Update 4: Primary Election Results (Unofficial)

by lewwaters

All numbers still subject to change as the count progresses.

Statewide count updated, August 10, 2012. No discernible changes in any statewide races

Clark County numbers updated. Of note, Don Benton, David Madore and Tom Mielke each have increased their lead with Marc Boldt edged into second place with David Madore still holding the lead.

Unfortunately, all 3 Democrats in the 49th District also increased their lead.

For PCO races, see 2012 PCO Results – Aug 10



Maria Cantwell 681,652

Michael Baumgartner 372,094

Clark County:

Maria Cantwell 31,375

Michael Baumgartner 22,794



Jaime Herrera Beutler 65,967

Jon T. Haugen 43,945

Clark County:

Jaime Herrera Beutler 38,890

Jon T. Haugen 27,138




Jay Inslee  584,285

Rob McKenna 538,918

Lt. Governor

Brad Owen 576,862

Bill Finkbeiner 307,646

Secretary of State

Kim Wyman 468,555

Kathleen Drew 252,024

State Treasurer

Jim McIntire 822,716

Sharon Hanek (write-in, Clark County result) 3,151

State Auditor


James Watkins 519,067

Troy Kelley 261,231

Attorney General


Bob Ferguson 604,698

Reagan Dunn 451,431

Commissioner of Public Lands


Peter J. Goldmark 601,336

Clint Didier 480,088

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Randy I. Dorn 558,618

Ronald L. (Ron) Higgins 152,651

Insurance Commissioner


Mike Kreidler 628,913

John R. Adams 250,448


County Commissioner Pos. 1

Tom Mielke 11,244

Joe Tanner 7,525

County Commissioner Pos. 2

David Madore 6,677

Marc Boldt 6,039

Roman Battan 5,725

PUD Commissioner District 1

Jim Malinowski 6,789

Julia Anderson 3,986


14th District


Curtis King 435

Representative Pos. 1 

Norm Johnson 387

Paul Spencer 248

Representative Pos. 2

Mathew K.M. Tomaskin 236

Charles Ross 394

17th District


Don Benton 10,793

Tim Probst 9,945

Representative Pos. 1

Julie Olson 8,703

Monica Stonier 9,323

Matthew Homola 2,484

Representative Pos. 2

Paul Harris 11,632

Jim Gizzi 8,735

18th District


Ann Rivers 15,553

Ralph Schmidt 8,822

Representative Pos. 1

Brandon Vick 11,285

Adrian E. Cortes 6,158 (withdrew, but word is he is considering reentering the race)

Peter Silliman (Write-in) 1,337

Representative Pos. 2

Liz Pike 14,697

David Shehorn 7,232

20th District

Clark County


John E. Braun 642

Dan Swecker 514

Representative Pos. 1

Richard DeBolt 1,351

Representative Pos. 2

Ed Orcutt 1,190

John Morgan 339

Cowlitz County


John E. Braun 904

Dan Swecker 763

Rae Lowery 572

Representative Pos. 1

Richard DeBolt 2,040

Representative Pos. 2

Ed Orcutt 1,738

John Morgan 701

49th District


Eileen Qutub 8,862

Annette Cleveland 11,503

Representative Pos. 1

Sharon Wylie 11,811

Debbie Peterson 8,899

Representative Pos. 2

Carolyn Crain 8,913

Jim Moeller 11,789

26 Comments to “Update 4: Primary Election Results (Unofficial)”

  1. Results here: http://vote.wa.gov/results/current/StateExecutive-All.html

    Will be “interesting” to see the State Treasurer votes – Madore was recommending a write-in of Sharon Hanek — I wonder where the Republicans were on this?


  2. No write-ins are showing up yet.

    There is also a write-in campaign in the 18th.

    Statewide, there was a campaign to write-in Hanek. It wasn’t only Madore and likely, he received the recommendation from the Olympia area as I did.


  3. Local results here: http://www.clark.wa.gov/elections/index.html last update 8:05PM. I dropped off my ballot at a school today. I guess that makes me a member of the 30%! 🙂

    Similarly, I wonder about the D’s lack of candidate for 18 position 1?


