Probst Draws PDC Complaint

by lewwaters

Tim Probst, stepping away from his 17th Legislative District Representative seat in an effort to unseat 4 time State Senator Don Benton has been showing his true nature this campaign, not taking a position on the single most important issue facing Clark County, distancing himself from mud slung on his behalf while not denouncing or disagreeing with it and making untrue claims about Senator Benton.

It now appears that boyish faced Democrat Tim Probst gets to add a Public Disclosure Commission to the list of un-qualifiers.

Most PDC complaints amount to little, but this one, filed due to his campaign acceptance of illegal contributions and condoning untruthful campaign claims may grow some teeth.

For some time now, Probst has tried to smear Senator Benton over his not yet signing the League of Women Voters Clean Campaign Pledge. Yet, as previously shown here, Probst does not adhere to the pledge he signed himself.

The complaint, filed by Clark County Citizen Gary Schaeffer reads;

“On 5/31/2012 The International Air Academy Donated $1,000 to the Probst campaign. It was allocated as $900 for the primary and $100 for the general election. On July 13, 2012 This same donor conducted a mass mailing for the Probst campaign inviting people to a fundraiser hosted by the same donor, at the donor’s professional reception hall. The donor also prepared and served the food. It estimated conservatively that the printing, mailing, postage, hall rental and food service donated by International Air Academy exceeded $1,000 which has not been reported by the campaign. It is my belief that the campaign has not reported this contribution because they know that it exceeds the legal limit and thus constitutes an illegal campaign contribution. Even if the donor only mailed one invitation this would exceed the maximum donation allowed by law in the primary. See attached mailer and envelope for documentation.”

“I understand that untruthful literature is also not allowed. Probst and his confederate Democrat Committee Packs are attacking Probst’s opponent, State Senator Don Benton, for allegedly missing Senate votes during his tenure as Senator. His first mailer said he had missed 299 votes, later pieces said 399, 549, and now 599 while providing no documentation or reference of any kind. I believe they are suggesting Malfeasance Of Office but offer nothing in the way of substantiation. Are they allowed to make up whatever they want?”

A return note from Jon Ammons of the PDC states the complaint has been forwarded to Director of Compliance, Phil Stutzman

Arch Miller, who some used to believe to be a Republican before he lost his position on the Port Commission due to pushing for a huge tax increase, held the campaign fundraiser in the flyer for Probst back in July. I note it was held at the Red Cross Building down at the Vancouver Barracks, now part of the Fort Vancouver National Trust. The time listed for the event was on a Wednesday from 5pm to 7pm.

The Fort’s rental rate for that time runs $100.00 an hour with a 4 hour minimum rental fee. Even with labor donated, as indicated on the flyer, printing, mailing, postage, hall rental and food service donated by Arch Miller’s International Air Academy easily would exceed $1,000 and has not been reported by the campaign, especially considering they gave Probst’s campaign $800 and a $200 donation in November 2011 for his 2012 campaign,

It can’t help but be noted that the donation for the flyer and fundraiser have not been reported to the PDC.

Sources asked Arch Miller why he, supposedly a Republican, was endorsing and supporting Probst, a Democrat. His reply is said to have been, “he saved the Need Grant Program and I have 60 students using that program to pay their tuition.”

I’m certain that would come as a surprise to Senator Benton, former 18th District Senator Joe Zarelli and Senate Republicans who worked hard to save the Need Grant Program.

But leave it to Probst to follow the Democrat way of taking all credit to yourself, even if all you did was walk past others working to get things done.

Tim will tell whether or not this complaint grows legs, likely after the November election.

But regardless of where I goes, voters in the 17th District need to roll back the curtain closed around Tim Probst and see him for what he is, just another tax & spend Democrat who has been given a pass by party leaders to appear fiscally conservative by voting against spending and tax bills they had more than enough votes to pass.

It’s another political shell game voters need to wake up to and realize Senator Benton has been in Democrats crosshairs for some time now.

One Comment to “Probst Draws PDC Complaint”

  1. I guess Arch can’t make up his mind as to which side of his bread is buttered (kinda like Jaime). He also donated and provided the food for Eileen Qutub’s kick-off. Several of the “endorsements” (or whatever the heck they are) this time around, leave me scratching my head.

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