Win a few elections, relevant elections that will make a difference, then boast.

    So far, you have done nothing but blow hot air and act cowardly.

    By the way, if ya’ll hadn’t run off bull-headed as you did over those signs, you might have realized doing it was illegal and we defeated Sherry Parker with that very issue.



    If you want to ever be taken seriously, maybe stop acting like bulls in a china shop who know it all.


  41. Lew, may I suggest someone that boasts like that sounds like a little child in grammar school being taught lesson by a school marm? Man, why do I know that writing style of the commenter starting more roughage….

    Maybe I might like to see Felida Jack come back to life? 😉 (Where is he when you need him to ride into the rescue?)


  42. I’d say someone needs to ride to Lew’s rescue quickly. He’s getting his a** kicked. His objections to this sign thief episode make him look like a petty little girl. If Lew had found the thief, he would have plastered it all over his blog.


  43. Well now, very interesting. Just like a delusional Paulbot to comment under an assumed name to support his own comment.



    You get more cowardly with every comment and still haven’t contributed to winning a single relevant election.

    Come back and boast when you have expended as much effort as you did in uncovering one single sign vandal into winning an election.

    You do remember those, don’t you?


  44. Lew, more likely someone else at his same place of employment behind the same router. I can guarantee you that is not the same poster. Go back and look at other calleduntoliberty posts in your log and I’ll bet you find most come from a different IP.


  45. Christian, you don’t need to make excuses for the cowardly guy.

    He can bleat and bray as much as he wants, he is who resurrected a dead issue to puff out his chest.

    Too bad he doesn’t put that much effort into voting Democrats out.


  46. This is why first, I can’t stand the PaulBots and second, now that they’ve taken over the local party and are using it to further their non-Republican aims (You really don’t have to be a Republican to be a PCO? What’s THAT all about?) and they will be playing politics without the help of many who’ve worked so hard in the past.

    Between the PaulBot take-over and the Senate GOP allowing Obama to rape us this morning, I’m ashamed I ever was a Republican.

    Watch now as positions are made up for the Central Committee to allow the bots to worm their way into absolute control while Wilson/Nelson have figure-head status.


  47. Berrigan, of course, will defend and support ANYONE as long as they toe his line. Kinda makes me think he knows exactly who that clown is


  48. Lew, I am really not interested in getting into a personal mudslinging match with you. There are just certain places that i know you are willing to go that I am not. So you can call me names, etc. Whatever. I suspect that if we met in person, your tenor wouldn’t be quite so aggressive and demeaning. That is usually the nature of internet cowboys. At any rate, you have now spent more time writing about me than I have writing about the sign thief. You also fail to actually address any arguments being made in this thread. So I guess the title of your hit piece, ‘Distracted Priorities’ fits you at least as well as it does me. At least we were focused on a guy who was stealing signs, and we were helping Republicans. You, by your own admission, have abandoned the party and are only bent on promoting how many views your blog gets.

    As for Kelly, I notice that he is begging the ‘Paulbots’ to do something about Jaime Herrera today on his blog. I think that about sums it up. So I’ll keep working, and you two can keep criticizing from afar. If anyone wants to know what is going on in the party, they can visit my blog, because you two are obviously clueless on that topic.

    Even though nobody likes to be criticized by people who they’ve never met, I will do my best not to read your drivel henceforth. Coming to this blog and trying to reason with you is a waste of my time, and I always seem to end up feeling soiled afterwards. Good luck.


  49. One of the problems I’ve got is that the PaulBots like “calledtolie” are forced to engage in this kind off garbage as if it pushes their ball forward. As I respond to the lie that I “begged the ‘Paulbots’ to do something about Jaime Herrera today on his blog” my response to this lying scum then, as now?

    “Personally, having wished that Herrera, a worthless waste of political skin, had been hit by a political truck, you’ve obviously confused me with someone else when you make the bizarre and incorrect claim that *I* EVER criticized the ‘Bots for not getting behind that moron Herrera.”

    So, on one hand, I “begged the ‘Bot’s” to “do something about Herrera, and on the other, off my blog, I’m falsely accused of “… criticizing all of you for not getting in line behind Jaime Herrera even though you knew she was a terrible candidate.”


    It’s not just they lie… badly… it’s that they’re not entitled to their own false facts… particularly when they hide behind multiple idents… kinda like Jon Russell.




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