  4. Elections sent me that in pdf earlier. Don’t know if they will update more tonight. I’m sure they will in the next few days.

    Voter turn-out was really pathetic this time around.

    For example, 21.25% listed so far.

    In the race for the PCO slot I used to hold, 4 candidates earning 38, 31, 24 and 27 votes each.

    When I ran for PCO last in 2010, I received 111 and in 2008 224.

    It’s not a position that draws a lot of votes anyways, but this is pathetic that so few voted.


  5. No presidential primary killed the deal for many.

    No real surprises here except the strength of Boldt’s democrat vote.


  6. That was my thought too. Awaiting updated numbers, but last I saw turnout was a dismal 21.25%


  7. Nice to see David Madore winning. Hope he maintains the lead. Unfortunate to see Shahram being creamed, but not surprising given the party establishment’s unremitting effort to do him in. And yes, the PCO vote is pathetic. The total vote in my precinct this time was much less than the amount I won by last time – and I’m being creamed too by the way. Odd since my opponent, Ron Nielsen, did no discernable campaigning. Whatever – my wife is looking forward to my not being a PCO anymore 🙂


  8. That is partly why I resigned my PCO slot, that and how the GOP undermined and back stabbed a good conservative candidate who should be in D.C. instead of Herrera.

    I didn’t think Hadian would win, considering how the WSRP ignored and him and JayRob Mcinslee would never debate him.

    But now it is up to McInlsee to earn the votes. I don’t want to see the Dem win, but JayRob isn’t owed anything. He has to earn it.

    The general very well could be a vastly different race all around this time.

    Like Kelly, I lay the dismal turnout on disinterest due to dropping the Presidential Primary. It’s shame that people wouldn’t vote.


  9. Art Coday statewide figure doesn’t look accurate.


  10. Truth here is that people were often confused by the lack of consistancy between the ballot and tha pamphlet. I heard it a lot the last week from elderly people with no access to computers. They were so disenfranchised and frustrated. I felt so sorry for them and so totally angry at the legislature for not funding the primary at the state level this year. Talk about not caring about your voters!


  11. I’ll take it a step further: for the most part, once again, the Paulbot effort got hammered; Silliman got around 8% of the vote and couldn’t even win his PCO seat.

    As near as I can tell, every so-called establishment PCO was re-elected. All that sturm and drang, wasted effort and money and what do they have to show for it?

    Damned little.


  12. It wasn’t, Margaret. Thanks for catching that.

    I guess I can expect Greg Owens now to cry and bellyache because I made a mistake? 😉


  13. With ballots still to be counted, State turnout too was a dismal 22.1%


    I’m sure that will be adjusted upward, though


  14. Hey Lew – Doesn’t Greg drink his own stirred up political Tang? Honestly, I simply just put on my political blinders and bypass his blundering political commentary…


  15. Kelly even though I lost, I think as a group we did pretty damn well for the first time out of the gate. 93+ of our PCO’s won their positions. Prior to this election, we had only 8. At the recent central committee PCO meeting at Green Meadows, only around 60 PCOs even showed up. You do the math.


  16. Well I am good with the PCO deal if they stay on task as vowed to party in the end. I also want to see more effort from them such as getting out and knocking on doors to rally the marching band and the foot brigade. My last PCO was a Ron Paul Fan and she did not walk the district, she didn’t even tell me she was the PCO until I knocked on her door two years ago. It is time we make our presence known! Share the info and spread the word…. the truth is marching here!


  17. Carolyn – Well, I WISH they would have come to my door. But alas, I don’t see a lot of the GOP putting much effort in the 49th LD where I reside..


  18. Jeremy, I’ve lived in my house since 1994 and in all of that time, one candidate has shown up at my door, Don Carlson in 2004.

    I’m going to try to set up a door-belling in my neighborhood with Eileen Qutub in the coming weeks and hope to include Debbie and Carolyn, if not then another time.

