While Constituents Struggle, Jim Moeller Frets Over Liz Pike’s Position on R-74

by lewwaters

It has long been known that Jim Moeller is pretty much a single issue representative, wanting first and foremost to promote what he refers to as “equality” for homosexuals. As we saw in the legislative session earlier this year, a $1.5 Billion budget gap took a back seat to ram-rodding a homosexual marriage bill through, wasting half of the session and causing the legislature to have to enter special session after Republicans and 3 Democrats stopped yet another Democrat inspired “kick the can down the road” hurry-up budget.

Continuing in that mindset, several times now Moeller has hounded Republican candidate for the 18th Legislative District, Liz Pike to state her position on Referendum 74, a measure to be voted on in November statewide to allow voters to say whether or not homosexuals in Washington State should marry.

On July 9, 2012, the Columbian, also known as the unofficial daily newsletter for the CRC & Democrat Party, published,

“Pike wouldn’t answer how she would vote on the referendum. She said that lawmakers were wrong to pass the legislation without first allowing the public to vote on same-sex marriage. She also said she will support whatever the voters decide in November.

“’I would rather not disclose how I would vote’ to the public, she said, because it is too personal of an issue and she said she doesn’t want her stance to have any influence on public opinion.”

This from the same newspaper that condemned the sanctioning of County Commissioner Marc Boldt by the Clark County GOP and claiming they did so because Boldt would not reveal to some party members how he intended to vote on a controversial measure to slap an entertainment tax on County citizens to pay for a baseball park. While not the exact or sole reason the party sanctioned Boldt, the Columbian was quick to point out that it is no one business how they would vote on a measure.

Yet, they and Jim Moeller believes Liz Pike, then a citizen filing to run for public office should reveal how she will vote on her secret ballot.

No one has ever said they weren’t hypocrites.

It wasn’t long before Jim Moeller began his hounding of Liz by leaving the comment,

“I’m probably most disturbed by a former elected official, Liz Pike, unwilling to say how she would vote on Referendum 74.

It’s a legitimate question for public assessment of her values and beliefs which is a big part of why candidates are either elected or not. To say ‘I would rather not disclose how I would vote’ to the public, she said, because it is too personal of an issue and she said she doesn’t want her stance to have any influence on public opinion’ is a cop out. I thought Liz was bigger than that.”

Moeller is not even in the 18th District, but represent the 49th District. But was demanding to know how a citizen will vote on their secret ballot when he left another comment,

“So typical of the Republican party to make this article about the Democrat instead about the refusal of one of their own to say how she would vote on a public referendum on same-sex marriage. Shame! :-(“

Later, he left the comment,

“Refuses to say how she will vote on Ref. 74! No problem letting the voters know about I-504 the cannabis initiative, Cop out queen!!!”

Even later, he tried goading Liz with,

“Cop out queen! I actually believes she SUPPORTS gay marriage but she knows that will not play well in the 18th politically. What a shame she decided to cop out of telling the voters what she thinks about the gay marriage referendum based on the politics of the 18th LD.”

Comments were spread out over 6 days!

And now that Liz Pike has received the nomination to fulfill the seat vacated when Ann Rivers was appointed to replace Joe Zarelli, here comes Jim Moeller once again with,

“Congrats Representative Liz Pike! Since you’re both a Rep AND a candidate now, can you share with your voters/constituents if you support or oppose Ref 74 on the ballot this November? You don’t seem shy about sharing your opinion regarding other issues on the ballot! Inquiring minds want to know! :-)”

While Moeller’s constituents struggle in their 4th straight year of double digit unemployment, face a future of increased taxes and tolls to replace a bridge and drag Portland’s financially failing light rail, (a project Moeller supports and does not wish voters to weigh in on) face being sued by Jim Moeller to invalidate their votes on an initiative that some 70% of his constituents voted to approve, Moeller’s main focus in still wanting to know how Liz Pike intends to mark her secret ballot.

Can we say Moeller is less concerned with representing the 49th Legislative District than he is promoting homosexual events?

Apparently, Moeller is so wrapped up in promoting things like Gay Pride Day, scheming on how he can screw constituents out of more of their hard earned dollars, denying voters a voice in the most expensive construction project ever to hit the area and seeking invalidating the voices of his constituents, that he missed the answer to his question is just a couple mouse clicks away from him.

Two clicks of a mouse is all it takes to arrive at Liz’s Issues Page where once you scroll down you find,

Faith Based Issues

“Growing up in a conservative and very religious Catholic family as one of 13 children was a real blessing for me. Because of my faith, I believe marriage is a sacrament and reserved as a holy union between one man and one woman. I have also been pro life at all times in my adult life. When I was 13 years old, my mother took me out of school for the day to march on the steps of the capitol in Olympia to protest Roe vs. Wade. That event had a profound effect on my political life.”

But, instead of looking, Jim Moeller, still ignoring the needs of constituents, would rather play games and try to smear Liz Pike over not stating how she will vote on her secret ballot, not a piece of legislation.

That is below despicable in my book. But in the world of Jim Moeller, the ends justify the means.

Fortunately, voters have a chance to have real representation by voting Jim Moeller out and electing Carolyn Crain, a Republican who listens to constituents, not dictate to them.

Carolyn Crain will represent all, not just a segment of constituents favorable to her, as does Jim Moeller.

And, Carolyn Crain does not stalk others to demand they reveal how they intend to mark their secret ballot.

It’s time those of us in the 49th had a representative who will represent, not invalidate our votes, pile burdensome taxes on us or dictate to us.

Carolyn Crain is who we need.

7 Comments to “While Constituents Struggle, Jim Moeller Frets Over Liz Pike’s Position on R-74”

  1. Moeller is perhaps THE biggest bigot and fringe-left buffoon in all of politics. Pike should ignore him.

    Everyone else does.


  2. “Gay Marriage” in Washington state is quite dead……..Let’s hope that Moeller goes out the window with it…


  3. This issue really opens my eyes to see what kind of a man Jim Moeller is. He is an arrogant and selfish person who lacks compassion for those suffering economic difficulties …businesses and families alike who have been struggling for far too long. He demands that we accept and tolerate his gay agenda while he attacks those of us with different beliefs. This man does not deserve to represent hardworking people in the 49th.


  4. As reported in the August 4, 2000 edition of “Just Out”, Moeller’s reason for getting into politics in the first place was to push the homosexual agenda and in his own words “to kick right-wing butt”. If people don’t bow to his flawed arguments then he launches his character assassinations. He is the poster child for intolerance and bigotry.


  5. Just a note to Jim Moeller and his friends over in the 49th state legislative district, waving over here. Hey, uh. When you are you going to focus on your OWN fabulous, colossal waste of a bridge proposal that Mike Hewitt is throwing around with a new draw bridge on interstate 5? Yes, I’m saying NEW Bridge proposal. Should you not worry about your own legislative district instead of harbingering ill will in another? Don’t you have a fight to kill the idea of putting that NICE BIG, new middle hump and draw bridge they would like to place on it?

    If you really need me to, I can always pull out the CVTV tapes and sit down with you and review the last ninety minutes? hmmm? (with rye smile!) I know, I was there in the background chuckling my head off. And to think Ann Rivers is getting the best rise out of you! 🙂 And she doesn’t have to do so much….


  6. Oh and yes Jim. I AM one of your constituents. And I have been following the CRC process a lot longer than the “hounds of whinerville….”


  7. A vote is supposed to be a secret. If a person violates the secrecy of such a valuable human character, should you do the same?


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