Lou Brancaccio’s “War on Women”

by lewwaters

There is a reason pencils all come with erasers. We all make mistakes and get something wrong from time to time and responsible people will correct errors they make. None of us are above making errors and getting something wrong or even relaying something we thought we heard that actually was not what the other person said.

Newspapers especially have a commitment to the public to ‘get it right’ and often we see retractions or corrections published when they don’t. Let’s face it, reporters are only human and make mistakes and when such an error is pointed out, it is incumbent upon them to make such corrections.

Apparently not at the Columbian, though.

We all know the Columbian, the unofficial daily newsletter for the CRC & Democrat Party and their bias towards the left. But the email copied to me between Republican candidate for the 49th Legislative District, Carolyn Crain and Columbian editor Lou Brancaccio just boggles my mind.

Columbian reporter Andrea Damewood did a blog post I take as poking Mrs. Crain in their All politics is local blog, August 28, 2012, Carolyn Crain needs a history lesson.

It seems Mrs. Crain made a slip speaking about the water standards requirement being “pre-European for absorption” by saying, “So I guess that’s before Leif Ericson landed here.”

Andrea goes on and on about Mrs. Crain using Leif Erickson and the testy back and forth with Vancouver Mayor, Tim Leavitt, and par for the course for Leavitt.

A candidate misspeaking isn’t unusual and happens quite often. We saw it with Obama and his “57 states” as well as his “inhalator” comment, neither of which merited any blog post from the Columbian ridiculing him. All of them are prone to such errors, many never making any mention in the media, especially if made by a Democrat.

But Andrea went a little farther than just the Leif Erickson comment, she ended her post with,

“More back and forth, until Leavitt dismissed her with a, ‘I’m going to continue to do what I feel is right for Vancouver, and my fellow council members will do the same’.”

“‘Never tell me what I know!’ Crain shouted, walking away and then saying something about smacking someone upside the head as she took her seat.”

In a comment left at the Columbian and in an email to Editor Lou Brancaccio, Carolyn Crain adamantly denied saying any such comment about “smacking someone upside the head” and demanded a retraction.

This is where it becomes quite curious, as can be seen in the email copied to me between Brancaccio and Carolyn Crain. Instead of just deleting or correcting that particular comment, Brancaccio stands by Andrea Damewood and since Mrs. Crain said she would take legal action if need be, Brancaccio issues his own threat with,

“Because you have threatened legal action I should tell you not only do we not believe the statement is libelous I have now instructed our attorney to vigorously pursue having you pay for our attorney costs on what we believe would be frivolous action on your part.”

I’ve met Andrea and think she’s a good person and tries to “get it right.” But she is human and very easily, after sitting through hours of City Council workshop and Council Meeting, could easily hear something someone else said or not hear clearly what was said and make such a mistake. She’s only human.

We see corrections often in the Columbian as well, so what now prompts Lou Brancaccio to hit back at a female candidate so harshly, instead of just making a small correction?

Is it because Lou has a problem with conservative women, as do many other liberals?

We saw the reporting on the threats sent to fellow female Republican candidate Eileen Qutub, but why is the follow up so slight? Why was there no mention of a “no contact” order or an “anti-harassment” order, by the prosecutor, to protect his intended victim, as left in comments on this blog by someone who attended the hearings?

We saw it in past election as they excoriated female conservatives like Debbie Peterson and Josephine Wentzel

We know that conservatives are very unlikely to get a “fair shake” from the Columbian, but it seems to this writer that they are particularly harsh against female conservative candidates.

And being told someone will take legal action? Hasn’t that become almost a daily comment made to businesses and the media?

There is no Republican War on Women, but it is evident there is a War on Republican Women. And Lou Brancaccio’s over the top counter threat to Carolyn Crain, instead of just making a small correction leaves the appearance that he has been sucked into it.

13 Comments to “Lou Brancaccio’s “War on Women””

  1. Interesting that he’s so concerned about libel when it comes to him or one of his winged monkeys, but ignores it when it comes to others.

    Right, Lou?


  2. I think Andrea has a crush on Tim – not sure if the same explains why Lou is so protective of Andrea.


  3. Lew, Carolyn says much worse in council and on CVTV before the council. This is nothing. She wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in court. Just look at the archives. You know the attorneys will. She’s a nutcase.


  4. And in your opinion, since you obviously join the war on Republican women, your view excuses publishing something someone did not say?

    If you wish to be taken seriously, stop hiding behind an anonymous name.


  5. It isn’t because they are women, Lew. It’s because they are clueless idiots.


  6. As expected, Greg, you jump in with your hate of women and proving my point again.


  7. No, Lew…if they were men behaving the same way, they would still be clueless idiots…just like Brandon Vick.


  8. Yes Greg, we know. Anybody not a Democrat is a clueless idiot in your book.

    That is why I keep saying you’re a hater.


  9. Again, Lew, not correct. You must like to be wrong…you are so often. I support Ann Rivers, Liz Pike, Marc Boldt (yes, still a Republican), Rob McKenna, and many other Republicans. My support doesn’t depend upon their political party, Lew. It depends solely on the person. But go ahead and support people that couldn’t lead a vegetable out of a shopping bag and either don’t understand or are unfamiliar with important issues, or are just plain clueless. See how far that gets you.


  10. Oh….and Adrian Cortes. Especially Adrian Cortes.


  11. Well let me get you a cupie doll, Greg.

    That you would want Jim Moeller to remain speaks more than your claimed support of Republicans and a RINO.


  12. And if anyone doesn’t know, tomorrow is Andrea Damewood’s last day at the paper.


  13. The Columbian isn’t a real newspaper.It’s a propaganda sheet for the Left.


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