Adrian Cortes Reenters 18th District Race.

by lewwaters

In a Press Release received from the Adrian Cortes Campaign, it is announced that Cortes is reentering the race he withdrew from earlier.

Adrian Cortes at (360) 608-3513


Battle Ground City Councilman and businessman, Adrian Cortes, announced his re-entry into the race for the 18th District State House Position One. Cortes, a Republican, said “I looked at the primary results as well as the outcome of the appointment process, and the large amount of daily calls, texts and e-mails from supporters asking me to reconsider; it became clear to me that the people want another choice.”

Position One was filled on a temporary basis by Liz Pike who is a candidate for the other District 18 House position. Cortes’ opponent, Brandon Vick, was a candidate for the temporary appointment. Cortes said “the result of the commissioner vote was a significant factor in my decision to re-enter the race as was the fact that my opponent only received 43.6% of all of the voters participating in the August 7th primary—even though he had no active opponent on the ballot.”

Cortes is on the ballot for the seat but did not actively campaign in the primary. He had earlier suspended his campaign citing time limitations. “My circumstances have changed and I feel that I can devote the necessary time for campaigning and serving.”

In addition to being a city councilman and businessman, Cortes has a deep background of community service.

Cortes described how he would perform his job as state legislator: “I’m well aware of the challenges facing our families. In this economy, my number one priority must be jobs and economic development. Knowing that our quality of life begins with a job, I believe in the Families First approach using the same fiscally conservative values we all trust in during the hard times, living within our means. A pro- business climate, educational success for our children, safety for our neighborhoods, fiscal sanity for our government; these are my watch words.“

In spite of dropping out earlier, Cortes received the second most votes in the August Primary. Former Clark County GOP Chairman, Brandon Vick garnered the most votes in the August 7 primary election with just shy of 58% of the votes. Cortes, who withdrew in June gained 32% of the votes while not campaigning. A write-in candidate, Pete Silliman drew 7%.

Several people have been encouraging Cortes to reenter, having seen his years of public service before being elected to the Battle Ground City Council just last year.

Yesterday, August 23, Vick was passed over for appointment to the seat he is running for, vacated when Republican Ann Rivers was appointed to the Senate. The appointment was given to former Camas City Council member Liz Pike, who is campaigning for the 18th Legislative District position 2. Vick and Cortes are vying for Position 2.

Voters in the 18th now have a choice between Cortes and  Vick in Novembers general election.

Good luck to both candidates.

2 Comments to “Adrian Cortes Reenters 18th District Race.”

  1. Well this is the oddest year in history of politics I swear!


  2. Adrian will serve us well in Olympia.


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