Liz Pike Bests Vick For Appointment to 18th District, Pos. 1

by lewwaters

Just received word that Republican Liz Pike has been selected to fill the seat left open when Ann Rivers was selected to replace Retiring Joe Zarelli in the State Senate.

Four of the six commissioners from Clark and Cowlitz County’s selected Liz due to her past experience in office on the Camas City Council.

Liz will finish out the term of Ann Rivers until the end of the year. Then, whoever wins the election for Pos 1 18th Legislative District will be sworn in.

Liz is currently campaigning for Pos. 2 in the 18th and given her strong finish in the primary against 2 Democrats, receiving over 61% of the votes, she will likely move over the Pos. 2 while Brandon Vick will be likely winner against write-in, Pete Silliman. If Adrian Cortez rejoins the race, it will likely be a very close finish.

Congratulations Liz, we look forward to your representation in the 18th.

5 Comments to “Liz Pike Bests Vick For Appointment to 18th District, Pos. 1”

  1. 😉 Oh Lew. Do I need to call you out on “Light Blogging?” Or did you get hit by the bug and there was simply too much juicy meat to chew on?? — This is perfect weather to be painting an exterior of a house….

    And to Liz, congratulations!


  2. Jeremy, took an early break from prepping the house, due to all of the road construction alongside my house and had some things on my mind 😉

    Currently, they are right outside my house and kicking up a lot of dust, can’t paint while they are doing that.


  3. 🙂 ahh… I got by that 88th Street worklane when I go to the store. And yes, I wonder if the commissioners left you a lovingly gifted dust print from the workman – women to remind you of HOW they love to make sure transportation dollars should be spent?
    Are they not “supposed” to legally water down the dust when they work on that road? Isn’t their an environmental rule that says one can’t blow dust around like that? I remember hearing a “HELL” of a lot of this in regards to several mines in Clark County when they are mining…. hmm… I think that crew needs to learn a little lesson…

    Other than that, now I understand why you were taking some time off. Way too much blather to keep up with. I think if I was working on painting my house, there has been a lot of great weather out, I would find a way to do it near the late evening or some time they weren’t blowing the dust around….


  4. Actually, Jeremy, they are doing pretty good and watering down the road, but it doesn’t stop all of the dirt.

    For the most part, I’ve gotten along well with the workers. In fact, they saw me cutting down and digging out some scrubby evergreens I had and before I knew it, they brought over the front loader and yanked them out for me.

    Saved me hours of work 😉


  5. 😉 Making friends with the workers, eh? Some times, you never know what people can do when they see a friend in deed? 😉 You help them out and they’ll help you out. A great example of Clark County OR people who want to help others out. I do want to thank them for that. You never know when you chat up with someone about the positives and good things in life, what might really happen when they see someone who needs help and the other person is TRYING to do the work themselves. Like you bush – root digging. Do I see a way to dig the former president?


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