Is McKenna Trying To Throw the Election?

by lewwaters

Unbelievable that the more Rob McKenna campaigns for Washington State Governor, the further left his positions are. It’s almost as if he is a secret plant for the campaign of Democrat Jay Inslee.

He has claimed to disagree with homosexual marriage. Then come out against the Boy Scouts of America banning homosexuals from their leadership ranks, ignoring the huge scandal of the early 1990’s where homosexual males had molested young boys over the years.

He fought to ensure homosexual activists received the names, addresses and signatures of everyone who signed the R-71 petition opposing the so called “everything but marriage” domestic partnership law.

Early on he distanced himself from very successful Republican governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker and has stated that Washington State public unions have nothing to fear from him, adding that he feels collective bargaining is their right, even as we in the private sector continue to tighten our belts that they are reluctant to do.

The more we hear from him, the more he sounds like a liberal Democrat, not a conservative Republican.

And now, to add to his liberal credentials, he reiterates support for abortion rights.

He told reporters for the Olympian, “I support a woman’s right to choose under the laws made by the people of this state. I think they are the right laws. I don’t think those will be affected in any way by what is happening nationally.’’ Asked if he supports the national GOP platform, he replied, “I support the laws we have in our state which provide a woman with control over reproductive decisions.’’

I may disagree with the parties’ platform on opposing abortions in the case of rape, but the truth is, very few abortions performed are the result of rape, incest or a possible deformed child. By and large, the overall majority of abortions are simply a matter of convenience.

But I do not outright reject the entire platform or even the position against abortions. Just that one segment of it.

Clearly now, Rob McKenna has come out in full liberal support of ending a human life from womb for any reason whatsoever.

McKenna gives us an excellent example of why Republicans perform so poorly in Washington State elections. The WSRP continues to front weak moderate liberal candidates in hopes of attracting Democrat votes, primarily in King County. They ignore and distance themselves from conservative voters throughout the state who are tired of holding their noses to vote for a liberal in hopes they might change or be slightly better.

Liberal Democrats will vote for Liberal Democrat candidates no matter what. They have no interest in voting for anybody with an ‘R’ behind their name.

In the meantime, conservative voters are disenfranchised, realizing they receive no representation, no matter who wins.

The Republican Party faithfuls will vote for Rob, but it should be apparent to the WSRP by now that there are not enough party faithfuls to carry the day.

With Rob McKenna seeking the liberal vote, be prepared to say congratulations to Governor-elect Inslee in November.

11 Comments to “Is McKenna Trying To Throw the Election?”

  1. Attorney General McKenna fought unnecessary tax hikes, and proposed more cost effective transit solutions than exorbitant light rail. In Contrast, Inslee supports the bigger govt. higher tax platform of the democrats, and the most expensive transit options for our area, regardless of the population and job situation in SW WA. The question before citizens is which of the two choices left would better serve WA state

    “The following year, Sims proposed a bigger tax increase than allowed under Referendum 47 and Vance and McKenna went on talk-radio to attack the proposal. They also were instrumental in forming the Association of Taxpayers, which ran radio ads against the proposed tax increase.
    The council ended up passing a compromise budget that raised taxes more than McKenna and Vance wanted but less than what Sims proposed.”

    “Long interested in transportation issues, he served on the Sound Transit board and was a constant irritant to the agency and light-rail supporters.

    He warned of cost overruns, worked with other opponents and helped organize events to highlight problems. McKenna argued that an expanded Metro bus system and new services such as Bus Rapid Transit — which provides faster, more frequent service than traditional buses — are more cost effective than light rail.”

  2. Hey, it worked for “Republican’ Cheryl Pflug…cushy $ new appointment from Queen Christine…….how about a cushy appointment from Obama for Mr. McKenna????? Federal Judge???????

  3. The only real problem with his answer is that in this state we have set 16 as the age of consent to have sex and 16 as the age for “most” sex related medical requests that are to be treated without parental guidance. The statement he made concerning “rape based” abortions being a super small percentage is accurate. The statement he made concerning the impact of the national level regulations vs the state level is something I question. He is the attorney not me but that being said the national mandate requires “all women of reproductive age capability” to have access to ALL forms of FDA approved treatments and control WITHOUT parental guidance and/or guardian consent. Since the FDA says that one form of approved birth control is sterilization injections I am concerned. Since the HHS knows that 93.8% of “women” become capable of procreation at the mere age of 12, I am angry! What insane person thinks that a 12 year old who does not have the legal right to smoke, drink, vote, drive, work, or give consent to have sex is capable of making a permanent life altering choice without the loving guidance of their parent?
    This is a direct assault on the poor and on women starting with our babies! The entire thing is sick and falls in line with the socialistic agenda of Bill and Melinda Gates charity which has a goal of reducing world population and the C02 emissions people exhale. Their charity which innoculates the world for measles and malaria also works on eugenics injections to sterilize the people meeting those goals already stated and “picking” the poor and physically or mentally challenged people with the stated goal of reducing the drain on society as well as the C02 issue. Melinda calls it a win/win when she speaks about it. Their little group consists of some rather phenominal names like Warren Buffet, Saul Alinsky, Tony Blair, George Soros and more. These people with money performing “charitable” acts under the guise of humanity are the Hitler Gestapo of today with a more subtle and slower progressive plan to meet their goals.
    Perhaps Rob has a good poker hand and knows it well enough to straddle the fence ’til elected before he does full exposure I do not know. Maybe as governor he will opt out of the federal mandated plan which he can do. Maybe that is why he says “our state laws are right” and that he doesn’t think the national scene will impact us. I don’t know. If so, and if he wins the seat, and if he takes the correct path when he is there then he will be one person I will never play poker with!

