Does Herrera Beutler Endorse Marc Boldt or Not?

by lewwaters

It was just this past May when Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler raised a few eyebrows around her district over a comment she made and reported in the May 4, 2012 Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter of the CRC and Democrat Party, that she intended to endorse both incumbent County Commissioners up for reelection, Republican Tom Mielke and alleged Republican Marc Boldt.

Considering that Commissioner Boldt has been sanctioned in November 2011 by the Clark County Republican Party for abandoning the party platform, turning his back on constituents who elected him and began siding with Democrat Steve Stuart, even to the point of saying “nothing would get done if he didn’t compromise with Stuart,” Herrera Beutler began catching flak, just as she predicted she would.

One such example was an open letter written to her by Carolyn Schultz-Rathbun with a copy posted on her blog, Cry Beloved Country.

As candidate endorsements began coming out, Commissioner Boldt did not receive the endorsement of the GOP, which went to his challenger, David Madore, a successful business owner in Vancouver, Washington. Boldt was denied a speaking position at the Clark County GOP convention and denied access to party resources as he continues to thumb his nose at the party and constituents, still claiming he is a Republican, but has “moderated his views.”

After the flak Herrera Beutler received from constituents, many were shocked to see Commissioner Boldt release the follow announcement of being endorsed by her.

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Almost immediately, word began crossing throughout the district that she did not endorse Boldt and was actually upset over his issuing that claim in a mailer and on his website.

Hearing that she was upset over the announced endorsement, people began contacting her office prior to the August 7 Primary Elections.

One person who contacted me about it said of that contact,

“I just got off the phone with Ryan Hart. He kept saying that Jaime was “totally surprised by the mailer that came out,” that she knew Marc since she was a kid, that she didn’t authorize Marc to do that…. round-and-round. But you know what – when I asked him since she supposedly wasn’t very happy with Marc doing that – did she intend to express that publicly or put out anything …? He just danced around that saying that “well the ballots are due in 2-days and it probably won’t hurt Madore.” Again I say “so there is not going to be any response from Jaime?” “Well she doesn’t have anything against David.” So there will be no response from Jaime to clear-up his ‘unauthorized’ endorsement that she is supposedly upset with him about.”

Another posted on facebook, “what I heard was that Jaime’s campaign camp did not authorize Marc to use her picture in his mailer or website.”

Yet another person posted, “Why doesn’t Jaime’s campaign make a public statement instead of having supporters call people? Looks like playing on both sides of the fence.”

One, an elected official, offering a defense of Herrera Beutler not issuing a public statement said, “Jaime isn’t going to do that. I wouldn’t even advise she do it. We know she was upset by it and unlike others isn’t going to air party dirty laundry in the press.”

Reminded that such a statement is not “airing dirty laundry,” but setting the record straight, responded with,

“If it was me I would call privately and have a firm conversation about it” and “I don’t live in the district so I didn’t see the flier. It depends on what was said. If it is just a photo, that shouldn’t mean much, but it is misleading and more of a reflection on the person doing it.”

Given a link to Boldt’s website where it is prominently shown as more than just a photo drew the response,

“Odd to say the least. It says it in the headline but the story indicates that they are going to be at the same event. I wonder if Jaime does know it is still there.”

Given the number of people that have contacted her over it, how can she not?

If Herrera Beutler in fact is not endorsing Marc Boldt, voters have not only the right, but the need to know. Regardless of what anyone thinks about Herrera Beutler and her performance in office, an endorsement for a county official from a sitting Congresswoman is a strong endorsement.

If she is not actually endorsing Boldt, then the claim of endorsement is a lie.

If she actually is endorsing Boldt, why the need to tell those who contact her office that she doesn’t? She’s a grown woman now, no need to bow before local elected officials she once may have retreated from.

Is she trying to help an old friend of the family while trying not to lose votes from conservative Republicans disillusioned with Commissioner Boldt voting the Democrat Party line so often?

She is all but guaranteed reelection, what with her district being redrawn in her favor and a weak candidate opposing her from the Democrats.

Either way it is, it is indicative of the gutless performance I expected from Herrera Beutler when she first ran for Congress in 2010. She hasn’t disappointed in the low expectations I have had of her.

16 Comments to “Does Herrera Beutler Endorse Marc Boldt or Not?”

  1. Hmm.. I emailed Ryan about this too, when the story first came out. He called me and said that Jaime HAD endorsed Boldt, but had NOT given him permission to use the endorsement or photo in the brochure and was not happy about it. He said the endorsement was merely out of personal loyalty from growing up together and his fundraising and prior endorsement of her, and not indicative of any dislike of David M.

    Make of that what you will. I suggested to Ryan that the right way to handle such a situation would have been not to make an endorsement at all. It certainly wasn’t a requirement.


  2. That’s what I mean, Tom.

    Too many stories.

    If Boldt is dishonest, voters should know.

    If he is being honest, why would she be upset over an endorsement she made, whether she gave permission or not to announce it?

    Of what good is an unannounced endorsement?


  3. Could this also be payback for all of the help he gave her getting her into the 18th state LD as a county commissioner and fund raising help some time later?


