Commissioner Boldt, Honesty Really Is The Best Policy

by lewwaters

Incumbent Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt, who ran as a conservative and sold out his conservative base during his two terms on the commission, is eager to keep his seat and be reelected. No real surprise, the position not only pays pretty well for a former truck driver, it carries power and a degree of prestige, as public office does.

But that does not justify the lengths Marc Boldt is taking to retain his seat.

Politicians of all walks are noted for trying to present their best view for us and are expected to embellish somewhat. But Marc Boldt has elevated the art of dishonest deception presented to voters to a new level for the office he seeks to retain, with the willing assistance of the unofficial daily newsletter for the CRC & Democrat Party, the Columbian.

While they Columbian’s Stephanie Rice strains gnats to paint Boldt’s strongest opponent, successful businessman David Madore as less than sincere, she makes no effort whatsoever to vet Marc Boldt’s claims he makes or vet those who speak on his behalf.

Commissioner Boldt has sent out a mailer containing numerous embellished and not so factual claims as explained here, here, here, here and here at Clark County Politics blog, owned and written by Commissioner Marc Boldt’s brother-in-law.

Needless to say, Commissioner Boldt has not been exactly up front and honest with Clark County Voters on his two terms.

He lays claim to working hard to keep our taxes at a low rate and cutting our taxes, but doesn’t mention how many times he voted to raise our taxes by the maximum amount allowable under our laws.

He claims to have worked hard to give us a voice in the CRC and light rail project to force Clark County to accept Portland, Oregon’s financially failing light rail, but we still haven’t been allowed to vote again on whether we want it or not and have long been hearing from Vancouver, Washington Mayor, Tim Leavitt, who sits alongside Marc Boldt on the C-Tran Board that our voices don’t matter, it’s coming anyway.

Can we forget Commissioner Boldt, who supposedly worked hard to give us a voice and keep our taxes low, making the robo-call in 2011 for C-Tran to vote to raise our sales tax to give C-Tran more of our money, all so they would not have to dip into the Millions of Dollars’ in reserves they are holding in order for it to go for light rail?

Continuing in the deception, I was sent the transcript of yet another robo-call made recently on Commissioner Boldt’s behalf,

“Hi, this is Al Shaker. I’m an East Clark County business owner. I don’t usually make political calls but I think it’s important that voters know the truth. I’m calling to encourage you to vote for Marc Boldt for County Commissioner because Marc’s opponent is trying to buy this election by pouring over $100,000 into this campaign by intentionally misleading voters. The truth is Marc not only cut both the County budget and the number of employees in his time in office, he also kept property taxes low and cut fees for businesses. Tell his opponent that your vote is not for sale. Please vote for Marc Boldt for County Commissioner.”

In spite of claiming to “tell the truth,” Mr. Shauer wasn’t exactly up front on just who he is or just what “East County Business” he owns. And undated Daily Insider post indentifies Al Shauer as principal and former president/CEO of Mackay & Sposito, Inc., a “full-service civil engineering, land and construction surveying, land-use planning, landscape architecture and construction management service.”

It is also a firm that helped fund a support group, “Keep Clark County Moving” that was instrumental in convincing voters to agree to raise their sales taxes Commissioner Boldt advocated above.

They also are frequently seen participating in CRC meetings, advocating for the construction of the new bridge to carry light rail from Portland to Vancouver, bypassing any voter input, having seen past votes on light rail voted down by wide margins.

Most laughable is claiming David Madore is “buying the election.”

Mr. Madore has not sat on the County Commission to ignore voters expressing outrage over our votes being ignored again and not being listened to, even though voters keep demanding to be heard.

Mr. Madore has never raised any taxes on Clark County residents and actually employs over 100 citizens while offering free space to over 30 non-profits at his U.S. Digital offices.

Marc Boldt, on the other hand, has raised our taxes and has denied us a voice in this process. I fail to see where Al Shauer can say Commissioner Bolt has “kept property taxes low” as property taxes have increased on my small home, even though the value has decreased. And it was just last year that his willing accomplices at the Columbian, who are also strong supporters of the CRC/light rail boondoggle, were telling us that we in Clark County had the highest property tax levy rate in the state.

Also left out of any of Commissioner Boldt’s pleadings for votes, while he sides often with Democrat and former environmental activist Steve Stuart, opposing many efforts made by Conservative Republican County Commissioner Tom Mielke, Clark County remains in our 4th year straight of double digit unemployment.