  4. My goodness, Carolyn, those there are some pretty crazy claims. Do you have the source and a quote on that “eugenics” accusation? And check out that 12-year old “sterilization” threat too. You don’t want to be the next Akin.

  5. WND put out a story a week or so ago and after reading it I did some home work like you all know I do. This is just part of the story…
    In May, Christian Voice said, the Gates Foundation gave a grant of $100,000 to researchers at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, to develop a new type of ultrasound described as a “non-invasive, reversible form of birth control for men.”
    The ultrasound would make a man infertile for up to six months.
    Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood founder, was a longtime advocate of eugenics who hoped to “assist the race towards the elimination of the unfit,” the Christian Voice noted. The founder of the U.K.-based Marie Stopes International pointed out Sanger believed sterilization for those “unfit for parenthood” should be “compulsory.”
    “Surely no one in the West still thinks that the poor and ‘feeble minded’ ought to be subjected to compulsory sterilization, right?” Christian Voice said.
    But it then cited that:
    The Gates Foundation is partnering with the U.N., which already supports China’s one-child per family limit. The programs cite “global warming” as a reason to limit the number of people.
    The Gates Foundation is a “Key Partner” with the World Health Organization and its history around the globe of forcibly sterilized women.
    Last month’s conference was aided by the U.K.’s Department for International Development, “which has given aid money to India despite warnings that it would be sued to forcibly sterilize poor women.”
    The U.K. already builds abortion policy into its foreign aid packages.
    And the Gates Foundation supports the Save the Children group, “which has been a major promoter of the population-control agenda.”
    The London Guardian reported that the conference was the start of the Gates plan to raise $4 billion for their campaigns. this is the link for that full story from WND

    There are many links including the one to the HHRS site for the government but this one does a fairly good job of stating the facts as I read them from the multiple documents at the gov site:
    It does not address the fact that girls can get pregnant as early as 12 based on when their eggs are proceeding through the menstruation cycles but the government site does that. Also they are working on an ultrasound for the sterilization of men which is trickier since boys have the unique age criterium of 13+ for sperm to be active and sperm are reproduced throughout their lives unlike women who come with one set of eggs at birth and those can become corrupted from a simple antibiotic vaccine administered system and it is permanent. The ultrasound process will require a six month redo for boys.

    No I am not AKIN nor do I buy into all kinds of conspiracy theories but this time it is real and it is our kids.

  6. Carolyn, girls as young as 9 now start menstruation. and are capable of getting pregnant. I would hate to think of what could happen if an older man took them to PP. All with the blessing of the State. so sick…so sad.

  7. Could it be that he is showing his true colors or he is pandering for votes because he does not believe he can win on the merits of defending his Republican principles?

  8. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me.

  9. Is there value in conservatives having principles they stand on and believe in? Is there value in then living them out pubicly and speaking to them to others? Or is political power another platform entirely, on a different playing field, where the rules of civil and social engagement are different than in private life? Do we conservatives need to win on the political playing field to have an effect on our culture?

  10. The answer from me is there is value in principals that one does more than give lip service to by walking the walk each day. The problem you have here is that there are a vast number of different points of view regarding principals. In a society where the middle is the best place for all elected officials that come from an area as diverse as our state is it would be quite difficult to hold just one line to either side and feel that you are representing the majority properly. I do not think that on a moral issue anyone, elected or otherwise can wobble in their point of view. Therefore I do not like the way he came down on the boy scout issue. I think it stinks and I find it odd considering his catholic faith. I also think he should be rock solid on the healthcare stance. That being said in a state such as ours we do need to win an election in order to reposition the path for the people since the far left has pushed us all too far left and so very far from any middle or any comprimising stand. For them it is their way or out. They do not allow any flex if you do not see everything their way.

  11. I agree with Caroline Crain and Margaret Tweet. To boil it down, who will you vote for? Someone who agrees with you 70% of the time or someone who is directly opposite 100% of the time. To not vote is to help the person with whom you never agree. That is why I will vote for McKenna even though he is a big disappointment in all of the ways mentioned.

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