  4. Are citizens or our congresswoman familiar with the public record of Boldt since he joined the commish in 2005?

    2005- New county parks taxing district, passed in a special election by about 27 votes, without any pro/con statements in a voter’s guide. If the election were held in a primary or general, there could have been pro/con statements in a voter’s pamphlet.

    2005-Boldt voted to gerrymander the C-Tran tax district from county-wide to cut out tens of thousands of residents, a signficant portion of the county. Voila! In 2005 the C-Tran sales tax hike was recycled after the gerrymander and it passed. I hope CCC will re-post the map that shows how much of the county the commissioners are supposed to represent was silenced by this action. $ MILLIONS more taken out of local economy and diverted to C-Tran sales tax.

    2005-2010- Voted to raise taxes each year, often by the maximum allowed. During these years of tax hikes, county employees contributed $ ZERO to healthcare premiums for themselves or their families and enjoy a cadillac benefits plan. Citizens have urged the county commissioners for years to insist that county employees contribute to premiums like most of the rest of the county does. Note:County Commissioner Mielke objected to the 2009 tax hike in his first year of office, cut the proposed tax hike in 2010, and in 2011 led the way to NO TAX HIKE.

    2011- Another unnecessary C-Tran sales tax hike , aggressively pushed by Boldt, as one of 3 people on the YES committee listed in the Voter’s pamphlet. He sent out a robo-call as county commissioner and C-tran board chair paid for by “preserve our busses” PAC pleading for more $, in spite of information on the wealth of C-TRAN. See prior post
    This PAC paid County Commissioner Steve Stuart’s wife for leadership in the PAC, and invitations for this PAC’s fundraiser listed Boldt as a supporter. Many recipients of CRC $$ also among the supporters too. C-Tran mislead voters and stated on a mailer ” In 2005, …voters approved a .2% increase to preserve service for a period of 5 years.” Prior to the mailer being sent, I informed the C-Tran board which was chaired by Boldt at a board meeting verbally and in writing that this was not an accurate statement. I reviewed the 2005 ballot information in the voter’s pamphlet, from the county elections website and submitted it as proof. The C-Tran board including Chair Boldt ignored this input, and sent out the inaccurate statement in a costly mailer anyway, at taxpayer expense. The Preserve our Busses PAC repeated and emphasized this inaccurate statement as well.
    The fact is, the 2005 CTRAN tax hike was NEVER presented to voters as a 5-year tax hike anywhere in any of the ballot measure material mailed to voters. It is a perpetual tax hike that has NOT expired, which seemed to be the point of the misleading statement. Now the C-Tran tax hike of 2011 has been added ON TOP of the C-Tran tax hike of 2005, more $ MILLIONS diverted to C-Tran. Gerrymandered district wins second tax hike, with inaccurate information.

    2012- C-Tran is now pushing another tax hike in November 2012 for exorbitant light rail and bus rapid transit.

    There were other tax hikes during this period as well, this list is not complete. (please post)
    This does not include fee hikes, which were explained by the incumbent when running for office as a tax.
    As he put it, a tax is a fee, is a tax, is a fee.

    This incumbent is a serial tax hiker. These increases were NOT warranted. Especially in this serious recession when so many residents face losing jobs and homes.When he ran for this position, I attended speeches he made where he claimed to oppose raising taxes and fees as a rule. What does the record show?


  5. That’s why voters deserve a straight answer, Margaret.

    Her endorsement publicly appears that she would support those positions.


  6. Someone needs to ask Boldt how old that picture is??!!


  7. Any elected public official who endorses another politician should do so out of a firmly held belief that the person she endorses is the best person to defend the individual rights of citizens in Washington – not out of any personal loyalty or kickback. Enough cronyism already!


  8. Hard to say which would be worse: Boldt endorsing the woman he made the deal with McMorris to get the appointment to the 18th in the first place; or our cowardly congresswoman’s endorsement of the guy without whom, there would BE no Congresswoman Herrera.

    And Tom, they “didn’t grow up together.” Marc is roughly 24 years older. Back when she was a kid (before she disappeared from this are for 12 years or so and Marc paid off McMorris by making sure Herrera got the app[ointment through setting up a deal with the two democrat men on the Cowlitz County commission… one of who (who lost in the last election) now has an 80K a year job working for Marc as an “analyst”) she allegedly picked blueberries on his farm.

    That’s no reason to endorse anyone, of course… but then, that had nothing to do with Herrera scamming the appointment, either.


  9. As expected, crickets


  10. Perfect. That’s all the attention this nonsense deserves.


  11. Yes Greg, we know.

    Anything that might shine a light on Marc Boldt is verboten.

    Heaven forbid voters know some truth about the guy.


  12. Odd, isn’t it? Greg typically hates anyone who was smart enough to opopose his baseball scam… but Boldt, who killed Owens’ dream with his vote (Precisely like I knew he would based on The Plan) gets a pass.

    Gotta wonder why that is.


  13. Only Greg knows why, but I wouldn’t doubt that that reason rhymes with C-R-C


  14. Lew, I did finally get a response to my open letter to Herrera Beutler. Four months and lots of cricket choirs later. And using the term “response” *very* loosely.


  15. Carolyn, perhaps we should compare notes on your response.

    I too received a response, but a verbal one when I spoke with Jaime after her latest “coffee” in Battle Ground.

    I just forgot to tell her that I accidentally left my voice recorder running in my pocket 😉


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