Light Blogging For a Bit

by lewwaters

Since readers will soon note much less blogging on my part, just to let you know the reason is I am in the middle of repainting my house. I will still post on matters as I can.

Guest Posts are always welcome and you can send any to

In the meantime, for your perusal, photos from Sunday, Aug. 19 2012 Concert in the Park on behalf of the Veterans Court.

The Cars and the Entertainers

3 Comments to “Light Blogging For a Bit”

  1. Just don’t paint the front of the house Lew. Otherwise the assessors will use it as an excuse to raise your property taxes. Happened to us.

  2. We’ll be missing you!

  3. Oh, I’ll still be here and posting, just maybe not as much for a bit.

    Have to have it done before the campaigns get geared back up 😉

    In the meantime, if any wish to read some fun, little Timmy Leavitt decided to come out and play 😉

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