Unhinged Leftist Radio Host Melts Down Over Chick-fil-A Support

by lewwaters

Mike Malloy, so unhinged that Air America dumped him before they collapsed, went on a childish rant on a recent program over Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, where citizens of all walks poured into the restaurants to show support for the chain presidents free speech.


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Maybe the fact that Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day set records for sales on the day has Malloy’s knickers in a twist or his mommy put too much starch his boxers again. But he is indicative of the mindset seen far too often as the left resorts to inane tantrums to continue the destruction of Traditional American families and values.

It’s an “our way or the highway” mentality designed to bully the country into what a fringe element demands, with no regard for others or the reasons behind traditional long-standing societal norms that kept society safe an beneficial for the overall majority of people.

Unable to provide any examples of the bettering of society by their demanded changes, they have become the bully on the block demanding every body’s lunch money on the way to school.

A recent Huffington Post article shows the weak-minded position many leftists take. The article is interviews with homosexual employees of Chick-fil-A. In spite of comments on never being subjected to disrespect or treated badly by Chick-fil-A, the one who said a trainer at a training session made a comment of disgust seeing two men kissing resulted in the trainers being fired, the call is still a wish for their employer to go out of business.

I guess the thought that it is their paychecks being thrown away doesn’t enter their mind.

There is much anger because the company’s president, a staunch Baptist, believes in traditional marriage and donates to causes supporting traditional marriage. For that expression of free thought and support, homosexuals and leftists demand the chain be put out of business, which would throw thousands of people out of work.

In the meantime, companies like Amazon.com, Microsoft and others whose wealthy leftist owners donate millions of dollars to pro-homosexual marriage groups is lauded and free from large scale protests and calls for execution as we have seen towards Chick-fil-A.

Worse yet is we see the vitriol thrown towards those who are calling for upholding the very religious freedom our first amendment guarantees us.

This is nothing more than the bullying tactics we have seen from the left and many Democrats for some time now. There is no interest in compromise from their side, no middle ground sought, no concern for the over well being of America.

No, it’s just a push to thrust an agenda on us with absolutely no regard to the laws of unintended consequences.

17 Comments to “Unhinged Leftist Radio Host Melts Down Over Chick-fil-A Support”

  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Oh, that was FUN*NEY!

    Lew, if I didn’t know you, I’d bet this whole post was putting me on.

  2. Truth hurts, doesn’t it Martin?

    By the way, why aren’t you helping out at Kiss-in?

    It’s not doing near as well as did the Appreciation Day 😉


  3. Romney! Chick-fli-A! Herman Cain! Michele Bachmann!

    Lew, the Republican Party has gone nuts. Scratch this go-around and get Chris Christie on deck.

  4. This just shows that the Left does not understand this Chick-Fil-A thing at all. What we saw on Wednesday were Christians reacting to anti-Christian hate.

    All this started because someone effectively asked a devout Christian what the Bible says about homosexuality. They did not ask a devout Muslim on the board of OPEC what Islam thinks of homosexuality.

    The people who are against Chick-Fil-A claim they’re pro-Gay, but they’re really just anti-Christian, and that’s what we’re reacting to. We’re just tired of it.

  5. Sorry, Martin. Dropping to allow an utter failure despot like Obama to remain in office is out of the question.

    The country cannot take 4 more of him.

  6. Dr. Saxon, whatever the opposing positions are on Gay Marriage, letting a chicken sandwich be the battleground is embarassing to both sides.

    Lew, I know you’re a loyal guy but sometimes you just have to shake your head.

  7. You’re missing the point, Mr. Hash. This isn’t about Gay rights. If it were, non-Christian organizations would be prominently targeted as well. They are not. That’s why I’m saying the protesters aren’t pro-Gay, but rather anti-Christian.

    You’re right about the backdrop being rather silly, though.

  8. Martin, I don’t just what it is I’m loyal too, but if you mean the party, you’re wrong as I have problems with both of them.

    I do agree a chicken sandwich for the backdrop is not only silly, it’s ridiculous.

    But we didn’t choose it, homosexuals did, to the point now they have filed a Civil Rights complaint against the chain.



    If an owner of a company is not free to express their thoughts and speech freely in America, who is any longer?

    This is about way more than just homosexuals getting married and as an attorney, surely you see that.

    Is our free thought and freedom to express ourselves to be subjected to some nondescript board for approval first if this goes forth?

  9. Here’s my caution:

    For Conservatives (or Republicans) to prevail, they need the “undecided” voters. However, if you let an issue float over Jon Stewart & Bill Maher’s plate, they’re going to hit it out of the park, and popular opinion will make you laughing-stocks. This is where I see a huge hole in Republican strategizing. Yeah, Liberals (and Leftists) may not understand you but you don’t seem to understand how to control the middle.

  10. What you say is a point I have brought up with people many times over the Monica Lewinski ordeal and even the recent chasing down a sign thief on a bicycle.

    But this is not so much about the Republican Party. It’s about free speech and free enterprise.

    Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are hacks that will latch on to any and everything to ridicule if the can embarrass the right or traditional Americans.

    Missed by all, Martin, this stand is not just to protect our free speech, but yours as well.

    Unless you wish the very Marxism you abhor to rule the day.

    The Party is not directing this, it’s people fed up with seeing our freedoms being flushed away. Doesn’t matter that Huckabee announced it, it’s individual Americans, including homosexuals and Democrats who showed up to support Chick-fil-A Wednesday.

    And for anybody to excuse Mike Malloy’s melt down is unbelievable.

  11. Well if Air America chooses to keep him on the air, they are the one losing the final leek in their spare tire to keeping him and their fledgling network afloat. I wonder if he is still on KPOJ?
    To a further point, I see that if the chief executive of Chik-fil-A wants to have his private thoughts on a matter like religion, he is free to espouse those on his own and personal time. But when you represent a company, are there moral terperatude clauses in most executive level corporate environment?
    I say, let him have his personal viewpoints. But he should also watch WHAT he says when he is in the company of reporters or other people. He is the embodiment and highest representative of that company that probably faces the public entity. As I have said on other public boards and in private, this sure looks like a great public – economic bonanza and public relations for them? And it gets the public talking about them?
    Do I really think that civil rights lawsuit is going to go anywhere? Not sure Lew. I say at this point, I think it is just a publicity stunt. Just like other things, I feel like this is being over blown on both sides!

  12. Jeremy, the initial comment was made in an interview with the Biblical Recorder in North Carolina and circulated by the Baptist Press.

    From there, the media and homosexuals latched onto it in order to make it an issue.

  13. Malloy has been melting down for years. His growing insanity just cost him another gig.That’s all.

  14. Shouldn’t that be fowl language?

  15. He is a chickenshit, so you possibly could be on to something 😉

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