David Madore and Tom Mielke desire to see our job situation improve and return Clark County residents to decent paying jobs in Clark County, not construct a means to carry Clark County citizens to Oregon for work and to benefit another community instead of our own.

If anybody is trying to buy this election, it is Commissioner Boldt who is also asking for money from supporters and relying on wealthy businessmen who just may have a vested interest in straddling taxpayers with increased taxes and high tolls to pay for the CRC.

Commissioner Boldt has not been honest with voters in Clark County nor has he stood up for us. He is a vote for the largest and most expensive project ever imagined for Clark County, the “Bridge to Bankruptcy.”

What happened, Commissioner Boldt? You too once thought that honesty was the best policy.

Why don’t you any longer?

8 Comments to “Commissioner Boldt, Honesty Really Is The Best Policy”

  1. An excellent question. But don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer.

  2. This morning I listened to an interview to which all commissioner candidates position 2 were invited, and two attended,
    Boltd and Madore.

    Boldt claims he is opposed to tolls in this interview. He also sent a mailer that claims
    “his recorded vote is for no tolls.” Apparently he cast a vote in 2008 that was a minority vote against tolls.

    However, in August 2011, he voted FOR tolls when he voted FOR the CRC FEIS on the C-Tran board after a lengthy presentation on tolling as necessary for the project. What struck me about the vote was how few questions were posed to the CRC by the C-Tran board chair Boldt.

    In July 2012, he is FOR tolls in public statements in the newspaper
    “However, the chairman [Boldt] said he isn’t against tolling the project (he was around when they tolled the Interstate 5 Bridge decades ago), but rather making sure they strike the right balance with the cost.
    “We do acknowledge if we want a bridge, there’s going to be tolling,” Boldt said.”
    full story

    Boldt in the interview claims a county-wide vote would be illegal. According to state legislators, there are possible county-wide votes that could be held, as reported in the Columbian. For example, in 1997 we had an advisory vote on establishing a county charter. Commissioner Mielke was open to a county-wide vote. Not so Boldt….
    “A few weeks ago, lawmakers from the 17th District asked commissioners to put an advisory vote on the November ballot, and commissioners said they could not legally have an advisory vote on a matter over which they lack the authority to decide.
    This time, Commissioners Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt made it clear they did not even care if what the 18th District lawmakers were suggesting was legal.”

    Since that article, the incumbent voted to delay the light rail vote from 2011 until November 2012, and it won’t be county-wide. One reason is that the C-Tran district was gerrymandered from county-wide to a smaller district in 2005, and Boldt voted for this district reduction that cut out thousands of county voters. This results in taxation without representation since the c-tran sales tax is levied on all who shop in the areas of Clark County where most of the retail stores are located.

  3. Tax hikes in the county since Boldt got on the commish in 2005.

    2005- New parks taxing district, passed in a special election by about 27 votes, without any pro/con statements in a voter’s guide.

    2005-Gerrymandered the C-Tran tax district from county-wide to cut out thousands of voters after a failed sales tax hike in 2004. Voila! Sales tax hike recycled in 2005 and passed, $ MILLIONS more taken out of local economy and diverted to C-Tran.

    2005-2010- Voted to raise taxes each year, often by the maximum allowed. During these years of tax hikes, county employees contributed ZERO to healthcare premiums for themselves or their families and enjoy a cadillac benefits plan.

    2011- Another unnecessary C-Tran tax hike , aggressively pushed on the YES committee, with the robo-call above as chair of the C-tran board, in spite of the many $$$ tens of MILLIONS in reserves. About $9 MILLION per year and growing projected for C-Tran.

    This incumbent is a serial tax hiker. These increases were NOT warranted. Especially in this serious recession.
    Better leadership to cut costs where possible and deliver necessary services efficiently is needed.

  4. I’m pretty disgusted at the transparent greed we’re seeing from some of the local construction and engineering firms when it comes to CRC. And that includes the BIA who has now endorsed Boldt. These groups are acting as selfish and short-sighted as what we’ve all come to expect from public-employee unions, the taxpayer be damned. Who’d have thought it.

  5. It’s the old Grease the Palms, Tom.

  6. Well, as long as the idiot Clark County voters keep approving levies, *of course* we’ll have one of the highest property tax rates in the state!!!

    And it amazes me how many property owners think their property tax bill will decrease since the assessed value drops – doesn’t work that way if *everyone*’s assessment drops…

  7. Just got 2 more mailers from Boldt repeating his bogus claims . And one from David Madore admitting a mistake in a previous mailer.

  8. Primary votes due August 7!!!

    David Madore has voting recommendations at:

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