    But it’s going to be a little difficult, what with all of the road construction on 88th Street.

    With 39 Town Homes across the street from me now, I would expect to pick up some support from a few at least.


  19. I have finished 9 precincts every door. Every single solitary door without miss unless it was empty. We can take this if those boots hit the ground. I have spent 3600 on my campaign including the initial filing fees! My opponent had $38,000 with $8 left at the end of the primary from what I last read on the PDC reports. Yesterday\’s numbers showed a 2320 spread of votes with the low turnout it made the % rather high on the spread at 57% to 42% but that too might change with todays counts. I need boots. Calling all Pco\’s to come walk with me! We can change this number


  20. I’ve done the math. I stand by my statement.

    Most of those who ran and won would have won anyway. That’s the reality. And in the end, you heard it here first:

    It will make precisely zero difference. None.

    Those in the establishment running the party will still be in the establishment… and they’ll still run the party. Very few to zero of them lost.

    The outcome for this election will be as good as it can ever get. So, unless the new Establishment can do better then the Old Establishment (If the Paulistinians become the new establishment, will the word “establishment” still be a bad thing?) then what was the point?

    And the ONLY thing that “doing better” can mean is MORE Republicans elected. Anything else is for the hidden agenda that I’m constantly being told doesn’t exist.

    Simple, really.


  21. “And the ONLY thing that “doing better” can mean is MORE Republicans elected.”

    Kelly for once I agree with you. And if you don’t think that 90+ brand new activist PCO’s using modern technology will make a difference to that end, you’re being deliberately obtuse.


  22. Well the new numbers simply reflected the same % we saw last night in my race. I still think it is a curious thing that 2,000 new voters were enrolled after the May 1st update post redistricting, interesting too is the fact that we had such a low % turnout w/only 25% in the 49th. I’d like to see the numbers by precinct to assess the efforts I made effectiveness. These things do matter in a campaign. I am going to request the list of the precincts and the voters to see if the door belling is working at all. Today lots of people said “what do you mean the primary was yesterday, I thought it was another week away”. Moving it up impacted the races as well as the partial pamphlet. So we’ll see…


  23. Carolyn – “Truth here is that people were often confused by the lack of consistency between the ballot and the pamphlet.”

    I think you hit the nail on the head. A *ton* of choices on the ballot, including some true wackos. The state website was truly abysmal, too, with two vertical scrollbars. A throwback to early (really bad) 90’s website design. I tried both IE & Firefox, and it sucked in both versions. I like the idea of the cost savings, but geez, please come up w/ a usable website!


  24. The narrative between you two mugs is really getting old. First, the ‘Paulbots’ are taking over the party and getting rid of all of the amazing activists. Then, when most of the establishment is still winning their pco races, you decry the ‘Paulbots’ ineffective lack of change. Which is it? It must be fun to keep rolling with your narrative as facts and reality keep whizzing by in the opposite direction. This is why nobody takes you seriously, including, apparently, people in your own precincts. Congrats on your 25 votes, by the way, Kelly. Do they give out bronze medals for PCO races? You are an incredible activist in your precinct, man. I’m so glad Marla included you on the list of people that the PCO Liberty people were opposing, as though it was something of great import to oppose you.

    I think Kelly is still secretly working for Marc Boldt. I notice he doesn’t support David Madore, and he also didn’t work very hard to keep Boldt from getting elected as a PCO. Kelly is secretly a RINO, and I have secret evidence that proves it. Kelly is a RINObot! He voted for Brandon Vick in the PCO meeting, and for another RINO, Adrian Cortes, in the election. RINObot! RINObot!

    Wow, this is fun. No accountability at allto truth or rational thought. I see why Kelly and Lew have been doing it all of these years.


  25. If what is written here disturbs you as much as you indicate, feel free to stop reading it.

    No one twists your arm to drop in here, you choose to on your own volition.


  26. I have to say that I think it rather hilarious that you all bring up my name on a thread that I haven’t even commented on. Why is that exactly? I don’t provide enough fodder for you with my own ramblings? 🙂


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