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August 16, 2012

River Clearance Isn’t The Only Thing Low About CRC

by lewwaters

By now the public is well aware of how somehow, designers of the bridge project to replace the aging bridges across the Columbia River along the I-5 corridor screwed up and ignored years of input from citizens and businesses of the minimum clearance needed under the bridge for river traffic. It’s received a lot of coverage on local blogs and in the media from Willamette Week, the Oregonian and our own little local crier, the Columbian.

To say the least, the ongoing project that has sucked up nearly $150 Million of the public’s tax dollars is the most contentious of projects this area has ever seen, as well as the most expensive with predictions of eventual costs approaching $10 Billion.

Since its inception, after Clark County voters defeated a measure to extend Portland, Oregon’s financially ailing light rail into our community by a large margin, the CRC has been a public project largely shrouded in secrecy, in violation of Washington State Open Meeting Law, ignoring or marginalizing citizen input while claiming they are open and transparent, championed by our own local town crier, the Columbian, also known to many as the unofficial daily newsletter of the CRC & Democrat Party.

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