Bedtime for Tim

by lewwaters

Contributed by Professor Robert Dean


It was the night before Christmas. Tim tossed back his nightcap, blew out the candle, and snuggled into his pillow for what he hoped would be his first good night’s sleep in years. Visions of sugar daddies danced in his head. You see, Tim had just announced his resignation as Mayor of Vancouver, Washington and accepted a job as Vice President of Light Rail Promotion at the engineering firm, Government Contracts R Us.

He was looking forward to reuniting with his old colleagues from the city and county as well as former employers who had already been bought up or merged with GCRU. Life was good.

Usually, he lay awake at this time worrying about things; trying to remember how he had spun this or explained away that. Now, it was different. Now, as he lay on his pillow staring up at the spackling patterns on the ceiling he reflected wistfully on his astonishing successes:

1)      Judicious reconsideration after getting elected as Mayor the first time on the no-tolls pledge.

2)      Gaining approval of a locally preferred alternative that included light rail.

3)      Pushing through an unpublished FEIS that made no mention of indirect effects on Downtown businesses.

4)      Reveling with Jim Moeller, and other influential light rail boosters, over the issuance of the Record of Decision.

5)      Securing federal funding for construction to the tune of over $1 billion for the low, low price of only $1.4 billion at 5% interest over 30 years plus financing costs plus maintenance and operations plus cost overruns of less than 30% plus the states’ share of $1.4 billion in TIFIA loans at 3% over 30 years plus financing costs all totaling less than $12 billion.

6)      Avoiding a public vote by getting money from a Pakistani lender for the operation and maintenance of light rail.

All this; with nary a vote by the public! Brilliant! Just brilliant! I should marry Andrea, he thought.


7 Comments to “Bedtime for Tim”

  1. The problem is that Leave-it is such a lying little worm, he neither is deserving of civility nor would he know it if it bit him in his helium-filled ass.

  2. I just read this. And was thinking, oh dear GOD! Oh, how princely you said it, Professor….. I’m needing a laugh right now. A really, BIG laugh. 🙂

  3. I read a comment that Mayor Leavitt got a $ 6000 contribution to get into office from a company that wasn’t named.
    Do you know who the company is? Do they contract with Vancouver? the CRC? Tri-Met?
    The local match is $12 Billion? I thought it was just $4 one way as a toll on the bridge.
    Question: If a toll bridge is built over the Columbia, will there be tolls both ways? Will the tolls increase over time? Will they ever end?

  4. Dear Who contributes to local officials and benefits with government contracts?
    Can I call you Who? I like to make my students work for their information a bit, that’s why I didn’t name the company that contributed $6,000 for their star engineer to be distracted with complicated city matters. But, I will tell you that you can find out who Tim Leavitt works for by going here

    Then go to their website and see if they have done any work for Metro, C-Tran, or the City of Vancouver.

    Next, you should look here to find out who contributed to Tim Leavitt’s campaign and how much they gave.

    For a list of names of others who will most likely personally benefit from extension of light rail throughout Clark County see the leadership and investors of Identity Clark County and the Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

    But before leaving the PDC database look up contributors to Marc Boldt – hint: you need to look for developers, construction firms, engineers who do no-bid government consulting (the bigger ones), and of course, the attorneys, accountants, employees, family members of same.

  5. As I reflect on this day I was having coffee and thinking that no way could Tim Leavitt have handled a 9/11 event in our city. So why do we elect people who are incapable of leading us through thick and thin?

  6. Carolyn – What we were trying to vote for was someone we could believe in and who SAID they would kill any proposition that included tolls and light rail into Clark County. Now that person then went on to do a 180 when he got first elected and now is saying pretty much the same thing as Steve Stuart and Sam Adams… (who by the way is leaving office December 31, 2012 I believe…)

  7. And the Vancouver City Attorney (Ted Gathe, husband of ex- C-Tran Lobbyist Sharon Wylie) told us that Leavitt had no conflict of interest playing a role in light rail/CRC decisions……Watch PBS Engineering’s profits explode with the CRC.

    Guess thats okay with Burkman (ex WSDOT employee), Smith and Hansen. And Eric Holmes, City Manager, who will see his former employer (McKay and Sposito) make millions off the CRC scam.

    Chicago style corruption right here in Vancouver, USA.

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